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10 Best Internal Frame Backpacks

A backpack is your closet for the length of your journey. It holds all the necessities, such as food, clothes and more. There are differences between external frame backpacks and internal frame backpacks.  The internal design lets you carry all your gear in a more streamlined way, to make hiking and walking easier. Since most of the stuff you need is inside, the pack, it is more likely to be protected than if you have it hanging off of the pack, where it could get caught by tree branches, for instance.  This will keep you stuff safer, from having an outside pocket ripped open and losing everything inside.  Read the information below, to become more knowledgeable about the internal frame backpacks.  Then you can easily choose the one that is best for you.

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How to choose an internal frame backpacks

Consider these basic necessities of a good internal frame backpack, before you purchase one.

2551-200 Comfort

We can say that comfort is by far the most subjective of all features, because you should consider how all the other factors come together.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to test the comfort factor of a backpack, fully loaded, until after you buy it.  It is not like a pair of shoes that you can try at the store, and take a few steps, to see how they feel.  Since you won’t be carrying your backpack when it’s empty, you really won’t know the comfort level until you are using it.

Anyway, you should just think what factors you want to find in your backpack and choose the one that has as many of your preferable qualities as possible.

2551-200 Weight

Internal backpacks are already the standard backpacking frame type. Items with the most weight should be centered between the shoulder blades and be close to your back, while hiking the trail with an internal-frame pack. Due to this, the weight will be placed on the hips, which should hold most of your backpack’s weight.

When off the trail, items should be placed a bit lower on the back and lower on your center of gravity.  This will stabilize you better on rough terrain.

If you are looking for a backpack to hold enough stuff for a week’s worth of travel, then check the weight limit.

Internal frame backpacks come in various sizes to hold all your items for a two-day trip, or more, and you will want to get the one that is best suited to your personal needs.  No need to buy an extra-large size if you only go on small trips.  Also, in the reverse, you don’t want to buy too small a size if your excursion is over a week long.

So, match the size and weight limit to your specific needs.

2551-200 Suspension

The suspension system is formed by the shoulder straps, hip belt and back pads. It is known that a normal suspension system includes a lumbar pad, ergonomically curved shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and load adjusting straps.  All of these will help to keep you more comfortable while carrying your gear.

2551-200 Organization

For packing your backpack correctly, you should first lay out all of your backpacking equipment to organize it.

It is a very good way to make sure you have all your gear, and to organize it by weight, so you can see what are your heaviest items.

The second good way is to group similar small items, such as items for eating and cooking together, in a zip lock, or stuff bags or sacks. Another good idea is to store food and liquid fuel in airtight bags to prevent spills.

It is important to know that the sleeping bag usually goes in first, along with other light nighttime supplies, because the lightweight items should be grouped at the bottom of the backpack. Then you should pack medium-weight items, followed by the heavy gear.

One more thing to mention: when you are packing your backpack, be sure to fill in all the empty spaces with small things. For example, you can stuff a shirt inside a pot or remove your sleeping bag from its pocket and stuff it around other gear. If you are using a bear canister that is required by more and more national parks and wilderness areas, be sure to fill it totally full with food and other items, and put this close to your back.

Essential items like a GPS, insect repellent, snack food, rainwear, or a headlamp may need to be taken out at any time. These items may need to be accessed at any time while hiking, and should be stored inside the pack, such as a in front pocket, top lid, or in the top of the main compartment, so you can find them easily.

If you do all this, and your bag is loaded and packed, tighten all compression straps to limit load-shifting, while hiking.

2551-200 Adjustability

Adjustability is a feature of a good pack. Basically, it should be adjustable for torso length, feature load lifters and levelers, and also accommodate different hip widths and angles. Make sure than you can adjust the pack to your specific size, otherwise you will be uncomfortable for your whole trip. Each model of a backpack will fit you differently, so you should try on several packs with a weighted load, before making a final decision.

2551-200 Rain Covers

You should make sure that your backpack is made out of at least a semi-waterproof material, so that after rainstorms, you will not open your pack to find wet clothes and food.

During a rainstorm, water can still get in through the seams and zippers, even if the backpack interiors are treated to be waterproof. In a pinch, you can just use a trash bag, but many backpacks have a rain cover, to keep your pack dry from the bad weather and help to prevent your gear from getting wet in the rain.

2551-200 Capacity

It is very important to be sure that you have the right storage capacity, with your internal framed backpack.

Having the right capacity means having the right storage area and internal volume space available, inside the pack. It is easier to compare one pack with another when they are side by side, and remember that the internal storage capacity is measured in liters.  

If you want to know what kind of internal capacity you need, think about your needs. The capacity will tell you how much stuff size-wise, will fit into it, but the weight is another issue that we mentioned above.

Are you going to use it on a long trip, or a short trip and do you hike or camp often? It is recommended that you buy two different packs, if you think that you’ll go on both long and short trips. For example, for shorter trips a lighter model pack will be very comfortable, but when you are on a longer trip, you will need more gear, and of course, a larger pack. This way, you will have the right size pack, for whatever length of trip you will take.


Why buy an internal frame backpacks?

As we said before, there are internal and external frame backpacks and they completely differ from each other. The only real similarity they have is that they both hold stuff. One is made to carry lots of gear, while the other is designed to feel like it is a part of your back. Below is information to help you understand the specific reason for choosing an internal frame backpack over an external frame unit.  

These days, most backpacks are the internal-frame type of packs, meaning, the support rods and frame are built into the backpack and hidden from view. Internal frames have recently become the preferred backpack for camping, hiking, survival training and just plain backpacking. Internal frame backpacks have a full aluminum frame. It is just totally hidden and strategically integrated, within the pack’s design.  In fact, this kind of pack is famous for its form fitting characteristics. Once use it, you will notice that it really hugs your body well.

Internal frame backpacks promote obvious mobility.  It is almost like they become a part of you as they form to your body.  This allows you to have more balance overall and better control on your hike, because they are slimmer than their external frame counterparts.  You can safely move through the tightest of trails and paths, with these streamlined packs.  Another great thing about choosing an internal frame backpacks, is because they have become the industry standard, for very good reasons.  If professional outdoorsmen like them, you know that you will have the best there is to offer.

They have a large internal capacity that allows you to keep almost all of your gear protected inside the pack: it is a great advantage if you’re bushwhacking and sharp branches might otherwise damage your gear. It is easy to get caught on branches that may rip your pack. Most internal frame packs have the shoulder straps that are not difficult to adjust, making it easier to share the pack, with somebody of a different height, such as one’s spouse or friend.

Internal frame packs are also compact, this means you can easily stick it in the trunk of your car, or check it in as luggage for a flight.  Once you start to use them for camping, you can see using them for other trips as well.

The most important part of the internal frame pack design, features one or two aluminum stays—long, flat bars, located against your back inside the pack, that provide solid support. These stays can increase your comfort by being bent and shaped to more precisely match the curvature of your back. In addition to all these, the internal-frame packs not only look better, but they also tend to be lighter because the frame is composed of a carbon fiber or tough plastic, that makes them easier to wear on your back, as well as more durable.

Now that you have read about the various advantages of the internal frame backpacks, you can feel good about making the right choice for your next camping trip!

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