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[GUEST POST] – 4 Tips for Better Nutrition

Nutrition isn’t something to be scoffed at—it impacts every facet of health. The vitamins and nutrients that we eat in our meals contribute to every feature of our bodies. Undertaking some simple steps such as using juicers to create dense nutritional drinks, avoiding excessive drinking during meals and not snacking between meals can all help support a healthier you.

Learning About Nutrition

Nutrition is something nearly everyone is familiar with, yet many have little inkling as to its true implications on a personal level. Science has been pioneering a new understanding of how our individual genetics play an integral role in nutritional needs. For example, the compound Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) isn’t converted into retinol compounds by those with certain genetic mutations. These mutations, which are verycommon, are often referred to as Single Nucleotide Pair (SNP) mutations. Understanding your DNA plays a role in nutrition helps to better understand there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan. The tips in this article are just general concepts meant to be applied in a manner which accommodates personal genetic circumstances.

Using Juicers to Create Denser Nutrition

Juicers are among some of the most powerful ways to help give your body more nutrition.