Best Mini PCs Reviews Need a mini desktop? Can’t decide which one to choose? Here is the best mini desktop buying guide, that will help you find the perfect one.

10 Best Mini PCs

Since their introduction in the 1960’s, mini desktops have only recently become popular with consumers. If the only reason you would go for a mini desktop in the past, was its compact size, then you should know that this particular desktop works extremely well for a standard desktop PC, and is easy to use for that purpose. There are a lot of other advantages to mini desktop PC’s, but let’s first have a look at their main features.
Though they are good alternatives for standard desktop PC’s, you should keep in mind that they have limitations to their functionalities.  Technology has not yet developed enough, so as to provide you with all the features of a traditional desktop PC, but in a small sized, mini desktop PC.  In spite of all this, mini desktop PC’s still offer a number of good features that are quite beneficial, especially if you don’t have very high requirements concerning the PC’s functionalities. If you don’t need many different features, then you can save money, by buying a mini desktop PC. We will explore their main features and all their benefits, to help you understand exactly your needs are, and if a mini desktop PC is right for you.

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What to Consider When Buying a Mini PC

To purchase best mini PC, read about some important features, that you should take into consideration.  The options may differ from the ones that you are used to on your desktop or laptop, but you can still find the perfect mini PC to meet most of your needs and wants.  Think carefully about each and every one of these options, and how they can or cannot work with your regular requirements of a PC.  Many technological advances have been made to the mini PC, and can be compared with other personal computers, favorably.  We are sure you will be surprised and delighted as you learn about the features that a mini desktop PC can offer.

17532-200 Storage Space

The number of files that you can keep on your mini PC, is obviously dependent on the amount of the storage space it offers. The sizes of hard drives favored by mini PCs, are two: the M.2 and the 2.5 inch. The M.2 is merely a “flash” storage.  As for the 2.5-inch format, it enables flexibility between an SSD, (solid state disk), and a traditional HDD, (hybrid hard drive).  It is relevant to know which one to buy.

Going into more details into these two different sizes of storage hard drives, it is worth mentioning that the M.2 is the latest version of the “mSATA”.  M.2s are comparatively longer and narrower than the standard SSD’s and resemble RAM sticks.  In addition, they are also faster compared with the standard ones.

Coming to the 2.5-inch drives, first of all, it is important to mention that they are less expensive, and come with larger capacities, unlike the M.2.  What is interesting is that a 2.5-inch SSD is a lot faster than a 2.5-inch HDD, however, HDD’s can be more advantageous from the aspect of, the amount of capacity they offer.

17532-200 CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Central processing units, (CPU’s), or to put it simply, the processors, are the parts of any computer that are not easy to upgrade. The CPU issue is different, when it comes to mini PCs.

Though mini PC’s use the same processors as laptops, and taking into consideration the fact that battery life is not a big deal, the low-power consumption occupies an inferior position.

If your choice is between AMD and Intel, then we would recommend too you the former one.  As long as its latest versions have outdone Intel, in the graphics section, while the price for the two is the same, so go for the best.

Obviously, you cannot combine both, for instance, you can’t buy an AMD processor with an Intel NUC. However, as much as recent statistics are concerned, presently, most manufacturers suggest using the AMD processors.

The latter offers a better and higher quality performance, and “qualify” as mini PCs.  In the end the choice is yours, but make sure it is a quality product, and meets your needs and requirements in all aspects. The product you buy, in this case the mini PC, should pay you back with its quality, and the compatibility with your needs.

17532-200 RAM (Random Access Memory)

The feature that is referred to as the “random access memory”, or RAM, should first mention that the laptop RAM is what mini PC’s support, and not the desktop RAM. The difference is in the laptop RAM is smaller in size compared to the desktop version. There can also be some variation in the price, which is in fact very small, but still, it exists.

One important note, is that before buying a RAM for your small PC, it is recommended to consider the amount of DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module – the slots where you can put your RAM modules), slots.

As is common knowledge, most mini PC’s have two slots, but there are also single-slot, mini desktop PC’s. This is necessary to know, to avoid troubles later on, such as having bought a three-stick RAM, and not having a third DIMM slot, on your mini PC. In fact, the most common 2-slot configuration, is usually quite enough for most users.

Note: Always be sure about the amount of RAM you need, even when you are trying to save money.

17532-200 Graphics Card

As a general rule, the graphics are powered by the CPU, i.e., the processor. In fact, mini desktop PC’s don’t have separate graphics cards.

Regardless of all the benefits that you get with a mini desktop PC, if you are a gamer, a graphic artist, video editor or someone interested in quality visual performances, then the lack of a graphics card would be a disaster for you.

These days, though, it is not a huge problem.  All you need is an external graphics card, which you will be able to add outside of the mini desktop PC.

The Intel processors have integrated graphics cards, but if you decide to save money and buy the cheaper one, then we cannot guarantee the high-quality graphics.  In your mini desktop PC, the RAM, storage and the graphics card, will cause trouble when being replaced, and due to the small core system, the whole set-up will not require a lot of space.

17532-200 Connections

This feature of a mini desktop PC, should be of concern to all consumers. There are some differences of the mini desktop compared with the regular desktop.  Though it’s far from the wide range of connectivity options that the standard desktop computers offer, it still has its own options, which are no less efficient, than the desktop you are used to utilizing.

