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If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you’re on vacation

If you come home from your fun honeymoon, or African safari or a Mediterranean cruise which is great, if your home is as you left it. But if you return from a memorable vacation and learn that something has gone wrong at home it can be devastating.

Do you feel uncomfortable leaving your house empty when leaving for a vacation? Is your mind always diverted to your home whether it is safe or not while you’re traveling?

A house which is left empty while you’re traveling is a target for intruders. It is important that travelers take steps to keep their house safe while vacationing. These following home safety tips can help avoid anything bad happening to your house when you’re gone. Home safety is essential and this article will tell you how you can keep your home safe.

Home Safety Tips

Home safety is important when you leave for a vacation. Even if is for the weekend or a long vacation, home security while on vacation is essential. In addition to making sure to carry the finest safety travel products for the family, you need to make safety precautions in order to keep the house safe.home safety tips

You must make a home safety checklist of the things you want to be locked. You must install a vacation home security system because preparations not only extend to burglar proofing the house but it goes beyond setting times to your lights and locking the doors.

This article talks about the holiday home safety tips that will make your life easier while traveling. The home security tips are essential to keep your home safe while you’re away. Here are a few home safety tips that you must follow before leaving home for an extended period of time.

1. Get a hold on your Mailemail safety

In your home safety checklist, you must get your mail on hold. When piles of your mail are piled up on your front door or your mailing box people instantly know that there’s no one at home.

So if you’re leaving home for weeks you must go to the post office in order to tell them that to keep your mail on hold till you come back so that they don’t send a post to your home when you’re gone.

You must put the hold on your newspaper too. If you don’t find the time to go to the mail office then tell your neighbor to collect your mail and your newspaper when you’re gone.

2. Make an Illusion that someone is home

Apart from setting the light timings for your home security while on vacation, you must also set your television or your radio on a timer as well so that they create noise and flicker light like every other house that has people in it. The following are home security tips that should be on your home safety checklist.

retire and feel secureLeave the car in the house driveway

retire and feel securePay someone to mow your front lawn once a week.

retire and feel secureIf its winter and there is snowfall arrange someone to remove the snow from your front lawn.

retire and feel secureIf you have kids and they leave their toys on the porch or on the front lawn then do not be so tidy before leaving in order to show that someone is home.

3. Be discreet

One of the holiday home safety tips is to be discreet. Nowadays everyone is spilling out their personal information on the internet and everyone is reading it. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are common places and it is essential for a person to stop for a while and think of the negative output that could give you. Think about the people who read what you write.

You may think that the internet is safe but it is not at all because there are a thousand of strangers looking at your daily musings.vacation home security

Do not give statuses on social networks that you are leaving on a vacation and moreover do not give dates of your departure if you even do give an update that you are leaving for a long vacation or a short one.

The sharing settings in your social network are never foolproof and it is hard to know what’s public and what not public so beware and restrain yourself from letting people know about your planning’s.

You don’t want to announce that you are gone and your house is open for criminals. Moreover, one of the home security tips to be careful and think before you record your answering machine or your voice mail.

Don’t tell the callers that you are out of town. These callers must only know that you are busy and you cannot come to the phone at the time.



4. Friend in need is a friend indeed

A home safety tip is to give a spare key along with your contact information to a good friend when you leave for a vacation. home security tipsYour friend will able to contact you in case there is an emergency or if he needs to know something about the house.

5. Publicize Your Security

Publicize the security measures when you’re away because it is a good idea to do so. If you are concerned that the alarm company signs will give signs to the thieve show to break in, so buy signs from another company. You must install security cameras that are fake.

6. Unplug appliances

You must unplug all the appliances that are unnecessary appliances in order to protect the house from a power surge or electrical fire. Plug off the TV, your toaster, your coffee maker and other such appliances. This goes for the big stuff, like TVs, but also for your toaster, your iron, your coffee maker, and other small appliances like computers, laptops.

7. hidden spare keyThe Hide Key- Hide it

You always know where you put the keys.

The plastic brick or the door mat is not fooling anyone. If some robber finds out that you are on a vacation, there are high chances he will check the obvious places. In order to avoid that from happening you must take out the hidden spare key and take them with you and re-hide them when you come home from vacation again.

8. Keep the coolthermostat security

You must turn down or turn off your thermostat at home in order to save electricity when you’re having your vacation.
When your living in a region that is cold and the pipes of your home can get frozen while you are gone you must put the heat to 55 degrees which is enough warm to keep the house pipes to freeze.

If you have not been able to do that give the key of your house to a close friend so that he can do that for you. The friend can stop by your house and check the faucet of your house. In the summer, you must set the air conditioning to 85 degrees. Also, keep in mind to turn the temperature of the water heater low.

9. Keep your valuables safe

You must lock your deed to the house, your will, your valuables and any other valuable thing or documents in safe that is fireproof.

10. The alarm company – alert it

You must call the security company and let them know that you’re leaving for a vacation. You must be certain of the fact that the window and door alarms of the house are all working and set before leaving.

11. To open the curtains or close themcurtains home security

Before leaving for a vacation most people close the curtains of their homes so that people do not get to peer into the rooms when they are gone. Closing your curtains while you are out vacationing is a good thing but on the other hand, it prevents the people who want to help from helping your neighbor, friend, and the police because they can’t see inside like that.

The best thing you can do is to leave the curtains of your home as you usually leave them like every day because changes that are noticeable could make your house noticeable and let unwanted people know that you’re not at home. If your curtains are closed shut for two whole weeks this will send a good message for the criminals that you’re not at home.

Vacation home security checklist includes that you remove items that are expensive out of the windows sight.

12. Take help from a friendfriend's help

To have a calm and peaceful journey while traveling have a friend or a good neighbor to keep an eye out for your house when you are gone.  You can bribe your friend by giving him incentives or promising him stuff that you will do for him for this favor.

You can ask your friend to come visit the house by driving by it every week so that you know it is safe. Give your friend a key to the house so that he can check into the house too.

You can ask him to water the plants in and out of the house or feed the pet that you have left behind. If you do not have a garage the car might be needed to be moved in the driveway so at , your friend can do that.

13. Vacation home security -Tip the Police

tip the policeYou can also notify the police that you are leaving for a vacation. There’s no need to call the police if you are going for a couple of days, however, do inform them if your leaving for more than a week. The police might in some cases drive by your house while they are on patrol if you are living in a town that is small.

When you have a security alarm you must give a key of the house with your friend and provide the alarm company or the police with his name and phone number.



14. Do not leave the lights on when on vacationturn off the lights

When you leave for your vacation leaving your lights on is not a good idea. If you leave your lights on, they will remain on throughout the entire time that you are on vacation. You will get a costly electrical bill which will cost more than the mortgage you have. You will waste energy which is not good at all. A house with lights on every night will definable look odd and ask for trouble.

The thing that you can do is that you can buy a light switch timer which turns your lights off and on their own automatically according to a schedule you make. If criminals are looking at your house curiously they will notice lights turning on and off and they will presume that someone is home so they will tip off.


To keep your home safe while going on a vacation whether it is long or short is important and keeping the following 14 tips in mind can make your life easier while vacationing.

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