medical alert system scams

It is hard to believe that a medical alarm system that works to provide emergency response in order to save lives would be the center of any kind of scam. Med alert scammers are making millions of dollars through this new medical scam.


Even though the government is taking steps to stop this illegal activity, many senior citizens are becoming victimized in the process. Recently a report by the Council of Better Business Bureaus has shown that medical alert system scams were on the list of Top Ten Scams of 2013.


These scams are taking many different forms and so it’s vital to learn the techniques used by these scammers in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from any harm or loss.


As Hilary Young from Medical Guardian says “Senior scams are a huge problem in the country right now. It is important for seniors to educate themselves about these cons so that they can remain one step ahead of these scammers.” By the end of this article, you will know what to keep an eye and ear out for in order to identify when you may be in the midst of fraud.


The most common form of the scam involves getting a call or receiving a pre-recorded message offering free medical services at a small service charge. Unfortunately, this emergency response equipment which includes promises of medical alert jewelry, medical alert wristbands and medical alert devices will never arrive.


Senior citizens should be warned of these calls and advised to simply ignore them or hang up. They should also never offer personal information like credit card numbers or bank account information as that can put them at the risk of identity theft.


Many companies may even send the user a medical alert device which has an alert button but these products are either not activated or fake meaning that in cases of any emergency, there will be absolutely no help on the other side. Not only is this extremely dangerous but unethical on all grounds.


Tricking an elderly person into getting a free medical alert system when they can barely afford to keep up with their everyday costs is the way these scammers are manipulating vulnerable people into paying them and helping them earn millions.


These scams have definitely hit an all-time low and the way these predators prey on lowly seniors is what’s really disturbing. It definitely doesn’t take much to fall into these med alert scams and the best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones is by learning how these scams work.With senior alert systems being a major target, informing yourself and your elders about the way these scams work is the best defense against such fraud.


Let us know about any other med alert scam being carried out in your neighborhood.