Our Team

Roman Sahakov Roman Sahakov CEO and Founder

After completing his graduate degree in London, Roman began his career in digital marketing and SEO. He spent time building his knowledge at several reputable companies before starting his own digital agency. With four years of entrepreneurial experience with that endeavor, Roman decided to found Reviews Bee for the benefit of consumers around the world.

Vanand M. Vanand M. Senior Developer

Before becoming senior developer at Reviews Bee, Vanand gained more than 7 years of experience in development and design. He is the key architect and designer of the Reviews Bee website and continues to manage its continual improvement.

Ara M. Ara M. Developer

Assisting Reviews Bee’s senior developer, Ara puts her four years of experience in website development to work. Ara makes the intuitive design and functionality of the Reviews Bee website possible with her expertise.

Alla T. Alla T. Head of Marketing

With five years of experience in digital marketing, Alla has led and participated in over 20 highly successful projects. By working on projects in various market niches, Alla built valuable skills and experience that she puts to good use at Reviews Bee.