Best Rowing Machines Reviews Rowing machines are what you need in order to keep fit, build your muscles and increase your physical power, reaching the balance and harmony known as “healthy soul in a healthy body.”

10 Best Rowing Machines

Rowing machines, also known as rowers or indoor rowers, were introduced in the late 19th century. Presently, after having gone through a lot of innovations and improvements, rowing machines have developed into a number of types with various functions. This allows consumers to have a wide range of choice depending on their needs and desires. Rowing machines are one of the best means of keeping fit, staying healthy and losing weight. They are simply the best, literally giving you a whole and thorough body workout.

  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.8 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.9 of 10
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Concept2 Model E
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.7 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.7 of 10
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Stamina Avari Programmable
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.5 of 10
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Stamina Body Trac Glider
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.2 of 10
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  • Consumer Complaints : 9.3 of 10
WaterRower Natural
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.9 of 10
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WaterRower Club
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.6 of 10
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  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.6 of 10
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  • Consumer Complaints : 8.6 of 10
WaterRower Oxbridge
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.4 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.6 of 10
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  • Consumer Complaints : 8.3 of 10
Velocity Exercise
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.1 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.2 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.1 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.3 of 10
LifeSpan RW1000
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.7 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.8 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.7 of 10
Stamina 15-9003
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.4 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.3 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.5 of 10

So what’s the definition of a rowing machine or a rower? It is a wheeled vehicle which allows your body to imitate the motion of watercraft rowers, thus exercising or training your body. It is as well considered a sport of its own type. There are a few types of rowing machines which have certain differences and characteristic features that will be discussed in this article. The four main types of rowing machines are classified according to the resistance mechanism that is used in them. Look at the table below for more detailed information:

659265-200 (1) Water

As the name of this type of rowing machines suggests, water rowers create resistance by using water and paddles. They are quite recent innovations in the rowing machines technology. Water rowing machines provide quiet and smooth action, thus resulting in many consumers choosing them. The mechanism of rowing machines is set up in a way, that by resistance to the motion of the sliding seat they provide, you burn calories and work your muscles. These rowers use water paddles in a water tank that is connected to a chain and handles. As soon as you pull back on the handle, the water flywheel revolves, thus producing resistance. Water rowing machine users like it mostly because it is almost like rowing on the water. Besides the advantages of water rowers such as quietness, smoothness, and very little maintenance (only occasional water change is needed), there are some disadvantages to ponder. These include size, they are usually quite large, and their high prices. Since this is a newer innovation, the prices might be lower before long. Besides, high quality is usually worth it!

659265-200 (1) Air

Air rowing machines, also known as “ergos” or “ergometers”, are the standard rower models available since the 1980s. Many consider them to be the best type of rowing machines. Here resistance is produced by using air that flows over an internal flywheel. In air rowers it’s all about speed. The faster you row, the faster the flywheel spins with the help of air, hence resulting in a bigger resistance. Air rowers have an automatic resistance level that adjusts to your stroke rate. They also provide smooth action and come with a simple and easy-to-handle mechanism. The only problem with air rowers is that they are quite noisy. Air rowers are normally used by professional rowers for training to imitate the action of water rowing.

659265-200 (1) Hydraulic

Hydraulic air rowing machines are quite infamous. The only advantage about them is the low price and small size. The way hydraulic rowers work is as follows: they provide resistance by pistons that are attached to the handles. There is air or fluid inside the cylinder which help make the adjustments of the resistance when you pull against them. However, hydraulic rowers lack the smooth action and require regular maintenance. They also can have “dead spots” and change resistance levels with the heating of the oil.

659265-200 (1) Magnetic

Magnetic rowers are especially popular among consumers as they are the quietest of all the types. They occupy a very small space because of their compact size. The resistance in these rowers is produced due to variation of the distance between strong magnets and a spinning flywheel that is attached to the handle by a chain. It is easy to adjust the resistance levels on magnetic rowers with the help of mechanical sliders or digital console controls. The only bad side is probably the fact that they don’t replicate water rowing, but this is only a disadvantage if you are a professional rower in training. It is not a problem if you just need a workout at home. There are also magnetic rowers combined with air resistance rowers to create the best out of the two.


Each of the above mentioned types is unique in its own way and provides comfort and good exercise for the body, the other features are about you and your needs. If you just wish to keep fit and exercise at home, then choose one that is simpler and comfortable in form and features.  If you are a professional sportsman, you might want to choose one that will contribute to the development of your skills. This is the best thing about modern technology, it offers a great variety of innovative options and lets you make the right personal choice.  

After having looked through the main types of the rowing machines, we suggest studying the following table which provides information about the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. In order to get the best rowing machine for you and not regret the money you spent on it, weigh all the factors that we have listed below.

