Best Archery Quivers Reviews A quiver is of vital importance for every archer, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional. Every user will want to carry their arrows in an appropriate quiver, for convenience and their care.

10 Best Archery Quivers

A quiver is an essential archery accessory since it is a container for holding arrows, darts or bolts. These quivers come in different sizes for a variety of shooting implements. Your arrows will be protected if you keep them inside the quiver, when not used in a shot, and they will be safely covered. This is especially important in inclement weather, since rain, sleet and snow can damage certain arrows if left to sit out in the open.

Also, it should be easy to carry your arrows, from place to place, and on your person. You will want your quiver to not get in the way when you shoot your target or prey accurately. You may wish to hang up your quiver at the end of the day, if you are staying outdoors for the night. There are various models that do it all, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Fashionable archery quivers are available to match your shooting style and your personal preference, such as to sporting events or out hunting.

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Types of Archery Quivers

The main types of archery quivers are bow, back and ground quivers. You may be a bit confused as to determine which one you will need. It greatly depends on the type of shooting you will be doing and the archer’s personal preferences.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Bow quiver

A bow quiver is a modern invention compared to back quivers. The bow quiver attaches directly to the bow’s limbs and holds the arrows steady. They are popular with compound bow hunters because it allows them to carry a single piece of equipment in the field, without being too encumbering. Bow quivers are more convenient in a sense that it’s much easier to retrieve arrows from, than a back quiver. A bow quiver has another obvious advantage that you will always be aware of how many arrows you have at your disposal after each shot. The bow quiver ensures that your arrows are just a short reach away and are handy whenever you want to use them. You need never have to look for where you may have laid your quiver down when outdoors, so it won’t get lost either. When the quiver is attached to your bow, it becomes a single object which can help you remove and replace arrows with more speed and agility.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Back quivers

Back quivers came from ancient times, even one of our favorite characters, Robin Hood, had a back quiver. They are the most familiar type of quiver to archers and the general public. Back quivers are securely tightly to the archer’s back via straps, with the nock ends protruding above the dominant hand’s shoulder. Arrows can be drawn over the shoulder rapidly by the nock. Of course, it depends on the preferences of the archer. The usual advantage of a back quiver, is that upon release, your hand naturally goes to the back, next to your head, and with one movement you can release, reach, and pick an arrow from the quiver on the back in all possibility. Longbow users and field shooters tend to wear back quivers more often for competitions. There are those who have no problems at all getting arrows from the quiver or putting them back, if they are not used to it. Obviously you can’t see how many arrows are left in the quiver without looking over your shoulder. This may be a slight disadvantage to a hunter, who suddenly finds that he has shot all his arrows!

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Ground quiver

A ground quiver may be used without any support, you need only to put it on the ground. A ground quiver is used for both target shooting and warfare when the archer is shooting from a fixed location. They can simply be stakes in the ground with a ring at the top to hold the arrows. The disadvantage here is that after each shot, the archer has to reach to the quiver by leaning down, but you will have more space to move your arms and legs around, without the quiver hanging from your body. Some archers find a quiver hung from your body to be a distraction or a disturbance. This may be why they switch to this type of quiver.


One Step Closer to the Best Archery Quiver…

We want to inform you of the most important features of a quiver so that you can make the best choice. You need to take into account the options below, when you are wanting to buy the best archery quiver.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Convenience

Convenience is the first and the foremost factor, for any hunter to pay great attention to. When you buy an archery quiver and it is different from the one you used previously, you may need to get used to the new one for a while. This time table varies from sportsman to sportsman. But, after trying it out and discovering that the quiver really isn’t suitable for you, you will want to exchange it for one that you find to be more comfortable and convenient. This is a personal preference factor to each archer.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Detachability

Detachability is another feature that hunters appreciate in archery quivers. Some can accomplish this much more than others. You may want to test this out in the store before purchasing it and possibly being disappointed. Some bow quivers are easily detachable and if you want to remove them for a particular hunt, you can do so. If this is an important feature for you, be sure to get one that has it. You don’t have to even unstring the bow when removing the quiver.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Capacity

Capacity is another feature important for a bow quiver. The capacity means that this is the number of arrows the quiver can hold at one time. Usually the capacity varies from three to ten arrows, while a five arrow quiver capacity is the most preferred by the archers. This is not meant for long-term storage of your arrows. Instead, it is used for single events, such as an archery competition, or a short hunting trip, where you then replace the arrows used. This can be such as when you are on a hunting trip or sporting event. You can choose the one based on your preferences and if the arrows are within your reach whenever you need them.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Material

The material your quiver is made of is very important. Quivers were traditionally made of leather, wood, furs, and other natural materials. Quivers are now even made of metal or plastic, as well as the materials mentioned above. Some quivers incorporate one or more different materials for the various parts of it. The material of your quiver is closely connected with the durability and the long lasting use of your quiver. The material for your quiver should be something that is convenient, lighter in weight, durable and easy to clean. It is all about personal preference for each archer.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Arrows

You should buy the kind of quiver that can hold the number of arrows you wish to carry. Depending on the amount of the arrows, the size of the quiver may vary. Usually five arrows in the quiver is enough to carry at one time.  You must also choose the quiver that fits the size of arrows that you normally use.  Some archers use darts or bolts. All these vary in size from one another, and if you tend to use one particular type over the other options, you may wish your quiver to be specific to what item you are shooting.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Hand

There are archery quivers especially made for right-handed people or left-handed people. You will want to feel comfortable and confident with your choice. If you are a left- handed person, be sure to search for one created for your specific needs. It would be most uncomfortable to have the wrong one!

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 The Right Fit

The feature of the right fit is equally important. You need to choose a quiver that fits well with your height and your bow’s length. If you are buying a quiver for children or for women, then you will want to choose a smaller one to fit their height. Don’t hesitate to ask a knowledgeable person if a particular size is right for you, especially if you are just starting out.

8c024765c4d42f7e2bf2dc7e6d90b8e6_blue-bow-n-arrow-clip-art-at-bow-n-arrow-clip-art_390-596 Durability

Every consumer wants to purchase a durable, high quality quiver to serve them properly for a long time.  Depending on how you use it, and in what conditions you will be using it, search for one made of the best materials, so it lasts for a good, long while. Taking care of your quiver after purchase is also a factor in how long it will last.  If you store your quiver in an appropriate place and keep it clean, it will last longer.




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