Best Lacrosse Goals Reviews Choosing the best lacrosse goals is essential, as it can be the key to your lacrosse playing experience and lead you to success in this sport.

10 Best Lacrosse Goals

Lacrosse is a lovely sport that is a favorite, especially among young people. The popularity of this sport continues growing by leaps and bounds. Today, a lot of high schools in different countries have started varsity programs. Moreover, an increasing number of youth organizations and centers have their own lacrosse leagues. Actually, purchasing a lacrosse goal is a valuable investment that needs a serious consideration and research. Reviews Bee can assist you to find the best lacrosse goals and top lacrosse goals in the market.   

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Lacrosse Goal Types

There are two main types to know about when it comes to lacrosse goals.

քքոքո Official Lacrosse Goals

This type of lacrosse goal is usually heavy and strong. They are made of a high quality and durable material. The main characteristic of an official lacrosse goal is that they feature square and welded corners, which have steel pipes.   These pipes are rather thick, mainly from 1.75 to 2 inches in diameter.

Another feature of this design and shape of an official lacrosse goal, is its heavy weight. It can be more than 100 pounds. One can come across official lacrosse goals produced by different manufacturers. They are mostly made of sturdy metal. Official lacrosse goals are widely used, especially at high level schools and colleges. Regardless of the fact, whether lacrosse enthusiasts fire balls at the net while practicing or goaltenders defend the posts when playing a big game, official lacrosse goals are a perfect choice for both cases.

A high quality official lacrosse goal has the capability of withstanding any tough and hard play. The net of these lacrosse goal is usually made of 6mm nylon and it offers a great amount of durability.

The official goals are made of sturdier stuff than the practice lacrosse goals and have heavy duty steel pipes with strong, all weather netting. If you are looking for a lacrosse goal intended for a serious lacrosse player, who is going to move into a college level lacrosse league, you should consider an official lacrosse goal, since it is an ideal option for you.

քքոքո Lacrosse Practice Goals

Lacrosse practice goals are different from the lacrosse official goals. These goals are lightweight and portable. Practice lacrosse goals feature rounded corners, steel and thinner pipes of about 1.5 inches.  They are regarded as a suitable option for practicing   lacrosse in your own backyard. Thanks to its portability, you have the opportunity of moving the practice lacrosse goal in different places around your backyard, or taking them to a friend’s house to play there.


Important features when choosing a lacrosse goal

քքոքո Dimensions

Before making a decision on which goal to purchase, you need to decide on the size and dimensions of the lacrosse goal. Let’s look at the size of the lacrosse goal. You should be aware that as a rule, the size and dimensions of the lacrosse goal are six feet by six feet. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a practice lacrosse goal or an official lacrosse goal, the size will be the same, namely six feet tall and six feet wide.

Keep in mind that in case you prefer an indoor lacrosse goal, the size of the goal will be different, specifically four feet by four feet. In order to purchase the right size, you should take into account the measurements of the place where you are going use it.

So, to make it simple and clear, if you want a lacrosse goal for indoor play, you will want to buy a four foot by four-foot size.  However, if you are searching for one for outdoors, or you are playing at a college level or above, you will definitely want the six foot by six-foot unit.

քքոքո Quality

Standard lacrosse goals that are classed as “economy” items, are mostly made of durable and high quality materials. The unusual design allows for both for backyard and practice utilization.

A «premium” lacrosse goals are made from heavy-gauge steel tubing. These lacrosse goals provide quick assembly, because they are constructed with spring-pin attachment.

In order to offer lacrosse players a high level of safety, lacrosse goals are armed with a flat-style ground bar. So, you have the opportunity of disassembling these units for storage purposes. In this case, you don’t have to remove the net.  Today, you can find many lacrosse goals on the market. The uprights and crossbar are made from heavy-gauge galvanized two-inch steel. This is done to furnish a significant amount of strength to the structure.  The goal is to add stability, while reducing the chance of ball deflection.  A good lacrosse goal features a 4″ wide x 3/8″ thick flat-steel ground bar.  In addition to that, it comprises an orange powder-coated finish to gives you a high level of protection against the weather.

Thus, with a good quality lacrosse goal, you can play the sport to your heart’s content and for a long periods of time.

քքոքո Price

It is true that purchasing a lacrosse goal is a valuable investment for any person who shows interest in this exciting sport. Today, you can find different lacrosse goals that are offered at various prices.

You can find a lacrosse goal to fit your budget, for instance, it is easy to find one starting at about $50.

You can also find much more expensive units, that offer various, additional features.  

քքոքո Warranty

Warranty is a serious issue to consider when purchasing a lacrosse goal. Regardless of what type of a lacrosse goal you are wanting to buy, whether it is intended for backyard play or use in a professional league game, always be careful about the warranty.

You will want to ascertain that the lacrosse goal, does indeed, come with a warranty.  These are usually for about one year in length.  Pricier versions of these goals sometimes have extended, or even lifetime warranties.

This is to protect you from manufacturer defects or other irregularities when the product is constructed.

Be aware that regular wear and tear of the goal, such as UV or weather exposure, is not covered in any standard lacrosse goal warranty.


Total ReviewsBee Rating

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Overall Algo

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Our Algorithm Factors

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