medical alert jewelry

A medical alert jewelry is a type of ornament or adornment that is worn by a person with a certain medical condition. This piece of jewelry can send a massage when the wearer has a medical condition that requires a special type of treatment and attention.

Most of the medical alert jewelries are made of stainless steel or sterling silver metal. The sole intention of wearing it is to send a signal to a paramedic, physician or a first aid responder. This is usually very handy especially when the subject is unconscious, too old to even speak or explain or too injured to say anything.

The following are other names used to refer to Medical Alert Jewelry:

  • Medical Identification tag
  • Medical identification bracelet

The current Medical alert jewelries in the market come in form of necklaces or neck chains, bracelets while others are specially made that they can be tagged on clothing.

Reasons why you should wear a Medical alert bracelet

things to considerIt provides for the fastest identification or recognition of a chronic medical condition that you may be having. Such may include allergies, your type of medication among other treatment prescriptions.

things to considerDue to fast identification, there will be quicker and much more effective medical treatment administration.

things to considerThey minimize treatment errors that sometime turn to be fatal as they stipulate the kind of treatment you should get.

things to considerThey speak for you in case you can’t utter a word.

things to considerSome are designed that they provide you medical history which makes it easy for you to be treated accordingly.

things to considerIt gives responders easy time treating you as they are trained to first check if a victim has it.


Under what condition should you wear a medical alert tag?

Knowing what condition will prompt you to having a medical alert tag is a mind battling procedure. Some people will also not just want to wear one when it is necessary for them to wear for some reasons. Some tend to think that it lowers their self-esteem by openly identifying them as people suffering from a given ailment.

However it is very important to wear a Medical Identification tag even if you do not suffer from any chronic ailment as they can provide some vital information to medics in case you are involved in an accident and you can’t speak.


The following are some of the condition that will prompt you to wear a Medical ID Jewelry

  • Heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Drug allergies
  • Anemia
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

Types of Medical Alert Jewelry

Jewelry type: this type is commonly made of gold, surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. They usually have a symbol or an indication of a specific medical condition a person is suffering from.

Such can also be custom made so that they suite a person’s situation and description.

The latest technology on these types of medical alerts is that the newer and technologically advanced alert/tags have QR Codes. The QR Code can therefore be scanned using specific smart phones like the Apple ISO 8. The scan will therefore provide the bearers medical profile and medical contacts.

The other type of medical jewelry is in form of a strap that is worn on the wrist. It contains a button that is made with a wireless technology. When this panic button is pressed, it sends a distress call to medics who will locate the victim and attend to him/her.

The last type is a jewelry that shows a wearer’s membership to a certain medical organization. It thus offers contact details of individuals who can be called or reached in case the victim is in a medical crisis.



Medical alert Jewelries are very handy and essential medical tools. Therefore, wearing them in case you have a medical condition is paramount. This will guarantee you proper and special treatment in case you bump into a medical emergency and you cannot speak for yourself due to your condition.