Best Batting Cages Reviews Need a batting cage in order to practice your batting skills? Can’t find the best batting cage among the large variety of them in the market? Don’t worry! We are here to help you choose the right one.

10 Best Batting Cages

As with any other product that you buy, batting cages should be examined carefully before being purchased. In order to help you avoid making the wrong choice, we know that however many innovations are made in the development of science, the more suspicious goods and fake products appear on the market.  This adds to the confusion of consumers and leads them to buy the wrong products or ones made of poor quality. Reviews Bee is what you need to save yourself from all the “tumult” and find the best batting cage with our thorough and quality research.

To start with, let’s get an understanding of the concept of a batting cage. What is it and what is it used for? In fact, these two questions have very simple and easy-to-understand answers: A batting cage which is also called a “tunnel” is an encircled or fenced-in area made specially for baseball and softball players. The main goal of batting cages is to provide a comfortable place for practicing and developing one’s batting skills. Batting cages are typically long and rectangular, built from a metal frame and covered with a plastic net. Many of the best batting cages have a protective shield, called an “L-screen”, which stands behind the player.

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Types of Batting Cages

There are three main types of batting cages and each of them has its own features. We have composed a table of these three in order to give you their information and their differences, so you can choose the best batting cage.


These types of batting cages are normally adjusted with the help of steel cable lines. There is usually 1 line every 6-8 feet or 1.8-2.5 meters. The most important part of indoor batting cages is considered to be the anchor points. Indoor batting cages mostly use a steel plate to attach the anchor points to the wall. The main reason for the anchor points on indoor batting cages is because without them the netting, which then lacks strength, will bulge downward under pressure.


The next type of batting cages is an outdoor unit (tunnel). These cages are usually set up with the help of steel pole sections that are spaced every 12-20 feet or 3.5-6 meters (there are 2 uprights and 1 cross-bar section). Note that the large span between the supports might result in the sagging or subsiding of the netting, thus making the outdoor batting cage less effective and usable. Consider your needs and the location where you wish to put the batting cage before buying it so as to choose the one that will be the most suitable for you.


There are different types of netting and they have different levels of quality and durability. They are mostly made from nylon or polyethylene and varies in size and other features. Nets generally come in twine sizes which means the twine will get smaller with the reduction of the number. The most commonly used netting is #21, however professional sportsmen use netting with a thicker twine such as #40 or #60.

Note: If your batting cage is going to stay outdoors for a long period of time, don’t forget to buy netting that will be specially made against ultraviolet sunlight to avoid early deterioration.

Before beginning with the description of the main features you should consider before buying your batting cage, you need to know if you wish to have an indoor or outdoor batting cages. Then you must also decide between the backyard batting cage and a traditional, permanent one. The former is designed for professional baseball players and are meant for relatively fewer players, the latter can be found in school yards as well as in public ball fields.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Batting Cage

The table below will show to you the most important features that are to be considered before buying a batting cage.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the material that batting cages are made of. It is a plastic polymer. PVC, together with polyethylene, which is another material of batting cages, belongs to the type of thermoplastic resins. Polyethylene batting cages are quite expensive but they do not deteriorate quickly because of moisture, because they don’t absorb water. The downside is that not all polyethylene batting cages have UV (ultraviolet) protection. Other batting cages are made of nylon, which is very solidly made and provides the most durable netting for indoor usage. Despite being stronger than polyethylene netting, nylon deteriorates fast in direct sunlight, making a good choice for indoors.


The best batting cage is also the one that fits your budget. Generally, prices vary from $150 to $1000. It is no surprise that the price dictates the quality here, so choose the one that is most affordable and durable.


The dimensions of a batting cage, meaning the length, width and height, are generally listed in feet. Remember the specific order of these dimensions, because that is exactly how they will be measured.  If you are a professional player or are planning to be one, then you will need a batting cage about 70 feet long (21 meters). Don’t worry about the size too much, especially if your batting space is smaller than you would like it to be. If size and budget are not an issue, try to buy a heavier net with a shorter batting cage.


There are certain safety rules that you should know about before buying and using a batting cage:

* Your batting cage should have a sign explaining the way it must be used.

* Don’t forget to put on your helmet.

* Only one person in the batting cage at a time.

* Close the gates when entering or leaving the batting cage.

* The presence of a professional trainer during play is highly recommended.

* The maintenance of your batting cage should be carried out by someone who is qualified and has a full understanding of the batting cage system.

You should consider all the factors mentioned above and study them carefully and add them together with your needs. The purchasing process will be simpler by looking at the professional Reviews Bee list of the best batting cages to choose the best cage suited for you.

Remember that batting cages come with accessories such as:

  • Netsavers – squares/rectangles for protecting the cage net at the batter’s end
  • L-Screen – for protecting the player
  • Cable hanging kits – make the hanging of the nets easier and less expensive
  • Batting cage doors

Find the best batting cage designed exactly for what you have in mind and see your training become more effective and safer!


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