Best Game Cameras Reviews Picking up the best game camera will guarantee an enjoyable hunting experience and the ability to take better shots, meaning that your hunt will be more successful.

10 Best Game Cameras

A game camera is also called a trail camera. It is considered to be an essential part of any hunter’s arsenal. Game cameras are very useful and widely used, not only during hunting season, but also afterwards. You can just set up these cameras and leave them in the area you desire. As a result, you can explore in detail, the habits, as well as every step of the animal. Trail cameras come in different types and can have various features. If you are determined to buy a trail camera, you should explore the market thoroughly. There is good news for you! In order to help you make the right purchasing decision, Reviews Bee explored various trail camera reviews to present the list of the best trial cameras and their details.    

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Game Cameras Types

There are four types of game cameras currently available.  Here is are the definitions of each type.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Wireless Camera

Wireless cameras feature a built-in transmitter. The main function of this transmitter is transporting pictures via Wi-Fi.

These trail cameras are considered to be innovative and up-to-date devices that are able to meet today’s demands. The most alluring aspect of these cameras is the lack of wires. In fact, they have very few attachments and are an excellent option for indoor and semi-indoor use. Wireless cameras are quite popular, because they offer users a wide variety of benefits that make their hunting arsenal really valuable. One of the biggest advantages is that a trail camera is characterized by a simple installation and is very easy to use.

You can enjoy sharing as many images as you wish in a very simple way. No USB cord or other attachments are necessary.

However, the drawback of a game camera is that it is not suitable for outdoor environment transmission, because in order to transmit data you will need a wireless network. In case you are in an area where there is no wireless network, remember that the function of transmitting data will not operable. You will have to move to an indoor location to reactivate this feature.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Cellular Camera

Cellular game cameras have the capability of recording pictures and transmitting them to your telephone or tablet via the internet. Just insert the SIM card in the camera’s slot, so that it can be used like a telephone. A unique characteristic of these cameras is that they operate on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). Don’t forget to purchase a data package for your SIM.

One good thing about trail cameras is that they feature a motion sensor. Another is that the installation process is very simple, meaning you don’t have to use a lot of wires to transmit data.

The major advantage of cellular cameras is that they are suitably used in both outdoors and indoors. Another essential feature of these cameras is a high level of portability, which gives you the opportunity of carrying them wherever you go.

Since cellular cameras lack any wires, this makes them a very effective tool when building a camouflaged area.

The main disadvantage of these cameras is that they frequently run on battery, so you will have to pay attention to your battery life.  This is something you should consider before purchasing your camera, in case you don’t care for this feature.

In addition to that, you will not be able to transmit images in case you are in a wild or desert territory, where the service provider network (that your SIM needs) is not available.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Infrared Cameras

Actually, infrared cameras are preferred by people who enjoy tracking and recording at night.

The ability to record “around the clock” video footage is typical of infrared cameras. This feature makes these cameras greatly valuable, especially for night surveillance. It is essential to note that infrared cameras are a vital part of scientific experiments, the reason being is that they are very sensitive and feature high resolution. Thus, these cameras can guarantee the picture clarity of your night images. You can use them to capture such things as wildlife, at night. A simple installation process, as well as, durability is listed as part of this camera’s advantages.

The downside of infrared cameras is that they can be quite expensive, which is not always attainable for the average consumer.  They aren’t widely used in small establishments because of this.  Another disadvantage is the limited use of these cameras around reflective surfaces. Picture quality due to reflections is lower and less clear. The reason is because of the LED lights, that are mounted on the infrared cameras.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Flash Cameras

It should be pointed out that flash cameras are regarded as quite effective and valuable options for night shots.

When it is very dark outside you can use this camera with confidence, as it usually switches to flash mode. Thus, it guarantees the high quality of your photos. Choosing this type of camera means you can enjoy its benefits, such as using it whenever you desire. In fact, you will have no difficulty in installing this camera, because it is a very simple process.

Another essential point is the high level of portability. Since this camera comes in various sizes, you can choose the one that provides the most comfort of use and carrying it. These cameras are also known to capture high quality images.

Furthermore, you will be pleased by the flash camera’s “zooming” capacities.

Unfortunately, the downside of this camera, is also its flash feature.

When you are hunting in a wild are and the flash appears in the face of the animals, this scares them and they will run away.  If you were hoping to get a great photo, having your target leave the scene before you get that opportunity, will not make you happy. In addition to that, flash cameras can also produce a shutter like noise which can also scare away the wild animals.

Take the time to choose the type of camera that has the most advantages for your needs.  Then, look at the disadvantages and determine which ones won’t bother you too much.


Important Features when Choosing a Game Camera

The following features may help you find the perfect camera for you to use. These features vary on different models and will probably affect the price.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Image Quality

It goes without saying that image quality is an important point of consideration and is also known as resolution.

If you want to have the clearest images, with great quality details, you should take into consideration the megapixel capability of each trail camera. In fact, when the MP level is higher, the quality of the picture is better. So, a resolution of 5-7 MP is typical of your average game cameras, while top cameras feature 20 megapixel levels.

There are also a lot of less expensive game cameras on the market that have 2 or 1.5 MP.  How you choose a camera with a certain megapixel level, really depends on what your reason is for using the camera.  If you are utilizing it for spotting game, then you don’t need a high level of MP’s.  But, if you will be using your trail camera to take photographic images that you wish to keep, such as if you are a nature photographer, this will be more important to you.

However, it is recommended to purchase a camera, which has a resolution that is under 5MP. The reason being is that over that level, you will end up with poor quality shots that are even worse when taken at night, or in bad lighting. We need to mention, that in case you purchase a trail camera that is over 5 megapixels, you will notice a great difference between night and day shots.

