car seat accessories

As a new parent, using a convertible car seat can be overwhelming.  You have it now as recommended but the thought of maintaining it is another aspect weighing you down.

Having spent money on it, you want to make sure it lasts for a long time especially if you went for the 3 in 1 car seat which can be used as a front facing car seat and a booster when your child grows up a little.

Well the good news is that whichever type of car seat you bought or planning to buy, there are different convertible car seat accessories that make life easier for both the parent and the baby.

Convertible car seat accessories

things to considerInfant car seat covers. This accessory helps the parent to protect the main seat leather from food crumbs that may stain it

things to considerHead support; this cushions the baby’s head from road bumps and impact

things to considerSun shades; with this, you can protect your baby’s eyes from the harsh rays of the sun while driving along the road

things to considerBaby mirrors. This helps the parent and the baby to be seeing each other

things to considerBunting and foot muffs’ This accessory is used to keep your baby warm when the weather is cold.

things to considerTravel sleeping bag. Which you can use temporarily while on the road

things to considerCar seat canopies and protector; this is used to cover the baby when the seat has been detached from the car and is being carried along with the baby. It serves as a rain cover too.

things to considerPlay arch; This can be used to entertain your baby when on the road

things to considerCar seat travel bags; to pack the baby’s necessities.

things to considerPlay trays; this can be used to pack different toys or snacks for your baby when you clip it to the seat.

things to considerBaby car seat covers. This protects the car seat leather from wear and tear. You can also change the look of your car with it.

These accessories are very important when using the convertible car seat. They assist the parent to:

  • Keep their babies comfortable and safe
  • Make travelling less tedious for the young one
  • To protect the baby’s eyes from sun rays
  • Communicate easily with the baby through the seat back mirror
  • Keep the baby clean.
  • Protect the car seat from wear and tear
  • Use the car seat for longer period of time
  • Keep the car clean

Some accessories are more useful and important than the others. All you need to do is to pick the ones that are very necessary for your child. For instance, if you are constantly on the road with your little one, accessories like the head support and sun shades shouldn’t be ignored.

What about during the cold seasons or when there is heavy pouring of snow, the foot mutt should be in your possessions. Also when your baby grows up a little, you will surely need the play trays to keep him/her occupied especially on long journeys

Well the best thing to do is that as you buy your convertible car seat, make sure to pick the accessories that fit your child’s needs at the time and buy others as the need arises. Remember, your child’s safety and comfort is your priority