set up accounting software

Accounting software installation can instil as much fear to install correctly as it gives you the capacity to finally control your finances effectively once set up correctly.  Setting up need not be overly complicated, however.   There are several things you can do to set up accounting software more rapidly, however. Let’s take a look at some rapid methods for setting up yours.


Cloud Accounting

First of all is to choose software that is based in the cloud, which means that installation following a sequence of wizards with confusing choices is no longer necessary. Cloud based accounting software makes configuration to your specific business needs as easy as logging on and getting to work immediately.


Free Trial

Most accounting software providers offer a free trial these days. This gives you the opportunity to check that your software has all of the functions and flexibility you need.  Businesses will want to have software that can scale up as their business develops and integrate to existing IT systems.  Knowing what you are getting before you buy can give you the confidence that this is money appropriately invested and gives you the experience to get set up faster once you commit.


Organize Your Information In Advance

Effective accounting software configuration depends on being well-organised in advance.  When you initially set up your software, it will ask you to provide basic information to configure your system for automation of financial processes.Your monitoring of taxes, or whether you prefer accrual or cash systems, for instance will be unique to your business.  Similarly, the start of your new financial year can be set up to your requirements, along with all of your client and supplier contact details. Having this information to hand during configuration will speed up configuration to make usage much easier.


Modular Cost Effective Installation For Scaling Up

Some cloud-based software allows you to select what features you need and just pay for those functions and capabilities. You may be able to add or remove features, scaling up or down as required. Listing your immediate needs in advance will help you eliminate some options and manage your budget, so you only pay for what you use and manage your time effectively during set up.


Migrating Data

Your current system for accounting may be compatible with the software you’re moving over to, so that you can automatically import your data to your new set of accounts, making your new accounting software setup quick and easy, assuming you are not carrying over any errors from your old system.   Good software providers regularly offer a support desk with converters available to speed up migrating your data correctly.


Banking Connectivity

Some banks or specific types of bank account can connect to your accounting software’s data feeds, for greater operational efficiency.  We recommend you check with your bank before purchasing your software. If accessibility to your bank or credit card is a problem, you may need to consider third party software. Accounting software configuration that directly gives you access to your bank account saves time and potentially reduces data entry errors.


User Access Permissions

Accounting software that allows you to set up multiple users via configurable user permissions based on their role in your company helps streamline the interface for people who only need to use certain features.  This also gives you better control over confidential information, system security and prevents problems of data becoming compromised.


After Service Support

Good after service support is crucial for when any glitches or confusion arise.  This may involve regular subscriptions, or buying batched time slots. The provider’s website should be informative and facilitate communication between users, ideally. If their FAQs and video tutorials are good quality, you can be sure they care about their customers.


Any new software involves a learning curve and even training, before users can use the accounting software effectively and easily.  However, packages are increasingly user friendly, so it is worth following the above advice before buying and shopping around.