Best Radar Detectors Reviews Purchasing the best radar detector is a worthy investment, because it means you can drive in relaxed confidence, as well as have protection from speeding tickets.

10 Best Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are in widely used these days, because they offer drivers a cost-effective, as well as, convenient way of protection from speeding tickets. So, what is a radar detector? Radar detectors are devices that drivers use in their automobile. Their function is to alert a driver about the police monitoring their speed. It serves as a very effective tool for drivers to observe and control their speed. Purchasing a radar detector is very simple, since there are a wide variety of them available on the market recently. However, the reality is that, buying a quality radar detector may not be as easy as it seems due to all the different features they offer. Making a decision about which one to purchase is a little more difficult with such variety.

But you don’t have to worry about this. Reviews Bee has conducted a thorough research concerning top rated radar detectors.  We have analyzed many reviews and will present you with pertinent information about the top 10 radar detectors.  

  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.7 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.8 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.8 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.4 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.3 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.2 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.5 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.2 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.1 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.1 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.1 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.6 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.5 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.8 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.9 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.9 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.2 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 6.8 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6.8 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 6.7 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 6.6 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.4 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 6.5 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6.4 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 6.4 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 6.3 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 5.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 5.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 5.4 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 5.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 5.4 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 5.3 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 5.4 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 5.3 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 5.3 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 5.4 of 10

Radar Detector Types

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Basic Models

There are three main types of radar detectors. They are cordless, corded and remote-mount.  The popular corded detector uses suction cups to adhere to your windshield.  This is the correct choice if you want the best radar detection range.

The cordless detector is smaller in size and easily transportable, so you can move it easily between vehicles.  This is a good option if you are getting only one detector for a two car family. It literally can be moved between the different vehicles at any time. The installation is less noticeable and cleaner than a corded radar detector.

The most expensive option is the remote-mount for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it has the cleanest of all the installation processes, namely, it is almost totally concealed to the casual eye. The second reason is that since it is undetectable for the most part, it deters thieves from breaking in your car to steal it.  The one drawback is that in a permanent installation and cannot be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  Once it is in, it stays there.

Radar detectors with GPS capability are more popular than ever. These improved and upgraded units have more features than your standard model. One of the wonderful advantages of GPS radar detectors is that due to being able to communicate with a GPS network, they are able to calculate exactly where a radar device is being used close to you, it can also factor in your own speed as well. Basic models of radar detectors do not have the ability to show the speed at which you are traveling. Some specific models of detectors with GPS can signal you when you are traveling over the speed limit, giving you the opportunity to slow down.

It is interesting to note that you can also find some devices that have a special program to remember areas that you have driven in previously. Any change in landscape that alters the speed limit on a certain stretch of road, can alert you ahead of time.  An example of this is such as when you enter a school zone, where lower speed limits are required. The notification will tell you before you even see the school. These areas usually have speed cameras to capture drivers unaware of the change in speed, especially when it happens abruptly and the difference is significant. You can program this particular unit to scan for law enforcement buildings and monitoring devices.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Laser Detectors

Laser detectors, also known as laser guns are used to determine speed. They are considered to be rather precise tools.

A laser gun utilizes a beam of light that is not visible and can do so rather quickly. These light pulses calculate speed in mere nanoseconds.

However, be aware that when you are advised of a laser gun nearby, it means the police officer is already aware of your speed. The laser gun transmits speed data in less than half the time a radar beam can. This is a disadvantage to the product.

One of the disadvantages of laser guns is that their price is very high in comparison with other detectors and they really don’t do a better job of alerting you better or faster. Laser guns are

detectable because when the laser beam goes out and away from the laser gun, it becomes wider and thus it can be easily detected. Other disadvantages to this type of radar detector is that one must have a very steady hand to use it with any accuracy.  Also, it can detect anything through glass, such as your car’s windows. Added to this is that it is not possible for you to utilize them from a moving car. This is very difficult to do while driving.


How do Radar Detectors Work?

It is true that when a person receives a speeding ticket and pays a lot of money, they start to understand the importance of obtaining a radar detector and being protected from expensive speeding tickets. Drivers install radar detectors in their automobiles and enjoy the benefit of driving with confidence, since they receive an alert when their speed is monitored by a radar gun, used by the police in order to track the driver’s speed. In fact, if you have a radar detector, you have the opportunity of slowing down the speed of your car when you get notified about the police radar. As a result, you will avoid paying for expensive speeding tickets.