659265-200 (1) Price

It’s no secret that price is what consumers look at right after seeing a product they like. Sometimes it’s the first thing that they consider when going shopping. Everyone wants to save as much money as possible when purchasing goods. But some goods are worth the extra money, that is spent on them. High quality is worth a lot. However, as a consumer who wants to buy the best rowing machine, you have already considered your budget and come to the conclusion that you can afford a rowing machine. The costs of rowing machine are quite different and generally depend on the quality and technology of the specific item, but they are quite affordable. The prices range from as little as $180 to over $1000. The less expensive ones might be of not very durable materials and may not last long. You might even find an inexpensive, good quality rowing machine at auctions. But they are normally previously used ones. Additional equipment will add to the cost, such as heart rate monitors, logbooks, replacement parts and more.  Obviously, the choice is all up to you.

659265-200 (1) Warranty

Warranty is an important feature in rowing machines because some types need a lot of maintenance. Generally, the best deal is the three-year warranty which should include three main parts: the frame, parts and labor. The most important of these is the “parts replacement” warranty. You should have warranty on the expensive replacement parts of your rower such as monitors, cords, and hydraulic pistons. Remember that cheap rowers have the same “cheap” warranties.

659265-200 (1) Size

Size includes a number of things: compatibility with the space you are planning to provide for it, the length of your legs, weight capacity and the proper height. So let’s discuss the first factor, size compatibility with your exercise space. The standard and most common size of rowing machines is about 60cm width and 1.8m-2m length. Some types of rowers are foldable and can be stored in a corner. The storage process is easier if there are attached wheels. There are also very small rowing machines, sized that way due to using hydraulic cylinders instead of large flywheels.

Tall people with long legs don’t have to worry about having problems with rowers. Most rowing machines are quite comfortable for tall people. Even the compact ones have options for people with long legs.

As to weight capacity, rowing machines are quite solidly built and stable. The water rowers can handle the most weight – 450kg. The least expensive units can manage up to 90kg weight.

Depending on the rower machine type, some have high seats or low ones that are close to the ground, or offer both options. Choose the one that will fit your body best and provide the maximum comfort for exercising.

659265-200 (1) Technology

Technology is what we described above when we wrote about the nature of the main types of rowing machines. Technology on rowing machines implies the way they provide resistance and the way that resistance levels can be changed. All the types provided different kinds of resistance forms that could be adjusted in various ways. It is your decision of which type of rowing machine is best suited for your preferences.

659265-200 (1) Built-In Workouts

A number of rowing machines provide the “built-in” workout programs. If you want to count the strokes, burnt calories, elapsed time or have other demands, these built-in workouts make it easy for you to attain your goals of exercising. It is easy to assume that inexpensive rowing machines will not provide all these options.

659265-200 (1) Performance monitor

Monitors on rowing machines are meant for showing various data. It should be mentioned at this point that least expensive rowing machines provide very little amount of data, such as time, distance, burnt calories and stroke rate. With the more expensive rowing machines, their features include heart rate information. The highest quality monitors are backlit so as to make them easier for people to read. We should not forget telling you about wireless heart rate monitors that help with getting an accurate pulse rate, thus resulting in a more efficient workout, especially for professional athletes.

659265-200 (1) Adaptable Footrests

Most rowing machines have adaptable and comfortable footrests that can even be adjusted according to your needs. All that remains for you is to find the right shoes and/or socks. Choose one that are not very wide at the heel part.

659265-200 (1) Mobility facility

We have already mentioned the mobility of rowing machines in the size area depending on the type of the rowing machine. Usually those that have wheels make it easier for you to move from one place to another or to store it after having finished your exercising. The most compact ones will be the easiest to move around. However, this is the last function that you should take into consideration when buying a rowing machine. The best rowing machines will provide you with almost all the features mentioned here and assure you of purchasing a durable, quality rower that will last and serve all your exercising needs.


Though we noted the 19th century as the date of the origin of rowing machines, there is an interesting fact that should be noted at this point: in the 4th century BC an Athenian admiral introduced rowing machines for the training of the military troops. As you can see, rowing machines have long been considered as the best training vehicles for body.

Let’s talk about the great number of benefits that you will get when buying and using a rowing machine as often as possible. If you want a fit, strong and healthy body then you can’t find a better “friend” than the rowing machine. Look for the best rowing machine that is perfect for your fitness goals and you will get all the advantages and efficient results which include:

  • A full body workout: Your whole body, with its upper and lower parts, will be in motion as you complete a full rowing stroke.  Exercise your entire body and find yourself part of the healthy lifestyle you have always imagined.
  • A great amount of your body muscles are involved in the process, including: erector spinae, rhomboids, quadriceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings and many others.
  • Provision of the highest cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, resulting in the rise of your heart rate and strengthening your heart and lungs.
  • Burns fat and calories giving you the body that you desire: fit, beautiful and healthy.
  • Contributes to the preservation of your joints by giving you a high-intensity, low impact and a weightless workout.

Rowing machines are a great means of exercise and workout for everyone from a beginner to a professional athlete. We have gathered and studied the best rowing machine reviews and made up a list of the top rowing machines in order to make your search much easier and more satisfying. Study the above mentioned information thoroughly and then use it to choose the right rower from our list. It will save you a lot of precious time. Don’t hesitate in finding the best rowing machine, with the help of our Reviews Bee team. Stay fit and healthy!






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