Best Predator Calls Reviews A predator call can become the key for the hunters’ success. This calling technique imitates the sounds of the prey animals to attempt attracting predators of various species.

10 Best Predator Calls

Hunting has become a wide-spread hobby and is great fun or it can be a very challenging and increasingly popular sport for many people. Without a doubt, coyote and predator hunting is appealing for many hunters. Since animals are cunning and adaptable, the hunter needs to take some measures to find intelligent solutions for an easier hunt. A predator call can become the key for the hunters’ success. This calling technique imitates the sounds of the prey animals to attempt attracting predators of various species. One can simply attract coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and other predators, with certain sounds sure to lure these often wary creatures, with a predator call.

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  • Consumer Ratings : 8.2 of 10
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Predator Calls Make for an Easier and More Successful Hunt

Every hunter can’t deny the usefulness of a predator call. The predator calls are between the hunter and the hunted, attracting the animal to be the next potential prey.

There are basically two types of calls. The hand and mouth call is one type, which you use by taking the call to your mouth. This means that both your hands and mouth are busy to produce the sounds. The second type of call is an electronic call, which is probable the best option. An electronic call is much more convenient, playing prerecorded sounds or tapes of animals, or even a sequence of sounds. With the sound of a lost pup, you can trap any animal by bringing the mother animal to the desired site. This type of call can be programmed with dozens of different wildlife noises, which sounds realistic and effective. Some of them have many speakers, which raise the quality of the sounds. Some predator calls reproduce the howls, yips, and barks of coyotes looking for their pack. Others replicate the sounds of prey animals, such as rabbits and rodents. The many different kinds of sounds that are available in a predatory call equal the many ways to fool the animals. The electronic call is portable and many models have remote controls.

Most likely, it would be best to hold the predator call away from you, for it allows you to see predators approaching and prepare for a shot without being noticed.


Know about the Features to Choose the Best Option

Below are some of the benefits electronic predators calls have to offer. So, take a look at the features that the best predator calls should have.

audio-wave-512 Versatility

It’s a good idea to go with the type of predator call that has a high level of versatility. This allows you to use them in any kind of weather, not excluding the fact that it can get wet, dirty and muddy. Read the product manual carefully to find out if it is weather resistant in extreme conditions, such as pouring rain, harsh winds and heavy snow.

Further features of a call’s versatility are that they can have two to four speakers, with the options to add even more if desired. Determine if the call you are choosing can have added video cameras or motion decoys by employing the included auxiliary jacks.  These features may increase the price of your predator call, but it may well be worth it for a successful excursion.

audio-wave-512 Programmable

If the call is programmable, it is most likely mentioned in their information as well as in reviews of the product.

The ability of being programmable is good for letting you create custom blends of sounds and sequences of calls. Producing the best animal sounds is ideal for attracting the animal of your choice.

The easily programmed sounds in the predator calls should be as close to being natural as possible, for it to be effective.

audio-wave-512 Durability

Of course, durability should be taken into consideration because you may really like a particular call and do not want to have to replace it. Remember that you will be using the predator calls in the forest and likely under very extreme conditions. They may be left in the rain or in the mud and you don’t want them to deteriorate easily. Superior e-calls are lightweight, rugged and durable which makes them last for so many years of intense abuse in the field.

Another point that you may want to explore fully is the possible warranty.  In reviewing many of these products, we found as many different warranty options.  Basically, it seems that warranties come in the following quantities (but are not limited to these): one year, two year or lifetime.  You must also discover which parts are or are not covered by said warranty. Open mouth calls are usually not accepted for replacement or return and the customer is normally responsible for all shipping costs for returns or repairs. It is obvious why a durable unit is more preferable!

audio-wave-512 Convenience

As previously mentioned, there is a type of call where you use your hands and mouth in order to create the sound.  But, this is not convenient, especially while hunting when you have to carry so many things at the same time, including your rifle. With an e-call, your eyes and hands will be free, so you can focus on the surroundings with your binoculars, and easily spot your prey from a distance. Lightweight and compact units offer even more convenience.

audio-wave-512 A Plethora of Sounds

You can store many different calls and sounds including distress calls, in your predator call unit, from a large amount of available wildlife sounds. When the animals hear the sounds, they go to investigate the cause, believing it’s an easy meal for them, allowing you capture them when they appear. A plethora of sounds is important and should not be neglected, because it is the diversity of the sounds that attract your potential prey.

audio-wave-512 Remote Control

If your predator call comes with a remote control, a hunter should take advantage of it. The hunter can control the volume and frequency of the sounds in the distance. Smart animals will not be fooled by an unusual frequency or extremely loud call that does not sound realistic. It can be controlled from yards away, even distracting the prey from your exact location by placing the predator call in a different location than where you are hiding.

audio-wave-512 Sound Quality

When buying a predator call, check the sound quality first. A successful hunt with many animals to show for it, may depend on it. The sound quality plays an important role, for it is what captures the animal’s attention, by listening to it.  It may then move to your position allowing you to capture it. The sounds should be as realistic as possible to be effective in attracting animals to your location. Again, be aware that the call volume is not too soft or too loud so it doesn’t ruin the effectiveness of the call.



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