Best Balance Beams Reviews Balance beams are popular apparatuses used in competitive women’s gymnastics. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the need to practice on a balance beam will be required.

10 Best Balance Beams

Do you have a young daughter who would love to learn how to be a gymnast? You will probably want her to have the appropriate equipment to execute all the standard routines.  It can be daunting to see the different kinds of balance beams and be confused as to which beam will be best.  If your gymnast is ready to advance to a higher beam, our information will be invaluable.  The Reviews Bee team has analyzed product information, reviews and grievances to formulate a list of our top then recommendations and give detailed data about each type and feature. We want you to be able to choose the best balance beam for your budding athlete!

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Balance Beams Types

icon3 Beginner Balance Beams

Any gymnast who wants to become a success will need to practice their sport on a daily basis. Beginner balance beams are much lower to the floor than what we usually see when watching televised gymnastic competitions. A beginner balance beam is the next step for young gymnasts after they have mastered a beam mat.  It will give them just a little bit of height, usually eight inches, to get the feel of being on a real beam. These beams help to avoid injuries that higher beam activity can produce.  When beginning gymnasts practice on a beam, they normally have the assistance of a spotter. The balance beams can be used at home or in a gym and are able to be folded and transported. Easy maneuvers can be mastered on this size beam before moving up to the next level.

icon3 Junior Balance Beams

The junior balance beams are a step above the beginner ones and can also be purchased for both for gym and home use.

They are perfectly suitable for the gymnasts of intermediate levels to practice jumps and turns, front and back walkover, leaps, cartwheels and more.  Junior balance beams are usually 12” to 16” high.  These beams are good for gymnasts who are growing in height and experience. It is still imperative to have a spotter assisting the athlete, if when practicing at home.

icon3 Advanced Balance Beams

If you are an experienced or professional gymnast, than you will wish to practice on advanced balance beam. The official dimensions for a competition beam is sixteen feet long, 3.9 inches wide and 4.1 feet high.

This particular height allows for more intricate and advanced gymnastic moves. Although the advanced and the junior beams don’t differ from each other a lot regarding their appearance, the higher beams are not recommended for beginners or those with little skill, since the possibility of serious injuries may occur.

What all these bars have in common is that they are made from similar materials and some have the ability for small markings, that will assist the gymnast with hand and foot placements. Since the gymnasts may perform moves either barefoot or in special “beam shoes”, the surfaces cannot be too slippery.


Important Features when Choosing a Balance Beam

icon3 Floor Resting

Floor resting is used in the beginner balance beam training for young gymnasts to literally practice their balance. This model of balance beam actually rests on the floor and is not very high. In case of slipping or falling off the balance beam during training, the athlete will not get seriously hurt. The sides of a floor resting beam has sloped sides to sit on the floor so that beginners can become proficient at basic moves and balance. These beams are used for the youngest girls, mostly of preschool age.  Some are even made entirely of foam. Once a gymnast feels comfortable on the beam, they will progress to the next level of balance beam. This is a great starter beam for girls to learn to feel safe while on it and work on developing standard moves.

icon3 Material

The materials used in balance beams has changed a lot over the years. They started out as plain polished wood and some still have a wood core. The outer material was once a “basketball-like” cover that proved to be too slippery and caused injuries. Beams for young to slightly experienced girls usually have padded foam over a hard core.  The outer covering can be suede, leather or a leather-like material. This is easy to grip and make certain moves, jumps and leaps.

Beams for advanced gymnasts can be made of steel covered by protective layers and an outer covering. The steel legs support the beam off the ground.

icon3 Height

Balance beams are generally 500 cm. long, 10 cm. wide, and 125 cm. height from the floor. This is a standard height for a professional beam.  As we have seen above, height varies with the different beams as gymnasts gain experience and confidence. From floor beams to four inch beams then 12” to 16” beams, they all lead to the standard level for competition. This height allows for tucks, jumps and cartwheels among other maneuvers.

icon3 Size

As mentioned the size of a beam varies from the beginner beams to the competition beams.  Once, off the floor, the legs support the beams and add height.  The basic size of an advanced beam in universal, so that all gymnasts alike the world over, use the same size beam. These 16-foot (500 cm.) long beams offer enough length for the athlete to do part of her routine before turning.  At 3.9 inches wide (10.16 cm.), it is wide enough for foot placement and her hands can grip it to do flips and cartwheels.

We would caution all gymnasts, beginners to professionals to never use a beam without the appropriate safety mats beneath and around the balance beam. These can be purchased in the same places as the balance beams and should be made of sturdy construction and materials to absorb dismounts and other jumps.

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