home security system features

Home security system features can vary widely and be tailored to your particular circumstances; however there are some key options you may wish to consider before investing in your home’s security.

1. Alarms

The most basic home alarm system features you should consider is an audible sound that triggers if a door or window is opened when your system is activated. This may also be activated manually, for instance if you choose to have a panic button for when you hear an intruder, or need medical assistance. Not only do audible alarms deter intruders, a silent alarm can be sent to an associated security company, or even directly to the local police control room.

2. Security Lights

Strategically placed security lighting can deter criminal activity, particularly when it is motion activated. Security lights also alert others, such as your family or neighbors to see what is happening.  With security cameras, there is an even better chance of identifying a criminal.

Motion sensitive security lights around your home also mean that you can move around outside at night without having to fumble for light switches or risk accidents. In the event of an emergency, these additional security system features mean you can more easily escape an intruder, external areas will be lit up during your escape.

3. Security Cameras

One of the most common and effective home security features that offer added peace of mind is CCTV located prominently around the home  These will force potential trespassers to look elsewhere for illegal activity.

Security cameras can be set to record 24/7,can be motion activated, or even remotely monitored. Recordings of illegal intrusion, if of sufficient quality, can be used in any subsequent court proceedings. Home-owners should check storage capacity specifications, to check whether they can only record a limited amount of activity before contents are over-written; digital systems will facilitate longer recording times.

things to considerAsk installers if there is an option to send live images to a monitoring station and what happens when intrusions are detected.  Monitoring can either take place onsite, if you have staff working in your home, or be sent wirelessly to a remote monitor.

Monitoring of cameras in real time mean staff supervising the images can respond immediately and contact the police.  Whilst monitoring and contacting emergency services comes at a higher cost and may not be necessary for many, these features of your home alarm system offer greater peace of mind.

Even having highly visible notices informing potential intruders of the presence of CCTV can be enough to deter criminal activity.

4.Security Sensors

Security sensors which trigger lighting, audible alarms or even alarms linked directly to monitoring stations of security companies, or to police control rooms are home security system features which act as both deterrent to potential burglars and activate security professionals to attend your home.

5. Text Alert and Speech Dial

A speech dial or text alert home security features can automatically contact people if your system is triggered. A monitoring contract, whereby you can elect for a company to call the police on your behalf, and / or contact neighbors with a key is another option here. Check with companies to see if they are registered with the local police for direct contact activation if there is a problem.

Choice between the above home security system features are not necessarily exclusive and can be combined according to what you want and what you can afford. Check ReviewsBee system features before you invest in your home security.