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Most families spend the bulk of their time in cars while trying to run all their errands. It can be grocery shopping, school runs, weekend trips and all the other times spent moving to and from.

Being a new parent is an awesome experience till the worries start. The baby started growing and you need to carry him along to wherever you are going. You are now in need of the best baby car seat and wondering what to do. Well it’s quite simple!

You are faced with making a decision on only two choices. You either buy

  • a convertible car seat
  • an infant car seat

You will also consider whether you want a heavy car seat or a light weightconvertible car seat.

All you need to have in mind while making the decision is that you must go for a safety first car seat, which will keep your child safe in times of unplanned impact on the car.

According to research and statistical recordings:

Anyway the above is the statistical records but you have to read the rest of the article very carefully so that you can make an informed decision and choice for your baby’s sake.


If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you’re on vacation

If you come home from your fun honeymoon, or African safari or a Mediterranean cruise which is great, if your home is as you left it. But if you return from a memorable vacation and learn that something has gone wrong at home it can be devastating.

Do you feel uncomfortable leaving your house empty when leaving for a vacation? Is your mind always diverted to your home whether it is safe or not while you’re traveling?

A house which is left empty while you’re traveling is a target for intruders. It is important that travelers take steps to keep their house safe while vacationing. These following home safety tips can help avoid anything bad happening to your house when you’re gone. Home safety is essential and this article will tell you how you can keep your home safe.

Home Safety Tips

Home safety is important when you leave for a vacation. Even if is for the weekend or a long vacation, home security while on vacation is essential. In addition to making sure to carry the finest safety travel products for the family,