Radar detectors have the capability of identifying Doppler, but are unable to detect piezo sensors or ANPR.  Think of radar detectors as small devices that alert you to the existence of radars that are used for catching drivers that go over the speed limit.  

It’s a good idea to understand how radars operate to detect speed from passing vehicles and at a distance. It is essential for you to know that radar detectors are capable of detecting police radars with the use of radio waves that they emit. Typically, a radar detector serves as a radio receiver that is able to pick up certain frequencies. The police use these by aiming at vehicles that they perceive are driving over the set speed limit.  Radar is used to confirm their suspicions or reject them. In other words, detectors have the capability of picking up radio waves before the vehicle approaches the police car and is tracked. This can be done towards on-coming traffic as well as being directed towards traffic behind the officer.

Furthermore, today one can find very sophisticated radar detectors that do more than just alerting you about the police radar. They can also throw off the reading received by the police radar. In order for the authorities to determine the speed of the car they believe to be driving over the speed limit, they point their radar gun at a specific automobile.  While doing that, they pull a trigger at the car and the screen shows them the speed of that particular vehicle.  These radar guns are very accurate and do not falsely show information about other cars, only the one they are targeting. Once they have confirmed that a driver has been speeding, this information is proof of their claim.  A fine can be paid or you can try to fight the ticket in court. It is important to know that the monitored speed by the officer using the radar gun, will be used in court against the driver.

Before purchasing your radar detector, it is of great importance for you to be aware that they are not legal in certain jurisdictions such as the state of Virginia, Washington D.C. and in any U.S. military bases.

In addition, there are certain states where radar detectors are regarded as legal, but windshield mounts are forbidden.  These states are California, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In other words, you can have a radar detector, but keep in mind it cannot be mounted on the windshield.  This refers to passenger vehicles only.  For commercial vehicles it is prohibited by the law in all vehicles over 10,000 lbs. and in the states of Illinois, New York and New Jersey.  Radar jammers are regarded as illegal in all fifty states of the United States.


Important Features when Choosing a Radar Detector

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Sensitivity

Standard radar detectors usually feature various sensitivity settings. As a matter of fact, due to the sensitivity settings, it is possible to decide not only the range, but also the scope of the radar’s detection.  Be aware that every sensitivity setting is suitable to a certain and concrete environment. This means that making your radar detector more sensitive means it is more capable of identifying signals from a farther distance and a larger area.

It is good to know that it produces more effective results when you used on a highway. In that type of environment, you are able to avoid multiple fake alerts.  This is a natural hazard of the product. This is why radar detectors can be switched to one of two settings: highway or city. The city setting gives you a lot more inaccurate readings than the highway setting.  Keep in mind that radar detectors that have more sensitivity settings so they can offer a higher level of control and efficiency.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Defender Database

The defender database is another important feature of a radar detector. This database refers to the following items used to monitor for speeders and other offenders. The items include red-light cameras, speed traps, and speed cameras. Some or all of these are used on a regular basis to detect driving infractions.  Though more prevalent in a city setting, they can be found anywhere and everywhere in many countries.

In order to get updates on a regular basis, you should connect your radar detector to a computer. When the database operates with a GPS system, the defender database shows increased efficiency and accuracy. Thus, the main function of the defender database for your radar detector is to make you aware of non-radar related items in certain locations, for instance, red-light cameras or speed cameras.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Speed Notification

Speed notification is a vital feature of a radar detector that makes driver’s life more alert of their speed and helps them avoid tickets. In reality, when the driver receives an notification, the radar detector lets you know the current speed of your car. So, because of this alert, you are properly informed of your actual speed.  This gives you the possibility of adjusting your speed according to the set speed limit.

Using the GPS function, as well as the pre-installed software, will help you have a clear understanding about the speed limit and be warned in case you exceed it.

You also have the option of entering the speed limit manually.

