Best Tumbling Mats Reviews A good tumbling mat can be used for a variety of activities besides just tumbling. Check out the information we have for you to see how a tumbling mat will be just the thing you need!

10 Best Tumbling Mats

Gymnastic mats have evolved greatly since first being introduced.  Manufacturers have experimented with higher thicknesses, better materials and construction, and increased versatility. All these are to help with safety, performance and durability. Whether you are looking for a mat than can fold up for storage or one that stays in place, we have all the data you need to find the right one for you.  After reading below, all that will be left is for you decide on your size and color for your exercise area. Enjoy shopping for your new tumbling mat with increased knowledge to choose the best!

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  • Expert Ratings : 9.9 of 10
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  • Consumer Ratings : 8.8 of 10
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Gymnastics Mats

wallpaper-roll-512 Paneled Mats

Tumbling mats differ in many aspects in order to meet the specific requirements of various needs.

Generally used in gymnastics, these mats are also known as folded mats, for their ability to be folded and stored.  They can be used in gyms, studios and homes.  These paneled mats can also be used as wall padding in those same spaces.  There is no need to risk injury by doing a cartwheel and run into a wall.

The most popular type of tumbling mats is a paneled gymnastic mat, which are designed for both for professional athletes or ordinary users. They can vary in colors and as noted, be folded up for easy storage, which is one of the main characteristics of a paneled mat. They are available in different sizes, but the most popular one is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. They are very flexible because you can enlarge them by adding two or more mats together on the sides or the ends.  They can be fastened together by Velcro. Now you can have your mat be whatever size you wish.

wallpaper-roll-512 Cartwheel Beam Mat

This kind of gymnastic tumbling mat is the best choice for beginners who are going to practice at home.  

Cartwheel beam mats are designed with images of feet and hands to use as tools to master cartwheels.  Simply place the appropriate hand or foot in place while moving down the length of the mat.  This gives you the basics of the cartwheel and with some speed and the ability to flip from a standing to position, to a handstand and then standing on your feet again, you can become adept at this move. After having practiced the cartwheel you can use this gymnastic mat for practicing handstands or handstand roles.

The majority of cartwheel beam mats have also a beam image option which is simple to use; just flip the mat over and a perfect practice beam is in front of you. To become good at doing cartwheels, you need balancing skills, such as are done on a beam.

wallpaper-roll-512 Flexi-Roll Mats

Another gymnastic tumbling mat is the flexi-roll mats. These comfortable floor mats are used for martial arts or as a vaulting runway for gymnastics. They look and feel similar to competition floors, but without the appropriate springs.  Made for practicing at home, it lets the athlete feel as if they are on actual competition floor.  These come in various sizes and lengths and are easy to store because of the capability of being rolled up.

wallpaper-roll-512 Incline Mats

The incline mats are perfectly fitted to the young gymnasts’ use, for practicing backwards or forwards rolls. They are perfect also for log rolls. These mats are also known as cheese mats, wedge mats or wedges. With an incline mat, a gymnast’s body will be less stressed while practicing certain moves. They are designed for light and easy exercises, not difficult skills.  It is definitely not meant for strenuous moves that contain a risk for injury.


How to Choose a Tumbling Mat

wallpaper-roll-512 Thickness of the Mat

As we’ve mentioned, tumbling mats are good to use at home for exercises and some gymnastic training. To get the perfect mat thickness, first determine the type of moves you plan to do on the mat. The reason for this is because different thicknesses are used for different activities. To accomplish that, you will need a perfectly-selected gymnastic mat. A mat that is too thin may result in avoidable injuries since it may not have enough protection and cushioning. Yet, a thick mat may not be suitable for practicing particular stunts, because your hands and feet sink into it, when they are not supposed to while tumbling. It is very important to choose just the right gymnastic mat with the correct thickness. The basic thickness standard is about 1-3/8  inches.

wallpaper-roll-512 Dimensions of the Mat

The dimensions of the mat should be selected according to the size and dimension of the room, gym or studio. Before buying one or more tumble mats, you need to consider where it will be used and measure the space it is supposed to fill.

Secondly, consider the flips, jumps and other moves that you will be practicing. Does your mat size need to reach from wall to wall, or would you like bare floor space around it?  What about using some as wall padding?

Since gymnastic tumbling mats are sold in a large variety of sizes and dimensions, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the best tumbling mats in the sizes you desire.

wallpaper-roll-512 Material

Tumbling mats are generally made of foam and covered with leather, vinyl or a plastic lining.

A mat of the highest quality foam is best for your gymnast, as it offers a speedy response and shock absorption for the safety of the joints.  With an equal quality cover, the mat can be quite durable. They will need frequent cleaning with a solution of water and a mild detergent, to remove perspiration, making them more hygienic and resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. Never use and harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach.

The materials are also meant for indoor use and outdoor use will void and warranty.  Avoid direct sunlight to extend the durability of the mat. Buy a good quality tumbling mat and enjoy it for a long time!


Why Buy Tumbling Mats?

Whether you are an athlete or not, a healthy lifestyle and exercising will offer you many benefits. Keeping your body fit and remain safe while doing it, is the reason to purchase comfortable tumbling mats. Whether your practices lead you to an Olympic medal or not, a reliable exercise program in a secure environment will give you a more toned and fit body.

Tumbling mats are used for more than just gymnastic practice.  Cheerleaders can also use them to practice jumps and flips. Martial artists utilize them as their flooring of choice for classes and competitions. Most school gyms have them to keep the students safe while doing various exercises.  Use at home for any of the above to turn a regular room into a workout room.

Tumbling mats are available in a variety of price ranges, depending on size, thickness, type and quality. An investment in your physical safety is worth every penny and having these mats is an easy way to ensure that safety. Most beginners look for an affordable, easy to use, mat that is of reasonable quality. Once you realize your more specific needs, you can upgrade or enlarge your current exercise area with more mats.

Reviews Bee has given you a lot of information to contemplate, but it will be very helpful when you make your final decision on which mat to purchase.  We want you to be happy with your selection!



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