Best Trumpets Reviews Whether you are looking to purchase your very first trumpet or a new one, you will want to get the possible musical instrument for your money.  Reviews Bee is here to help you find the best!

10 Best Trumpets

A trumpet is a very popular musical instrument, which has highest register in the brass family.The various options, combined with other features of a trumpet, can make the whole shopping experience very confusing. Let us help you wade through some of the basic points of the trumpet, so you can discern for yourself, what is best for your specific playing method. We have information of the different styles of trumpets and will then give you even more data pertaining to the various details, to further enlighten you about this wonderful instrument.  We are sure you will feel much better about making a good decision after perusing all we have to offer.

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Trumpet Types

The following is some basic information about eight different types of trumpets.

x Bb Trumpet

These days, there are many types of trumpets.  It only makes sense to go through each one separately, so you can first determine what kind of trumpet you wish to purchase.  One of the most popular types of this instrument is the “Bb” trumpet.

These trumpets have a warm, tonal quality, which can be easily combined with other sounds in an ensemble. These instruments usually have a key range of F sharp, to a lower than middle C, to several octaves higher.

This is perhaps the best type of trumpet for a beginner,

since there is a lot of music that is traditionally played by beginners, on this particular instrument. The vast availability of these pieces will give you a lot to choose from, should you wish to purchase a Bb trumpet. Because of its full timbre and easy compatibility with wind instruments, this specific type of trumpet is quite popular to play in ensembles.

x Piccolo Trumpet

Piccolo trumpets are smaller than other trumpets and are consequently a good option when you have a musician whose hands are smaller than other players. This type, pitches one octave higher than Bb trumpets. Many piccolo trumpets are designed for playing in B flat or in other flats, by means of using a lead pipe.

Since there are so many designs of the piccolo trumpet currently available, it really is best for you to personally try out the various ones.  It will be up to you to determine if a particular instrument sounds better used in solos vs. playing it in an orchestra.

Works such as Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and Handel’s Messiah are usually played on piccolo trumpets.  

x C Trumpet

As its name implies, the C trumpet is tuned to a key of C. These models are also quite common in traditional orchestras. Though the trumpets are smaller than Bb models, and have brighter tone, the sound is more reserved and sober. The C trumpet is also a good choice for students, especially for those who want to develop their skill, because they are quite easy to use.  Due to the fact that its pitch can be combined with specific pieces of music, that beginner students usually play, makes it a popular choice.

x D Trumpet

In about 1850’s, the first D trumpets appeared on the market. In the middle of 19th century, about 1861, this type became extremely popular alongside the increased spread of the Baroque music style.

These instruments have a bright sound, which has an intermediate position between the timbers of piccolo trumpets and C trumpets. The reason many performers used this kind of trumpet, was for the bright tone and consistency in higher ranges. The D trumpet combines the advantage of a valve instrument, and its tone quality is close to the Baroque ideal, which is why it can successfully replace a natural trumpet.

The D trumpet can be used in Bach’s B Minor Mass, Handel’s Messiah, and other Baroque works, as well as in the works of Ravel and Stravinsky.

x Eb Trumpet

The Eb trumpets, like D trumpets became popular during Baroque music era. In spite of the fact that this model is not as popular as the ones we discussed above, it can be still successfully and effectively applied, in case you want to produce a unique sound.

This instrument is not recommended for a beginner, but would be a nice choice for a concert player, or experienced musician. Due to the special set of slides, a player may tune an Eb trumpet to the tune of a D trumpet.

x E Trumpet

It is true that E trumpet is less popular than other types, but it is still a valuable addition to a professional orchestra. Especially, if you are going to perform concertos written by Haydn or Hummel, you may desire this specific type of trumpet.   

Despite that they can be played in B flat, the E flat, is a better option.  The technique that is used in this case, is more convenient for the fingers, and the higher tune enables a musician to play with more accuracy, of the notes.

x F Trumpet

In case you are in search of a trumpet that can play an even higher pitch, you should consider an F trumpet. Having been designed originally for a complicated trumpet part in Bach’s Second Brandenburg Concerto, it is generally used as a Baroque instrument.

Meanwhile, this kind of trumpet is perfect, when you need a lighter sound in brass quintet. It is also a wise choice when you trying not to overwhelm a choir.

x G Trumpet

The G trumpet combines some of the features of piccolo, with a timber like a D trumpet. It is also generally used for producing Baroque music. This model produces the highest pitch possible, but it may be difficult to find this particular instrument, since it can be quite rare. Some players claim that this type is best when playing Bach’s cantatas in C and Vivaldi’s Concerto in C, for 2 trumpets.


How to choose a trumpet

Now, as we have informed you of the main characteristics of the different types of trumpets, it is now time to define your needs.  Before you go forward and purchase a trumpet, perhaps it would be best to look just a bit deeper into the details of these instruments.

x Trumpet Metals

First of all, the material that is used for the instrument highly contributes to the quality of the voice, consequently it should be carefully considered while choosing the best trumpet.

As one may guess from the name attributed to this instrument family, trumpets are usually made of brass. Still, some of the tubings may be made of other metals. Valves can be made of nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel. The trumpet bell and body, should be of good quality brass and nickel.

x Trumpet Accessories

Whether you are a professional trumpet player or a beginner, you should be aware that there are some accessories you should always have on hand, to clean and refresh your trumpet, so that it is always in perfect condition.

To begin with, many manufacturers include a cleaning kit with the most important accessories for new instruments. If you need to purchase them on your own, it may be more economical to buy them separately, rather than in a kit.   The following items are important in your cleaning kit.

  • Valve oil is needed to oil the valves on

regularly basis, so that they work properly. It would be recommended that you wash your trumpet with warm water, before applying the oil.

  • A valve cleaning brush, which is used to clean dirty valves, thus, making them work faster.
  • Slide grease can be very useful for keeping your trumpet in tune.
  • A cleaning brush, with which can clean the tubes and other tight spaces, so that your instrument can be blown as freely as when new.

In addition, there are some other accessories available for your convenience. These would include a trumpet stand, mutes, (which can change the sound of the instrument if you place it in the bell), mute holders, and more.

x Trumpet Upkeep

We need to mention once more, that trumpets need cleaning and regular maintenance.  We will tell you how and how often you need to take care of your trumpet using the accessories we discussed in detail above.  It’s really quite simple.

This is what you need to do:

  • Oil the valves after playing, or at least do it three times a week.
  • Clean the mouthpiece once a week by washing it with warm, soapy water.
  • Move and grease all slides once a month. It should be better if you take it all apart and soak it in water for about an hour, then proceed with cleaning the dirt and debris with the brushes.

Have your trumpet checked annually at a music store and have all damaged pads replaced.


Armed with all the research Reviews Bee has offered to you, it should be much easier to select the right trumpet for your wants and needs. Investing in a musical instrument can bring you great joy, and even enhance your career!

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