This feature can make you a better driver by alerting you to your current driving speed on a regular basis.  This will let you change your habits and become a safer driver. So, don’t look at it as just a way to avoid getting speeding tickets that you may deserve. Since it is so easy to be distracted in some manner while on the road, look at it as a tool for better driving.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Multiple-Threat

Typically, the multiple-threat feature is important to consider when purchasing a radar detector.

In other words, you can get multiple notifications on your display, at the same time. For instance, you can be informed about a radar in the vicinity as well as red-light camera that is monitoring the area. This has become more prevalent in the big cities and the use of multiple monitoring devices is growing.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Built-in GPS System

Radar detectors are small devices that can feature a built-in GPS. Due to the GPS system in your radar detector, it has the opportunity of tracking your alerts in a specific area. In other words, you are able to mark certain locations as having many monitoring devices. You can then share these threats with the defender database. This way, you will get information in relation to speed limits for different areas that you travel. It is obvious that a GPS system in combination with a digital signal processor offers better efficiency and helps to filter out fake alerts.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Bluetooth

Radar detectors have the capability of connecting to smart phones using Bluetooth. As a result, a better interaction is established with mobile applications. It should be noted that certain types of radar detectors lack built-in Bluetooth capabilities.  But, in spite of this, they are considered to be compatible with Bluetooth and with a SmartCord. You should keep in mind that at times the SmartCord is included, but not always. This may be a feature that you will need to purchase separately.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Community Sharing App

If you are able to have a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, this means that your radar detector has the possibility of both receiving threats and sharing them with other drivers as well. The main advantage of community sharing is that you are properly notified about some threats, before your radar detector can actually pick them up. Furthermore, you may be notified not only about laser guns, but other active speed traps in the current area as well.

In this case, it is recommended that you  have Escort Live, an application which is quite popular among drivers. It has compatibility with Escort and Beltronics radar detectors.  Another effective application that deserves attention is Cobra’s iRadar.

icon_doorwindow_sensor_500x500-150x150 Power Cord Controls

Finally, we have  the power cord controls. With these power cords, you have the possibility of controlling different issues. For instance, the volume and alert dismissal notifications of the radar detector, right from the power cord. Notice, that for certain people it is easier to reach the power cord than the actual device, which is typically connected to the windshield. As a consumer, you should be aware that there are certain radar detectors that do not have a smart power cord with controls. Since it is a good idea to have one, you will then have to purchase this separately.







Total ReviewsBee Rating

The total Reviews Bee rating sums up the overall picture of every product. Reviews Bee works tirelessly to ensure that we are providing the best product recommendations to you and your family. In rating the various radar detectors available, we strive to give you the best information possible.Our algorithm includes information from both expert and consumer resources. There is no need to spend hours on researches, because Reviews Bee instantly gives all researches and analysis for you and creates a Top list to save your time and money.

1. We Collect Data from All Around the Web

Reviews Bee collects consumer review information from popular retail websites including Amazon, eBay, BBB, Yelp, Consumer reports, etc. In addition, Reviews Bee utilizes reputable market niche websites, to include in the product ranking decision. Using the feedback of actual customers in coordination with expert evaluations enables us to provide each product with a score that takes into account all trustworthy information available on that item.

2. We Analyze the Data Expert Popularity Score, Expert Ratings, Consumer Popularity Score, Consumer Ratings and Consumer Complaints are inserted into our algorithm in order to calculate our Reviews Bee Score. This score, in turn, is used to rank each radar detector in our Top 10 recommendation. The Reviews Bee score is a summary of each of the most important factors indicating the value of a radar detector.

3. We Deliver The Best Results By taking each of these essential factors into account, we are able to give each radar detector an overall Reviews Bee Score that ranks each product against the others in our Top 10 list. By using a vast array of expert and consumer ratings, reviews, and feedback, Reviews Bee provides you with the most comprehensive analysis of product information available to you. You can make your purchase knowing that the best research was utilized to make your decision.

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2. Expert Ranking Score

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In order to make our results authentic, we don’t limit ourselves to just the positive rankings factors but we also take complaints from all over the web into consideration and figure out how many customers were complaining about the product.
Through this, we show both sides of the product whether it’s positive or negative in nature. This then makes it a negative factor in our algorithm. This as a result makes the best radar detectors reviews. That is why radar detectors reviews not only have positive comments mentioned but also the negatives as well.