Best Longbows Reviews Longbows originated in the medieval period, and was one of the most widely used weapons for warfare, especially effective in naval battles.

10 Best Longbows

Longbows were used for obvious reasons. The longbow, initially made from a yew tree, was about six feet in length, enabled you to shoot to a far distance.  It could also penetrate to the deep in the armor worn by the soldiers and cause considerable injury to the enemy.  Longbows are highly accurate to shoot with and are still popular and the preferred option among other bow types.

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From Traditional to Modern Longbow Types

There are a great variety of longbows, from traditional to modern, but the one you choose will depend on your preference and how convenient it is to use. Here we will introduce the basic types of longbows for you to consider owning in the future.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Stick Bow

Stick bows are wildly popular for archery enthusiasts.  The design does vary, but its simplicity is what hunters admire.

Stick bows basically are made of one solid piece of wood. The limbs of the stick bow may be circular or triangular, thick or narrow, where needed.  This type of bow is available globally and many people prefer this graceful type of the bow.  Many beginners have started with this type of bow and a large number of them still prefer it.  Sometimes simple and uncomplicated is the best choice.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Cross-section Laminate Bow

The cross-section laminate bow consists of wood and fiberglass. The rectangular cross-section of the laminate bow has many layers, which can be of different materials. Each layer is chosen and prepared to add some specific properties to the product itself. These bows are considered lighter than a stick bow of the same weight, with the ability to shoot faster. It is a high quality, durable bow and used by a variety of archers.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Reflex/De-flex Longbow

The Reflex/De-flex longbow is another type of which is considered to be a hybrid, somewhere between a longbow and recurve bow. The traditional archer dreams of having such a bow. It has desirable qualities such as durability, shooting speed, and the ability to decrease vibration and remain steady in your hands. This quality offers a better success rate at shooting your target.

The reflex/de-flex longbow design incorporates unbraced limbs that de-flex toward the shooter, then goes in reverse, reflexing backward, away from the shooter.


Recommended Features of Longbows

The large variety of longbows can make choosing the right bow a confusing and difficult decision. We have analyzed and prioritized some factors for your consideration. Use all the details below to find the longbow that is just right for you.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Size

The size of the longbow is directly connected with the archer’s height and it should be equal to it. If you are shorter than the longbow or vice-versa, it will be very difficult to shoot well.  This is why there are so many sizes of longbows available. The strength of the archer is also connected to the size of the bow that should be used.  Stronger shooters have more control over a longbow and can maneuver wit with ease, after much practice.  Longbows, which are naturally large in size, have more power and shoot arrows a further distance as well as penetrate the target more deeply. This is why so many archers choose a longbow to begin with, since they are shooting from greater distances than a traditional bow.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Stability

The stability of your longbow is an undeniably important feature. Consider certain factors in the stability of your bow. Start with the material that it is made of and the size of the longbow compared to the archer’s height and weight.  Other important factors are the archer’s competence and skill of holding and shooting the longbow. This may be more difficult to discern in beginners, but you can still tell how the longbow feels in your hands as you aim at your target. If the longbow feels clumsy, even after repeated attempts at practice, it is more than likely that you may need a different one altogether, to attain the stability for better success.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Material

The material of your longbow is also very important. As already mentioned, traditional longbows were made from the yew tree, because even then people paid attention to the material used to create them.  Wood from the yew tree is very durable and can last for a long time. Though this wood is still used in its construction, today, you may see longbows that are made of other types of wood or laminated materials. Be sure to discover all the different materials used in the making of your longbow. Remember that the construction material is linked to the durability of the product. This is not something you want to find out after the purchase has been made.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Accuracy

Every archer wants a longbow that is known for its shooting accuracy. Along with the type of longbow and the experience of the archer, precise shooting can be obtained.  When an archer feels totally comfortable with their particular longbow, satisfactory results will be obvious. When a properly fit longbow is made to the size of a particular archer, it will increase the chance for accuracy due to the physical ability of the user to shoot it. Though practice is the key component to the accuracy of the longbow, no bow can guarantee results without an accomplished archer.

024771-blue-jelly-icon-culture-astrology1-archer-sc37 Draw Weight and Draw Length

Draw weight and draw length are part of the act of shooting a bow. It is necessary to know the amount of energy required to shoot the arrow, using a specific bow.

You can easily measure your draw length by standing up straight, spreading your arms and then figuring out the length of your arm span in inches. You will need another person to assist you in taking the measurements. Then stand with your arms out comfortably and your palms facing forward. You need to measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other. Then divide that number by 2.5. Do this without overstretching to get accurate measurements. The result is the correct draw length in inches, for your body size.

Draw weights vary by the weight of the actual user.  The lightest child weighing between 70 – 100 pounds, will use a draw weight of 10 – 15 lbs. Larger children and women with a small frame who weigh between 100 – 130 pounds, will use 15 – 25 lbs. in draw weight. Women who are of a medium frame or an athletic older child weighing between 130 – 160 pounds, will use a 25 – 35 lb. draw weight. Small framed men and larger framed women (who are over 160 pounds), need a 30 – 45 lb. draw weight. Medium framed men who weigh between 150 – 180 lbs. will want a 40 – 55 lb. draw weight and lastly, men with largest frames, weighing over 180 pounds, will want to choose a draw weight that is 45 – 60 lbs.





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