Best Wireless Routers Reviews Having trouble with your router? Does your router give a fast speed? Is your router giving you interference? Worry no more because we give you the top 10 wireless routers for you to choose from to make your life easier.

10 Best Wireless Routers

This is the era of the internet where the world is in your hands. Having a bad router can make your life hard because in order to watch movies, surf the internet or work on the internet you need a smooth router which does not give any interference. A top wireless router does the trick.

In order to have a good connection, you need to view the top routers yourself.Having a durable wireless router with great speed is essential these days.

Our team analyzed and evaluated various review sites to give you the popularity score of each wireless router from studying the wireless router reviews. By analyzing all the expert router reviewsites and monitoring routers reviews our algorithm came up with the average standing for every brand of wireless router. We studied the Wi-Fi router reviewsin order to give you authentic informationwhich does not have bias so you can choose the best wireless router from the comfort of your home.

NETGEAR AC5300-logo
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.8 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.7 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.9 of 10
ReadySHARE Vault No disk
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.7 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.7 of 10
NETGEAR genie Small range
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.8 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.7 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.6 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.9 of 10
Multi-user MIMO technology Technical problems
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.8 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.2 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.5 of 10
600 - 1300 Mbps speed Weak signal 40 feet away
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.3 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.2 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.9 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.2 of 10
Revolutionary Touch Screen Wi-Fi Router Restart on printer
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.8 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.9 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.7 of 10
Gigabit Wi-Fi speed Unreliable
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.7 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.4 of 10
AiCloud that makes multimedia sharing possible ASUS is hard to set up
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.1 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.3 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.1 of 10
Beamforming technology 2.4 GHz signal is unstable and has very low speed
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.1 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 6.8 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6.7 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 6.8 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 6.9 of 10
High-power external antennas Expensive and large
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.6 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 6.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6.5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 6.6 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 6.8 of 10
MU-MIMO Technology Tech supports is useless



The 802.11ac has the most normal and most common speed of 1.3 gigabits per sec (Gbps). This means 166 megabytes per sec (MBps) or other than that, 1331 megabits per sec (Mbps). It is massively quicker than the 450Mbit per sec (0.45Gbps) types.

The routers that use the modern wireless regular, 802.11ac, are knowingly faster than those who use 802.11n, particularly at close range.

Like the 802.11n routers, MIMO is used by them. Nonetheless with 802.11ac, you can fix them to get twice the streams by which data is transferred plus wider channels for transferring data.


The 802.11n routers were the very first routers to transfer through both the 2.4- frequency band and 5GHz frequency band. That means if the router uses both frequency bands together, you can see routers that have two different IDs listed if the device supports both the bands.

Computers and the other wireless devices must log in separately. Many appliances like cordless phones and microwave ovens also transfer in the frequency range of 2.4GHz, so the 5GHz channel that are on many current routers gives a connection in a frequency range that is less crowded than the rest and less likable to have interference.

Using the technology called MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output), the routers have several antennas that are used to transmit data at the same time.



The cable is white in color, is thick and permanent.  It comes from the street and is provided by the cable broadband supplier. The ADSL router works through the phone line and it needs to dial up in order to get a connection.
Broadband is a different type. On the other hand, an ADSL router is expected to dial out to make a connection and it does not function on an NON-ADSL broadband.

The ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is provided by broadband service which is delivered by the phone line. A mutual “Router/ADSL Modem” has its own WAN port which is a connection that goes straight into the phone socket. The router you need does not have a modem that is built in, but has an RJ45 Ethernet WAN port for connecting to the Cable Modem’s Ethernet port.

You can use the cable/DSL Router with the ADSL, however, it needs an isolated ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection and for technical reasons, it is very problematical to set up (PPPoE versus PPPoA protocol in particular).



wirelessLAN ports

The LAN ports are used to connect the computer to the router using the Ethernet cable.

wirelessUSB ports

A router which has a USB port gives a stress-free and fast way to share the contents of a storage device through your network and typically to stream the media to the PCs and other networked devices through DLNA/UPnP. Frequently a router’s USB port also provides the choice to share admissions to other devices like a webcam or printer, and to copy Wi-Fi network settings for fast configuration of fresh PCs.

wirelessPrint server

The print server connects the printers to the other computers through a network, and takes care of the data that is being sent and also printed.

wirelessQuality of service (QoS)

If you like to poke around the computer settings, the wireless router offers flexible features. The router’s performance can be optimized depending on what you have done. For instance, you can change settings that stream videos, make calls on Skype plus play games and stream music.


