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10 Best Roller Skate Wheels

Are you inspired to learn how to roller skate? Would you like to pursue an old childhood hobby? You have probably seen one of those fun movies, where skaters gather together to show off their incredible maneuvers, audacious tricks and mind blowing turns. If you want to be able to skate like that, you will need the right kind of wheels. It’s vital to understand where to start searching for the right roller skate wheel and how to determine what is the best wheel for your skates.

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Roller Skate Wheels Types

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Hard Roller Skate Wheels

Previously, roller skate terms for wheels were Vanathane, Clay and FoMac and were made of wood.  This was before urethane wheels were introduced and became popular.  Most hard wheels are quite small, because they provide balance instead of speed.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

It is important to mention that this type of wheel is harder than other types. They are made especially for indoor skating, such as in rinks.  This is probably the type of wheels you are used to when you have skated with your friends at roller skate rinks.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Outdoor wheels are softer than rink wheels, because the skater needs some grip, for example, when riding on asphalt or concrete. Outdoor wheels are manufactured by Kryptonics, Sure-Grip, Radar and Atom. A wheel the size of 65 mm is a bit heavier, but rolls better on uneven or rocky surfaces. However, the smaller, 62 mm are lighter and provide a safer and more balanced ride on the sidewalk. The fastest wheels to use are size 70 mm, the heaviest, allowing the skater the ability to be fast and they glide well at the same time. You need to decide on what type of surface you usually skate on, to choose the correct wheels for you. Outdoor roller skate wheels are perfect for beginners.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Quad Speed Skate Wheels

Quad wheels are wider than other wheel types, providing better balance on the turns and other difficult places. Hard wheels are more comfortable for an experienced skater due to the good slide, but they will slow down a beginner, until they get used to this type. Wider wheels are excellent for blockers, with narrow speed wheels being more appropriate for jammers.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Roller Derby Skate Wheels

Roller Derby Wheels can be either from 42mm – 44mm, or from 37mm – 38mm. Some people suggest that wheels that have grooves achieve more speed. If you want to make quick turns or jump with less effort, choose a narrow wheel. The wider the wheels the better they are for balance and good performance. Experienced roller derby skaters have their own preferences, which is why there are different sizes, and a skater’s height and weight might have some bearing on their choice.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Light-up Roller Skate Wheels

As the name suggests, the wheels light up as they spin. These are novelty wheels, introduced for children, but they have grown in popularity, especially at rinks that use minimal lighting on occasion.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Atom Quad Skate Wheels

Atom Quad Skate Wheels are arguably the world’s best in the wheel industry. Created from a three -piece core technology, they are perfect for every kind of surface. Beloved by professionals, you cannot go wrong with this wheel and may never want another kind ever again.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Backspin Wheels

This type makes the wheel go farther than a normal one, with the help of its backward spinning movement. Because it was developed for backspins in particular, this is a good wheel for skaters who love to do those movements.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Bones Derby Wheels

The last type of wheels can be described as long lasting, extruded aluminum with a high rebound. Roller skate aficionados swear by this type once they have tried them.  Experienced and beginner skaters like the durability of the bone derby wheel.


Things to Consider when Buying Roller Skate Wheels

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Wheel hardness

To start with, consider the hardness of the wheel. Low numbers indicate soft wheels and high numbers indicate hard wheels. Determining the level of hardness your wheels should be depends on different situations.  A hard wheel is more convenient for indoor usage on clingy surfaces, while a soft one is perfect for an outdoor usage or a polished floor. In other words, a soft wheel makes your skate grip smooth surfaces better. It is advisable for beginners to start with a soft wheel to feel safer. For instance, if you are skating on uncoated asphalt, use a wheel in the 78A-90A range. In contrast, hard wheels offer less grip and are used on rocky or irregular surfaces. More advanced skaters can use hard wheels to go faster and get a more adventurous ride compared to the soft wheels. Sometimes hard wheels are used for creative moves, allowing the performer to show various tricks when skating.  Experienced skaters feel comfortable with a hard wheel when used in competition or performance.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Wheel diameter

The wheel diameter is very important. It impacts both the height of your wheel and the height of your skate. Moreover, acceleration, stability and speed are affected by the diameter of the wheel, which is measured in millimeters. For instance, a wheel diameter of 55mm and 57mm is generally used for freestyle skating. This is a popular choice for the majority of skaters. Wheels with a small diameter are best suited for skating, roller dancing, figure skating or hockey. These types of skaters are usually experienced or practicing to attain that level. However, if you want to do speed or fitness skating, you should choose a larger diameter wheel. In addition, make sure that the wheel size fits your skate and frame. If you are a novice to roller skating, a smaller wheel diameter is a good place to start until you choose what kind of skating you will be doing on an average basis.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Acceleration

As already mentioned, wheel diameter has an effect on acceleration. In particular, wheels with small diameters provide faster acceleration, due to the fact that they require less effort to get you moving. If you require good acceleration for your skating activity, the smaller ones are more beneficial. On the contrary, a large diameter wheel accelerates more slowly, taking more force to get you moving. To put it plainly, a large wheel needs more space to make a full turn than the small wheel and should factor in your wheel size decision.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Speed

On the other hand, the opposite works with the speed. A large wheel has a faster roll time and gets to top speed quicker than the small wheel. Although you need to put more force to move a large diameter wheel, once it starts rolling, it is easier to keep moving. Usually long-distance skaters choose large diameter wheels, and they are also better to use outdoors and offers them the long lasting speed they are wanting.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Stability

Small diameter wheels offer more stability than large diameter wheels, because when using a smaller one, there is less distance between you and the ground. If you tend to fall a lot as a beginner, your wheel may be too large to give you that stable feeling.  After you switch to this type, you will notice a totally different experience and your skating will improve with the added confidence you feel.

037538-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-wheel Weight

Finally, the smaller the wheel, the lighter the weight of your roller skate. This is important in relation to your own personal body type and size. Skaters who are slighter in weight and height will most likely prefer a lighter weight wheel as it works better for their frames. You will want to be able to skate effortlessly and can do so with the appropriate weighted wheel.  The skates usually weigh from 2kg to 5kg. That’s why skaters usually try to reduce the weight by choosing lighter wheels.




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