Best Goalkeeper Gloves Reviews Want to seem like a professional at your games? Want to shine as a goalkeeper for your team? Then you must have the great goalkeeper gloves, that will help you to do your best.

10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves

We have to admit that goalkeeper gloves are the most essential piece of equipment for these athletes. Goalkeeper gloves help to provide a better grip on the ball, and protect and guard your fingers, palms, and whole hand from serious injuries.  They can also help you block, catch, and punch the ball. This means that the right pair of gloves will make a huge difference between a brilliant save and a good effort.  

Goalkeeper gloves are made specifically for goalkeepers, and cannot be interchanged with gloves used for other positions.  The design is explicitly created for the types of hand moves made by the goalkeeper.

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How to Choose Goalkeeper Gloves

Below are the most important features to consider, when choosing the right goalkeeper gloves for your specific needs.

hand The Grip

There are so many different goalkeeper gloves for all levels of skill, weather and even field conditions. The cut of the palm can be in many forms, and those different palms are used to provide the maximum benefit in a certain condition.

The following are the most common types:

  • Flat – Which are also known as “traditional cut”, are the gloves with the most spread on the market. Flat palm has perimeter seaming, for a traditional fit, and large latex-to-ball contact area which offers a loose fit and a boxier appearance, with exterior stitching.
  • The surround cut – This type is one of the newest glove designs, where the palm envelops the outer side of the hand, foaming the backhand of the glove. This makes the glove feel more comfortable and suitable for goalies who have wide hands, and equates to less stitching with a sleeker design.
  • Rolled finger or roll index – This type is a combination of a flat and roll finger glove. This palm is attached to the backhand directly which causes the latex to wrap around the fingers and be in contact with the ball. The roll index cut gives the feeling of the flat palm, while the latex which surrounds the index finger provides extra traction around the area.

Negative – The negative cut is the popular one in Europe. It has an interior seam around the fingers, which provides a warm fitting glove. This type is a good option for female goalies, or those who have slim hands, but they may not be so comfortable for goalies with wider hands.

hand Finger Protection

What is the finger protection?  Finger protection is usually in the form of a plastic spine, which comes inserted into the backhand of the goalkeeper glove. There is some debate regarding these finger-safe gloves. While this technology is popular at the youth and recreation levels, because are they are designed to prevent injuries to the fingers, some professional players say that this protection brings a level of discomfort that may inhibit their performance.

However, there are two main types of finger protection, they are segmented, or stiff spines, and flexible, or bendable, spines.

Stiff spines are identified by being able to bend only forwards (but not backwards), in order to prevent finger hyperextension kind of injuries. This type of finger protection is the most common one.

On the other hand, the flexible spines bend forwards and backwards, and are designed to stay flexible while supporting the fingers and dispersing shock.

Gloves with finger protection are usually recommended for those goalkeepers who have had, or are prone to finger injuries.

hand Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of gloves is comfort, which is determined by the size of the gloves. The size “ranges” between manufacturers can vary within brands, for that reason the best way to choose the size is to try on different styles.

Goalkeeping gloves should be a little bit larger than the hand size. So, that a keeper’s finger should not be touching the tip of the glove, nor it should feel sloppy. The gloves that are too snug may put more stress on the stitching and the latex, which will make your gloves wear out sooner. While the gloves that are too loose will make it difficult to preserve a correct grip on the ball. Having at least a quarter inch space between the fingertip and the tip of the glove is the best solution to allow for comfort and flexibility.

So, in order to make the right choice; find the widest part of your hand and measure the circumference in inches, without including your fingers, which means below where the pinky ends, and above the thumb. Then “round” this number up to the closest whole inch, and add one inch to it. That’s how you will have your goalkeeping glove size.

hand Material

Most goalkeeper gloves are made from a smooth latex which is a blend of natural and synthetic latex. The typical smooth, latex, can provide the best grip for it is given excellent contact surface to the ball.

While textured, latex gloves offer more durability, with a less proficient grip that is not as good as smooth latex gloves. Other manufacturers utilize some different treatments in order to increase the tackiness of the glove.

However, some goalkeeper gloves are best on artificial grass, while others are best for futsal, or in the rain, and they vary from the gloves at the professional level to the ones at the youth level. Eventually, the better the latex, the better the gloves will perform, but the shorter their life will be.

hand Brand

There are a wide variety of great goalkeeping gloves on the market, from so many different sporting goods brands, and a few of the strongest on the planet. These brands are very popular and known throughout the world. They offer the highest quality, most advanced, and comfortable goalie gloves for the best games, and are even used by the World Cup super stars everywhere.  In order to not wear out your match gloves during practices, you need to have a backup pair of gloves.

So, it is always recommended to have two pairs of gloves, one for training, and one for match play, while keeping them moistened all the time.

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