Best Uninterrupted Power Supplies Reviews Tired of losing important documents on your PC because of a sudden power loss that also damages your power supplied tech items? Buy the best uninterruptible power supply device for an ideal solution to your problems!

10 Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies

But what is the actual nature of uninterruptible power supplies?

The answer to this question is simple – they keep your device from shutting down during power interruptions by supplying additional short-time power (via batteries) and letting you start a standby power source, or shut down protected equipment yourself.

An uninterruptible power supply, also known as uninterruptible power source or UPS for short, is a specific device meant for providing you with the “so-called” emergency power, when the input power source is cut or fails. A UPS is utilized for the safety and preservation of your hardware including computers, data centers, telecommunication devices and other equipment powered by electricity in case of unexpected power loss.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply Types

The table below will get you acquainted with the three main types of uninterruptible power supplies. This will help you understand which type is compatible with your needs and demands because there is always a lot of confusion about this.

pageIcon7-retina Line-Interactive UPS

This type of UPS systems is the most popular one, especially among small business owners. In line-interactive UPS’s, the battery and the AC to DC power converter (inverter) are connected to the UPS output thus enabling the charging of the battery by reversed inverter operation at the same time having the AC power at standard and usual levels. Thus, it is less probable to go through the threat of having your transients switched. Some line-interactive UPS’s come with tap-changing transformers that are meant for regulating the voltage so as not letting your UPS switch to battery power. A line-interactive UPS is actually very efficient as it comes in small sizes that are relatively inexpensive.

pageIcon7-retina Online UPS

The online UPS types provide the highest power protection that is out there. With the ability of converting the 230V input AC mains supply to DC, online UPS’s then use it to charge the battery. In case of power cuts, the rectifier drops out of the circuit resulting in the batteries’ keeping the power steady. The main benefit that you will get from an online uninterruptible power supply is that it will build an “electrical wall” between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment. The online UPS might cost you quite a sum of money. However, the maintenance will not require many additional expenses because the battery life is long. Online UPS’s are great for the safety of sensitive IT technologies from frequent power disruptions and outages. These types of UPS’s have specially designed cooling systems, thus enabling the rectifier and the inverter to run continuously. An online UPS is also called a double-conversion UPS. The reason for this is that the rectifier drives the inverter directly, even in the case of normal AC current power.

pageIcon7-retina Offline/Standby UPS

Offline or standby UPS’s (also known as line-preferred UPS) are meant for the simple provision of surge protection and battery backup with the most standard and basic features. This UPS comprises the following: an AC/DC as well as a DC/AC inverter, a battery, a low pass filter which decreases the frequency of switching from the output voltage, a static switch, and a surge suppressor. In case of standby UPS’s, the switch sets the AC input as the primary source of power and “applies to” the battery and the inverter as backup sources when the power is cut. The offline UPS is very beneficial too as it comes in a small size, is comparatively inexpensive and is good for personal computing.

Features of an Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you have already made up your mind about the type of uninterruptible power supply you need to have, then here is another table that will help you choose the right one by describing to you all the important features that a UPS must possess.

pageIcon7-retina Weight

he weight of your UPS does matter, especially if you are going to position it in a business environment. First of all, the lighter the weight of your uninterruptible power supply, the easier and the faster will its placement be and besides, it will save you space for the important equipment you need to have both at home or at the office. A heavier model, may be best where esthetics are not important and you have multiple devices affected by the power loss.

pageIcon7-retina Dimensions

Dimensions are also a relevant factor when buying a UPS. Remember, the compact size will save you space for the customer’s system. In addition to this, if your UPS is slim sized, then you get the advantage of its easy placement between the wall and your equipment. So keep in mind the space you are planning for the UPS’s, when you look for weight and size compatibility. These two factors depend on the presence or absence of other features of UPS’s which we have discussed below.

pageIcon7-retina Power

The power of UPS’s should be appropriate so as to not have a result of data loss, which might happen in case of low-powered UPS’s. So it is crucial to have a UPS that matches with the power loads it is to support. For example, some small businesses utilize a tower PC and for that reason, they choose a 350VA/200 watt UPS. This is enough power capacity to let your computer system run for six more minutes after the power interruption, allowing you to shut everything down in time and without data loss.

Note: Make sure that you calculate the electrical requirements of your equipment correctly, not forgetting about such additional tech items as external hard disks, routers, etc.

pageIcon7-retina UPS Outlets

The UPS outlets are meant for electricity supply when you are facing a power cut. Some even come with surge-protected outlets that will keep the connected equipment safe from damaging spikes. You need to buy a UPS that possesses as many outlets as you need to power for the devices that you own. These days, the number of outlets in UPS’s is growing, thus, giving you the chance of a full power supply for all your equipment.

pageIcon7-retina VA Rating

VA stands for volt-amperes. The UPS systems mostly show their capacity in both VA and watts. Though they are dimensionally equivalent, the UPS uses a different convention. In other words, the wattage rating of a UPS comprises 60% of the VA rating. When using only the VA rating, the 60% is considered the minimum for converting the needed wattage into VA by adding 60%. Choosing a UPS with a high VA rating that will guarantee you more power supply.

pageIcon7-retina Wattage

If you choose wattage in order to indicate a device’s power capacity, you again need to check the consumption of all your devices that are to be powered, and to be safe, double-check them.  For example, if you have a 400W device then the power of your UPS should exceed that number by about 20-25%.

pageIcon7-retina Wave Form

There are two wave forms – true sine-wave output and simulated sine-wave output. The choice between these two depends on the power supply of your computer and whether the latter has the feature of a “PFC”, meaning an active power factor correction, or not. This can be checked by on the manufacturer’s website, as well as on its specification sheet. In most cases simulated sine-wave outputs decrease the efficiency of your UPS hence, the true sine-waves are recommended more often.

pageIcon7-retina Topology

There are various types of UPSs that come with a wide range of features and each of them is appropriate for different applications and devices. This existing variety of topologies leads the consumers into confusion. However, having read the above mentioned feature descriptions and instructions your purchase will become much easier.


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