If you can afford it, you should opt for a 10 MP camera, which provides wonderful images with high clarity, for either kind of light.  If you are interested in wildlife pictures, you can have better results regarding the details, with a high resolution camera.  

However, keep in mind that if your goal is to purchase a trail camera for game use in particular, you should opt for about a 5-7 MP camera.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Power

It is true that electronics need power to provide the results that you want. So, as this was already mentioned, the choice of the battery type is crucial. Low quality batteries can explode in outdoor environments very easily, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

You also have the option of external power for your trail camera.  It is important for you to be aware of a solar power supply, as well. It will help you have a lasting power supply for your trail camera, especially in sunlight. Actually, it is considered to be a very good substitution for a standard battery, because you can use your sun-powered camera outdoors, for a good number of years. Not having to worry about battery power is an attractive feature.

If you made up your mind to choose a solar panel type for your trail camera, then you need to make sure you use the appropriate batteries for your specific device.

For instance, if your game camera operates on an 8-volt power level, then opt for an 8-volt solar panel.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Battery Life

Battery life is obviously one of the crucial points of consideration when purchasing a game camera. You can never really know exactly how long you will be outdoors with your camera at any one time.  In some instances, you may only be out for an hour or two, other times, you might be outside all day. You may get very annoyed, if you set up your trail camera and leave it there in the woods, then return to find out that the battery had dead earlier, and your excursion is a failure. In fact, the battery life range in the majority of brands, is from six months to a year.  

But the reality is that battery life doesn’t last as long as the above mentioned range, because using certain features of your trail camera require a considerable more battery power, running it down faster. So, the more you enjoy using some of these extra features, the faster your camera battery will be drained. You should know that cellular cameras are known to be one of the first, where the batteries are drained quickly.

So, take this into consideration when making your decision.

Most recommendations show that you should opt for a trail camera that features a minimum of eight sockets for size AA batteries. Keep in mind that the quality of lithium battery is higher, when compared to alkaline batteries.

Today, you can also find certain game cameras on the market that have the option to plug it in. These cameras are very suitable if you are going to be in one place for a long time. But, the downside of these cameras is that you have no other option but to carry the heavy plug system wherever you go.

If you are will to spend a great deal of money to buy a great quality product, then a model that uses rechargeable batteries may be what you are looking for.

These batteries can withstand extreme weather conditions and can cast for a longer time frame.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure that the game camera features a battery indicator, so that you can prevent unexpected shutdowns due to battery failure

military-backpack-radio-xxl Trigger Time

The trigger time refers to the time in which the trail camera manages to detect the movement and capture the shot.

It is true that for better results, the trigger time should be extremely low, for instance, less than one second.

If the trigger time is higher, your game will have moved away and you will have missed the shot. It should be mentioned, that a slower trigger time is appropriate only in case you goal is to monitor something stationary. This means you are using the camera on animals that hover for a period of time, such as when feeding or drinking water.

If fact, you can find the best trial cameras that provide 0.14 seconds of trigger time.

In case you decide to use a cellular camera, be aware that the trigger time with these cameras is a little longer.

The reason is that the time spent for transmitting and saving the picture in your device, is included in the trigger time, creating the extended length.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Detection Cercuit

The “detection circuit” of the trail camera, is the range within which the sensors of the camera are able to detect the movement, and trigger the camera to capture the images.

One can measure this range in feet. It is essential for you to keep in mind that long ranged cameras are more popular among people who enjoy hunting in the wild.

Today it is possible to obtain trail cameras that feature a 100-foot detection circuit area. An important point to keep in mind, is that the average range of game cameras is usually from sixty to seventy feet. If you are a hunter within a limited territory, a low range camera can be a good choice; for other cases or larger spotting areas, it is always better to opt for long-range cameras.

Trigger speed and the recovery time are probably the most important points of consideration, because the number of your successfully taken, articulate shots, depends on these factors greatly. That is to say, the animal that you are going to shoot with the camera, will not stay in one place for a long time, and will naturally elsewhere shortly. So, you will have just mere seconds for your shot.

In conclusion, any speed that is below one second, is considered to be low.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Memory

It should be noted that different trail cameras have various storage opportunities, but the majority of them feature compatibility with a 32 GB SD card. Today’s market is also full of trail cameras with a memory of 8 GB. We don’t recommend that you purchase this type, because this is actually considered to be very low. It is very possible to be disappointed with this lack of adequate memory space, such as when you are outdoors on a hunting or photography trip, and you have no space left for any other shots.

A good trail camera that has a high storage capability will be better for you to store a large number of images.

Also, be aware that video-enabled game cameras need a high storage capacity as well. Typically, cameras that offer an HD recording opportunity, demand more memory. If you are fond of capturing high quality photos or videos don’t forget about an essential thing: a large memory storage feature.

military-backpack-radio-xxl Viewing Screens

In general, a viewing screen is not a feature typical of all trail cameras, but its function can be of great importance. With a viewing screen, you can be successful in setting up the camera easily, in the appropriate direction and at the right height.

Additionally, you can review images that you captured, immediately, giving you the advantage of taking another, and perhaps better shot the second time.

You can opt for trail cameras that feature HD support and an LCD viewing screen, but they will be more expensive. Although it provides the highest quality, you will want to know the total price before you commit to purchasing this type of camera. The only drawback of the viewing screen is that they make your camera heavier. Viewing screens can be of different sizes, so you should select the one that meets your requirements.

Hopefully, we have supplied you with enough data to make an informed decision and a happy one, about which camera to buy!

Total ReviewsBee Rating

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