features of medical alert

These days there are numerous medical alert systems to choose from, and for a senior and their family choosing the best medical alert system can be a very difficult choice. Medical alert systems advertise that their products will come to the rescue in case of any emergency whether it’s experiencing a fall or maybe symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.  


90% of seniors say that they prefer living at home alone, and according to the National Council on Aging almost on win three adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall or other emergencies each year.


Therefore, in the case of any emergency, we want to know that our loved ones are in the best companies hand and with the best medical alert system. These days medical devices come with a range of features, whether its

  • GPS medical alert
  • Fall detection systems
  • Battery back up
  • Water resistance
  • Etc


It’s always important to ensure that the devices are user-friendly and will be easy to operate by a senior in an emergency situation. Medical alert devices come with numerous features and today we will discuss some of the top features offered by the state of the art medical systems nowadays.


Medical Alert Jewelry

For people suffering from any life-threatening medical condition, medical alert jewelry like bracelets can help notify other about the health concern. Whether it is an allergy, epilepsy or if they are on life-saving medications, these medicate alert jewelry will inform the paramedics or doctors of the life-threatening condition.

A medical ID keeps all the vital medical information stored in a digital file for the convenience of the doctor or nurse.


Medical alert devices

The most advances medical alert devices allow the user to get in contact with an operator in case of an emergency at the simple push of a medical alert button on a pendant.


Highly trained EMT- certified operators can then assist and stay on the line with your loved one until assistance arrives. It ensures that help is on its way as soon as possible. The drives are easy to use allowing the user to access help 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Modern devices allow two-way communication so that they user knows help is on its way. This in a way acts as a personal medical alarm for the user.


Fall detection system

This feature automatically places a call for help when the user is unable to. For those who fear a series fall leading to disorientation, immobilization or being knocked unconscious this system allows the user to experience a peace of mind.


Custom Medical Alert

This feature is basically a medical ID that communicates important information regarding the user’s medical history to the first responder in an emergency. They allow the paramedic or doctor to be immediately notified of any life-threatening condition the user suffers from making emergency care of the patient efficient.


GPS medical alert

The Global Positioning System allows the precise location of the user to be recorded meaning that users will be protected anywhere and not just at their home. This feature allows emergency to be sent quickly regardless of whether the user knows their location or not.


Wireless Medical Alert

This service allows you to be monitored through the medical alert device even if they do not have a landline. Your loved ones can get in touch with help 24/7 without needing a landline.


When looking for the best medical alert system for your loved one, there are countless products and companies to choose from. These were a few of the top features of medical alert offered these days that make sure you feel safe knowing that your loved one is in good hands. These new features make it easier for the user to get in touch with help in case of an emergency no matter what the situation is.


Let us know if you have experienced any other features offered by alert systems that enhance your peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands!