Best Electronic Keyboards Reviews No space for a big piano? Is your budget not big enough to purchase one either? Then electronic keyboard is exactly what you need. Follow your dream musical career with the best electronic keyboard!

10 Best Electronic Keyboards

Electronic keyboards, also known as digital keyboards, are electronic musical instruments or synthesizers that possess built-in power amplifiers and small loudspeakers. They can recreate or replicate the sound of a large variety of musical instruments such as pianos, electric pianos, organs, pipe organs, violins and more. It should be noted that electronic keyboards are mainly designed for amateur musicians, for use at home, or for beginners and children. However, it’s a great way to save money if you are just at the start of your musical career.

The main subject of our article are the electronic keyboards that will be a quality and worthy replacement for pianos. It is far no surprise that pianos generally occupy a large amount of space and they are also quite expensive. So if your home does not have enough space for a piano or if you are financial situation is tight, but you are still persistent about starting a pianist career or continuing it (in case you are already experienced to some extent) by practicing at home.  Perhaps you just want to play music for yourself, your family or guests from time to time, then an electronic keyboard is all you need.


  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
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Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.9 of 10
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Features of an Electronic Keyboard

Electronic keyboards are compact in size, compared to pianos, and they are very budget friendly. We assure you that you won’t go bankrupt when purchasing one. Of course, no keyboard can replace a piano, however good or whatever additional features it provides, but it is a good place to start. Below is a table informing you of the main features of electronic keyboards, their importance and their effectiveness, so that choosing the right keyboard for you will be easy.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Touch Sensitivity

Touch or velocity sensitivity is an important feature as it shows the ability of the electronic keyboard to feel, or sense the force or speed, of the key that has been depressed by the user while playing, which will accordingly result in the creation of the sound. Remember that some inexpensive electronic keyboards might lack this feature. In order to attain quality sound and music with an electronic keyboard, don’t hesitate to pay a little more. Typically, there are two sensors on digital keyboards: the first reacts when the key is starting to be depressed, the second detects when the key is depressed wholly. There are some electronic keyboards, comparatively of higher standard, that have a third sensor installed in them. This is for striking the key fast and getting a clear sound even when the key is not in a completely rested position.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Polyphony

Polyphony is a term that refers to the whole amount of sounds that can be generated by an electronic keyboard at once. Due to polyphony, electronic keyboards are capable of smooth and more natural transitions between notes. Relatively inexpensive keyboards can perform 24-32 notes at a time, as those of higher quality can perform over 48 notes at once.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Auto accompaniment

This feature is meant for triggering specific chords as a result of the pressing of a single key on the keyboard. With the help of this feature, many keyboards can enable the sound of automatic chords in a rhythm and style that is correspondent with the musical style being played by the performer, be it rock, pop, or hip-hop. There are keyboards providing more complex chords, such as “on-bass” chords.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Demonstration

The majority of electronic keyboards provide pre-programmed demo songs, which means that this main function is to demonstrate or show the keyboard’s abilities, to the consumer.
These songs are also for simple entertainment or self-learning. On some keyboards you will see the notes indicated on the display waiting for you to press the right one.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Auto harmonization

This feature is to help the players who find it hard or impossible to make complex chord changes easier with the left hand. The nature of auto harmonization is to add secondary tones to a certain note, according to the chords that are to be given by the accompaniment system. This feature is not found on all electronic keyboards so you should consider your own needs and if this important to you.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Computer connectivity

There are various ways that can connect modern electronic keyboards to computers which include the following:
· FireWire
· mLAN
Lately, the new innovative keyboards provide iOS opportunities enabling you to get connected with your tablet or smartphone as well.

Many keyboards will also offer you such features as the ability to record everything you play. However, as a piano player or someone who is going to start learning playing the piano, we suggest you buy an electronic keyboard that has all the advantages that the touch sensitivity feature provides. That is one of the most relevant features and will make your performance on the keyboard more expressive.

There are two types of electronic keyboards: synthesizers and digital pianos. The former are the standard electronic keyboards. They work by creating the sound through the manipulation of electronic wave forms. The latter are what you need if you want a keyboard that will sound as close to the real piano as possible. Digital pianos are mainly for professionals as they are quite expensive. They are portable and the sound is them is sampled, not synthesized. In addition, they have a keyboard of 88 touch-sensitive keys.

What to Consider when Buying an Electronic Keyboard

In order to help you get the best electronic keyboard possible, we have created this list of digital piano reviews, as effective in terms of content. Here is more information of other features that are of no less importance, to be considered when buying your digital keyboard.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Size

Unlike the digital pianos that have the keyboard size of a real piano, they are also other sizes of electronic keyboards. These include:

  • A 76-key electronic keyboard – this is good for beginners and will save you money.
  • A 61-key electronic keyboard – this is a great choice too. It has a compact size and a low price, all you need for a beginner or for practice at home.
  •  A 49-key electronic keyboard – here is the smallest possible size. However, in this keyboard the absence of the missing keys will be noticeable. This might help you learn the basic of piano playing, but you won’t be able to use this for the further development of your skills.

Also make sure the keyboard size will be compatible with the space you are going to provide for it. If the keyboard is for a child, check the height.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Weight

Weight is important if you are going to carry your keyboard around with you to other places. Fully-weighted keyboards are what you need for the best quality sound. They will provide almost all the features. However, if there are additional features that you don’t need, then don’t add additional weight to your keyboard especially if you are buying it for your child. Some features do add weight to the keyboard.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Warranty

Make sure your electronic keyboard is provided with minimum of a 1-year warranty, that will not only cover the keyboard, but also the accessories that you might buy with it, against any possible defects.

1484669234_On_Screen_Keyboard Price

The prices of keyboards vary depending on their quality and the number of features they provide. In any case, they are much less expensive than real pianos, so don’t hesitate to buy the best electronic keyboard for yourself that will include all the features that you need as fits into your budget.




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