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Protein Foods You Should Give Your Kids

Our bodies need an adequate supply of all the essential elements in order to have a healthy and balanced life. Proteins form an integral part of the diet too. This is especially true for kids since they are at a tender growing age and need support from the food they consume.

Proteins provide support to the growing bodies of the children. The younger your kids, the more will be the protein requirement. A toddler needs about 0.55 grams of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis. The number decreases to 0.4 grams for teens.

Protein Foods for Kids

Peanut Butter


This is a kid’s favorite. It combines the goodness of both taste and nutrition to act as one of the biggest sources of proteins.

Now there are various ways of consuming peanut butter. One such method would be making a sandwich out of it and calling it the peanut butter sandwich. This is healthy and delicious to taste. Another exciting food for kids would be using the peanut butter as a dip to have crackers and the likes.

Dippable food items always manage to excite the kids! No matter which way you use, peanut butter caters to the taste buds.



There is nothing that can beat the good old hard boiled eggs! This is true for kids and adults alike. If you let your children feast on hard boiled eggs every day, the protein content in their body would be soaring high.

All you have to do is hard boil them and store them. You could let your imaginations run wild and make egg sandwiches or add some chocolate syrup and mayonnaise to bring in the perfect tongue-pleasing taste. This is something the kids will enjoy and they will be nourished on a regular basis.



There has been a long standing issue of parents forcing their kids to drink milk regularly. There is a reason for this. Milk is an irreplaceable part of the diet. It contains a number of important elements for a balanced diet.

This also includes proteins. However, not all kids enjoy a good glass of milk. So if you want to give them something they like to eat as well as provide them with proteins, resorting to dairy products is a good option. Products like cheese and butter can come in handy here. Some cheese sticks or yoghurt a day can do wonders to the protein content of the body!

Pumpkin Seeds


Believe it or not, pumpkin seeds have truckloads of benefits on the body. If you have half a cup of pumpkin seeds, you would be gaining 14 grams of proteins! This is thus a very convenient option for kids.

All we do with pumpkin seeds is remove them during Halloween to make the perfect face. Instead, it is now time to make use of them and include these in your kid’s diet. One easy option would be adding the seeds to a bowl of cereals in the morning, something the kids will like. Roasted pumpkin seeds can also serve as good evening snacks for the kids.



Be it a toddler, a teenager or an adult, nothing can replace oats. It is the perfect morning breakfast comprising of all the essential nutrients and minerals.

Likewise, oats are rich in proteins. Adding flavor fruits with the morning bowl of cereal can incorporate the goodness of both oats and the fruits. Some strawberries can especially add to the flavor of the meal.

If your kid isn’t a big fan of oats as a cereal, you could make oatmeal cookies to include oats in his or her diet. This is easy to make and is a convenient option.

Fish and Poultry


It is a well-known fact that sea food items come with heavy amounts of proteins. Thus, any meal that includes the goodness of fish can be a rich source of protein for the body. This is also true for chicken and related food items.

So consuming these poultry products or fish on a regular basis can keep including sufficient quantities of proteins in the body. There are various preparations for these food items. But the lighter the food, the more will be its nutritional value.


If you think it is a big problem to incorporate proteins in your kids’ diet when they are not very keen on the conventional food items, then it’s time to rethink! Something as simple as a cheese pizza or a cheese burger can have great nutritional value in terms of proteins.

These are food items the kids relish and thus it won’t be a problem for a regular intake. The protein quantity is high and that is why these foods become important for the body. The macaroni and cheese combination also forms a part of this list.

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