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How We Rank

The team at Reviews Bee has developed an innovative approach to product and service reviews, making us unique from all other review websites. We strive to make it easy for each consumer to buy the best product or service online without spending hours researching the decision.

In order to simplify the process of determining which product is the best one to buy, we have created our Top 10 lists for each product and service that we review. After compiling reviews and product data from all possible trusted sources, Reviews Bee presents the information in a palatable form for our users.

Other review websites accept payment to make product recommendations, making them an unreliable source of information. Reviews Bee only utilizes information from unbiased sources that can be trusted for honesty and accurate information. Our review algorithm determines which product or service is the best by analyzing this data.

The review writers at Reviews Bee are completely independent and base their recommendations on comprehensive research. No commissions or other compensation is received during the compilation of reviews which would create bias toward specific products.

We gather two types of data.

Data from Expert Review Websites

Most products and services have related niche market review websites, where one can find reviews written by unbiased experts in their field. Reviews Bee writers compile reviews from all reputable expert websites for inclusion in our ranking algorithm. Expert reviews often include vital comparisons with competing models and give essential information for creating a ranking for each product.

Data from Consumer Review Websites

Reviews Bee collects consumer review information from popular retail websites including Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy. Consumer websites, such as, are also included in our analysis. In addition, Reviews Bee utilizes reputable market niche websites, to include in the product ranking decision. Using the feedback of actual customers in coordination with expert evaluations enables us to provide each product with a score that takes into account all trustworthy information available on that item.

We work like bees, collecting all the nectar to provide you with pure honey. You are saved from wading through mediocre products and unhelpful reviews. Simply go to Reviews Bee to see the summary of what everyone is saying about the product or service that you are considering. Get the best value for your money without hours spent researching.

Reviews Bee Top 10 lets you make your purchase quickly, easily, and with confidence.

Top 10 lists are continuously updated and adjusted based on up-to-date information and new products on the market.