In case you want to connect it to an external storage unit, you should look for “USB 3.0 ports”. Some manufacturers also offer a Thunderbolt connectivity.  When creating a DIY, all-in-one PC, you are required to have a display port, Thunderbolt, HDMI 1.3, or a dual-link DVI port, in order to be able to link to a screen that comes with a native resolution higher than 1920×1200 pixels.

You can transmit audio through your HDMI, (high-definition multimedia interface), connector, as well, if you into creating mini media clips.

However, if you have an external music system with digital inputs, you may also need an S/PDIF, (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format), connector, on your mini desktop PC, for it to work at the specifications that you might desire.  Check out the details when it comes to the connectivity of various devices to your mini desktop, so you won’t feel frustrated later on, upon learning that it lacks a desired connection.

17532-200 Versatility

Mini desktops, despite having certain limitations of functions compared with the standard PC’s, are still versatile enough for most gamers, and offer a variety of options and functionalities to their users. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, to please any consumer.

One good thing about the small PC’s, is that they can be equipped with any USB powered keyboard, according to your preferences. This is a nice feature for those who like a different set-up, or look.  Due to the fact that they are based on small low-power components, the mini desktop PC’s don’t require such additional parts as an expensive built-in screen, battery and keyboard.

They do have limitations concerning the graphic cards and have some connectivity issues, but if you need a computer that isn’t for any kind of professional work requiring graphics, the mini desktop PC would be a great choice. This simple computer can truly fulfill some basic, everyday tasks, such as documentation, to your satisfaction.

Though, when looking back at the description of the graphics card feature in a mini PC, we can say that it still will be able to handle all your needs concerning gaming, graphic art, or any other visual performance, to a certain extent.


Why Buy a Mini Desktop?

There is a general assumption, that the desktop computers are disappearing, when in fact they are not. They are simply becoming smaller, more compact and more comfortable for a wider audience of users, and they are turning into mini desktop PC’s.

They have grown in popularity recently, due to the innovative features that manufacturers have added to them, making the mini desktops no less functional than the traditional desktop PC’s.

However, there is still way to go before a compact desktop, becomes as functional as the latter because it occupies about the quarter of the space the big desktop computer with its all accessories and wires does.  In spite of the fact that we just mentioned, the mini desktop PC’s are still well worth the investment, and if you have decided to buy one, then we highly recommend you to go for it, as there are a lot of benefits that a small PC brings users.

Mini desktops come with a great number of advantageous features and in some respects, they can even be a better buy than laptops. Here are a few reasons proving to you the benefits, of having a mini desktop.

  • Compact Size – The first and most obvious benefit of a mini PC is, as the name itself also implies, its compact size. With a mini desktop, you no longer will have to deal with the inconvenience that the standard desktops create. in the aspect of a large occupation of space. Mini desktop PC’s require a smaller space on your desk, than the standard desktop computer. The small size will also save you money.  Picture a situation when you need to work on a large desktop monitor, but don’t have enough space. Here is when the mini desktop will come to the fore, and solve all your problems. With a mini desktop, you will be able to use your TV as a display screen, and create an all-in-one PC.
  • Power Saving – Another great benefit that comes with mini desktop PC’s, is that they consume noticeably less power, hence, they are more energy efficient. This means that your electricity bills will be cut down, which again saves you money, and isn’t this what all consumers need, is to save some money?
    This low power consumption also implies that the mini desktop PC’s have reduced cooling requirements, and operate in a much quieter way, than the standard desktop PC’s. They also are lighter in weight, hence, they are portable and easy to carry around, if need be.

Better than laptops? You might think that their features might as well refer to any laptop, however, there are other things advantages to be added here, about the mini desktops.

  • First of all, compared to laptops, mini desktop PC’s cost less.
  • Secondly, they have all the versatility of being used, with a larger range of peripherals. As proof, we put forward the following example: a lot of laptops lack standard-sized keyboards, or standard keyboard layouts, thus making their usage more difficult, while the mini desktop PC’s can be connected to any USB keyboard you desire.
  • Flexibility – Mini desktop PC’s are flexible and easy to use. Some manufacturers even offer such mini desktop systems as the so-called “VESA” mounts, (video electronic standard association), that with the presence of the appropriate and a compatible monitor, can convert them into a “pseudo-all-in-one” PC.
  • Processors and memory – A lot of the models of mini desktop PC’s come with fast processors and a decent amount of memory space. In addition to this, they have a very quiet operating system.
  • You can also operate a mini desktop PC in different positions, for example by placing it flat on the base in a desktop configuration, or positioning it on the side.
  • You can even have a mini desktop PC according to your exact specifications and the features you would like, by simply special ordering it from the manufacturer. This will cost you a little more, though.

By now you must have already realized how beneficial mini PCs are, and if you might find one that fits your needs and requirements.  Just review all the functions once again, if you are still on the fence and then add that to your budget.  You might find yourself entertaining the idea of owning one of these computers.  We have assembled a top ten list of the best mini desktop PC’s for you to explore, making your job of finding the right one, that much easier for you.  Save your precious time, by using our Reviews Bee resources.  You will be glad you did!


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