The routers are mostly DLNA-compatible which means you can use the routers to stream videos or share photos amongst other DLNA-compatible devices. If you use iTunes, then look for a router that lets to share the iTunes account through devices.



Our team managed to evaluate which wireless routers are successful in the market. Through our total ReviewsBee rating, people can get a complete picture of which Wi-Fi router has the best reviews and which best wireless router is in our top ten list.

We offer an expert recommendation by calculating the popularity of the wireless routers. Our algorithm calculates it all and gives us the result. The best wireless modems recommended by us are these top routers:

  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 – AC5300 Tri-Band Quad-Stream Wi-Fi Router (R8500)
  2. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (R8000)
  3. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S – AC2600 4×4 MU-MIMO Smart WiFi Gigabit Gaming Router (R7800-100NAS)
  4. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R7000)
  5. Securifi Almond – (3 Minute Setup) Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender
  6. eero Home Wi-Fi System
  7. ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router
  8. TP-LINK AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi AC Router
  9. NETGEAR AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router, 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit (R6400-100NAS)
  10. ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-AC3100 Gigabit Router (RT-AC88U)

The above wireless internet routers are top rated the best wireless routers. The details of the best wireless router are thorough and our total ReviewsBee rating gives a detailed review by analyzing the best internet routers.

Total ReviewsBee Rating

The total Reviews Bee rating sums up the overall picture of every product. Reviews Bee works tirelessly to ensure that we are providing the best product recommendations to you and your family. In rating the various wireless routers available, we strive to give you the best information possible.Our algorithm includes information from both expert and consumer resources. There is no need to spend hours on researches, because Reviews Bee instantly gives all researches and analysis for you and creates a Top list to save your time and money.

1. We Collect Data from All Around the Web

Reviews Bee collects consumer review information from popular retail websites including Amazon, eBay, BBB, Yelp, Consumerrepports, etc. In addition, Reviews Bee utilizes reputable market niche websites, to include in the product ranking decision. Using the feedback of actual customers in coordination with expert evaluations enables us to provide each product with a score that takes into account all trustworthy information available on that item.

2. We Analyze the Data Expert Popularity Score, Expert Ratings, Consumer Popularity Score, Consumer Ratings and Consumer Complaints are inserted into our algorithm in order to calculate our Reviews Bee Score. This score, in turn, is used to rank each wireless router in our Top 10 recommendation. The Reviews Bee score is a summary of each of the most important factors indicating the value of a wireless router.

3. We Deliver The Best Results By taking each of these essential factors into account, we are able to give each wireless router an overall Reviews Bee Score that ranks each product against the others in our Top 10 list. By using a vast array of expert and consumer ratings, reviews, and feedback, Reviews Bee provides you with the most comprehensive analysis of product information available to you. You can make your purchase knowing that the best research was utilized to make your decision.

Overall Algo

Customer Rating Sources

Expert Rating Sources

Our Algorithm Factors

1. Expert Popularity Score

We came up with the popularity score for every wireless router provider while analyzing 29 expert sites that are trustworthy. Based on our detailed evaluation, each wireless router is assigned an expert popularity score based upon how many times each product is positively mentioned by experts in the industry.

2. Expert Ranking Score

By analyzing all the expert review sites our algorithm summed up the average ranking for every wireless router in their rankings and that is how we came up with the final score for each wireless router brand.

3. Consumer Popularity Score

We managed to gather more than 5663 reviews from 46 reliable sources and our algorithm calculated the average score for each brand.

4. Consumer Rating Score

In order to understand how satisfied those consumers were, we analyzed the total number of reviews. We collected all the reviews and the number of stars people gave for each product. Based on these findings we came up with the average customer rating. This is how we managed to bring out the wireless router reviews through which you know how the consumer can rate the wireless router.

5. Consumer Complaint Score

In order to make our results authentic, we don’t limit ourselves to just the positive rankings factors but we also take complaints from all over the web into consideration and figure out how many customers were complaining about the product.
Through this, we show both sides of the product whether it’s positive or negative in nature. This then makes it a negative factor in our algorithm. This as a result makes the best wireless routers reviews. That is why wireless routers reviews not only have positive comments mentioned but also the negatives as well.