Best Tennis Ball Machines Reviews When you don’t have a tennis partner or a great coach to practice with, the tennis ball machine can help. Who knew a machine could do so much to improve your game?

10 Best Tennis Ball Machines

Buying a tennis ball machine offers you plenty of advantages. Since so many of us have such super busy lives, you can practice whenever it suits you, by using the machine.  It can also assist you in practicing your strokes, to cut down on the high coaching fees you pay regularly.  Plus, if your partner is unable to make it to practice, you’re not left high and dry. With all those benefits you are probably wondering why you haven’t purchased one before now.  Well, you can change all that today and get in more practice time to boot!

  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
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  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.8 of 10
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  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.4 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.3 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.4 of 10
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  • Consumer Complaints : 6.8 of 10
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Tennis Ball Machines Types

Since you have decided to buy a tennis ball machine, we want to warn you that they are not inexpensive and process of shopping for the right one, will not be easy. But, we are here to help you to find the best option for you and save you time as well. Tennis ball machines come in different variations and types. You have to decide where to start, according to your budget and play level, within the appropriate range.

The machine ranges are:

      • Beginner/Intermediate: These are designed to run the youngsters or beginners around the court for a bit exercise. The maximum ball speed is 115 km/hour.
      • Advanced:  If you want a machine you can grow into, then this is the correct range for you.
      • Advanced ‘with extras’: These machines are designed for the professional players who want to be champions.  As the name implies, they come with many extras.


Types of Tennis Ball Machines

There are two main types of tennis ball machines: the spinning wheel, also known as counter rotating wheel, and secondly, the air pressure or pneumatic pressure style.  Let’s see what other data is out there to explore.

asas Compressed Air

This is more of an “old-fashioned” style tennis ball machine. Meaning, that there is a more updated style available now, but this kind still does the job.  It is also called a “pneumatic pressure” tennis ball machine.

By utilizing air pressure, the tennis ball shoots through a tube to your position.  Of course, first you have to set it up in the direction of your choice.  When enough pressure builds up behind the ball, the machine shoots it by dropping it into a tube, which creates a vacuum between the ball and the air coming into the tube. It’s uncomplicated and easy to use. This type of tennis ball machine can put a topspin or a backspin on the ball with the use of an adapter.

The different models let you shoot a variety of balls in a single fill.  They start out at 50 balls and go up to 150 at once.  If you are alone, on limited time, or just hate to fill it up frequently, go for the larger capacity, since it is more efficient, even if costs a bit more.  The low-price point is an advantage as is the wear on your tennis balls are less than on the rotating wheel type.  If you do not have a huge supply of balls, such as at a tennis center or camp, you will like this machine for being budget friendly about the price.  It’s perfect for home practice and you won’t have to purchase new balls as often.

There are two major disadvantages that you will want to know about.  First, they are noisy.  If the noise factor doesn’t bother you, you will be happy with this model.  Secondly, because it requires more power to shoot the ball, there is no battery powered option available.  It needs electrical power to create the pneumatic pressure required to “fire” the balls out.

asas Rotating Wheel

This is the most popular type of tennis ball machine on the market.  It features two counter-rotating, spinning wheels, that feeds the ball up and out of the machine. It is easy to create a forward or backspin, with a special control feature.  The speed of the ball can be easily adjusted, so you can practice a variety of shots.  It also offers more consistent shots than the compressed air machine.

There are two disadvantages of the rotating wheel tennis ball machine.  The first is that because of the extra handling of the tennis balls, they wear out sooner.  That means you have to replace them more often and that adds to the cost of playing the sport.  Secondly, this type of machine is more expensive and doesn’t always fit into everyone’s budget.

If you are a tennis club or organization, this might be the better choice for you, since you can choose angles and spins on the ball, to practice your returns.  The smaller of these machines is quite light and is portable, meaning you can take it from court to court easily.


Important features when choosing a tennis ball machine

Don’t forget these important features while choosing a tennis ball machine.  The best tennis ball machine will be the one that has the ball capacity you need, fit your budget and your play level.  It will have all the features that you need to throw a ball across the court.

Here are the most important ones:

asas Spins

Did you know that the tennis ball machine can be set to fire the balls at a desired spin level?  Yes, it can do that and much more.  You can choose your speed, the type of spin you want and the distance that it will shoot the ball.

The perfect way to intensifying the game is by adding spins to the shots.  Learning how to return the different shots will enhance your skills, whether you are a beginner or have some experience.  There are two types of spins: top spin and back spin.  The different spins of a tennis ball are tactics that players use in their games.  By learning how to return shots with spins, the player improves their game.  For that reason, most of the advanced machines are equipped with both the top and back spin functions.  

asas Oscillations

First of all, let’s understand what “oscillation” means.

The oscillation is the ability of the tennis ball machine to feed balls in many different directions. There are two types of oscillation: random and programmable.

The programmable oscillation allows you to choose how the balls will be fed and the number of the shots.  The random oscillation replicates the match situation, by shooting balls randomly around the court. Which, allows the player to practice on their footwork, fitness and shots, in a more realistic environment.

There are also differences between oscillation patterns of different ball machines which are:

            • Horizontal oscillation (single oscillation): This method is the most common one found on all machines. It allows the balls to randomly move from side to side along the baseline.
            • Horizontal and vertical oscillation (triple oscillation): This type is usually found on high end machines. The machine sweeps the ball along the baseline (horizontally), and also vertically, (up and down).
            • Triple oscillation with the two-line drill: this features pre-programmed options for forehands and backhands, in a narrow or wide range.  Combined with a triple oscillation, this is the best workout for your tennis game than you can imagine coming from a machine.

However, most machines with oscillation are capable of changing from side to side, which works the forehand and the backhand.  Only the most professional type machines are capable of dropping short and deep balls, as well.

asas Functionality

The tennis ball machine functionality determines the machine quality.

This consists of the following aspects:

            • Ball capacity: from 50 to 300 balls
            • Speed: It must always be in the middle and controllable so, you don’t need to work at the top MPH to be the highest speed.
            • Oscillation: The importance of which, we have mentioned above.
            • Feed rate: The fast feed rate improves reaction time for the incoming balls, as well as being able to hit more shots in a set amount of time. It also allows you to serve a group of players, all at once.

asas Remote control

The remote control allows you to control the special features and functions of your tennis ball machine, such as: play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, two-line, court drills, speed, spin, feed rate etc.  This eliminates the need to move across the court every time you want to make an adjustment to the machine.

With the help of technology, it can be done via wireless connection or by Bluetooth, according to the specifics of the device.

asas Portability

You might think that it is not something important, but it really is a big deal.  If you are not playing on your own court, but you are constantly taking it from one court site to another, then you will definitely need a portable unit.

Lighter machines can be positioned much easier, while the heavier ones will be harder to move around.  Even if you are playing at a club with more than two courts, it will be vital to move the machine with you when you change courts.

Make sure the wheels are good and that the tennis ball machine has a retractable handle as well.

asas POWER TYPES: Battery Power vs AC Power

Battery operated machines are:

            • Small and easy to carry
            • Portable
            • Have a ball capacity that is smaller than AC powered units
            • The charging time usually takes about 10-12 hours

AC powered machines:

            • Bigger in size and may not be easy to move around
            • Ball capacity is larger than battery powered machines
            • Have many extra features
            • You will always need to have a power source to plug in your machine  


Total ReviewsBee Rating

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Overall Algo

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Our Algorithm Factors

1. Expert Popularity Score

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