Best Internet Radios Reviews Choose an internet radio that will correspond with your criteria of both functions and price, to get the best internet radio for your budget.

10 Best Internet Radios

Internet radio is an audio broadcasting system that is streamed through the internet. These days, almost all radio stations offer their broadcasts via the internet radio. An internet radio looks like any other portable radio, but has one crucial difference. Rather than, or, in addition to, receiving normal FM or DAB radio, internet radio connects to your home network system and receives radio stations via your broadband internet connection. Review’s Bee helps to find all the necessary information about internet radios, creating a “top ten” list of them. Instead of searching it on the internet for hours and wasting precious time, you can find everything in one place about internet radios. Review’s Bee provides information concerning the product and the reviews about them both from the professionals and consumers.  Our data is always current and relevant, to make your research easier.

  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.7 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.8 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.8 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 9.4 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9.3 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 9.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 9.2 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 9.5 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.9 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.8 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.7 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.8 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.6 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.5 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 8.3 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 8.2 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 8.4 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 8.2 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 8.3 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 7.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 7.4 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 7.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 7.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 7.5 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 6.8 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 6.7 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 6.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 6.7 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 5.8 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 5.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 5.9 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 5.9 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 5.5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 5.4 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 5.6 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 5.5 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 5.4 of 10
  • Expert Popularity Score : 5 of 10
  • Expert Ratings : 4.9 of 10
  • Consumer Popularity Score : 5 of 10
  • Consumer Ratings : 4.9 of 10
  • Consumer Complaints : 5 of 10

Internet Radio Types

The table below should help you get acquainted with the main types of internet radios and provide specific information about their features. We hope to lessen your confusion about compatibility and other aspects, so you can choose wisely.

ccc4e057 Handheld DAB

Digital audio broadcasting, (DAB), are broadcasts signals in a digital format that enables it to be equal to CD quality. Digital audio broadcasting can offer remarkably better sound quality, with less multipath effects.

One of the advantages of a handheld DAB radio is the fact that you can take it wherever you want, because it is a similar version of a pocket radio. It should be noted on the outset, that the signals of DAB radios are not as strong as that of FM radios; therefore, an external aerial is needed to pick up signals. National digital radio stations usually have good signals, especially if you are near a large city.

ccc4e057 Portable or Tabletop

The most popular digital radio type is a portable or a tabletop model, also known as a TAB receiver. These radios can be taken from room to room, and are mainly designed to be set up in the kitchen or on your bedroom nightstand.  

Consequently, it is an ideal way of listening to the radio while you are at home. Although there are some portable DAB radios that are battery-powered, the majority of them require a power adapter.

Many of these models often have alarm clocks, FM radio abilities and antennas, which means it’s easier to get signals.

ccc4e057 DAB Adapters for PC

Another way of acquiring a DAB radio, without buying a specific device, can be the use of DAB adapters for PC’s. These adapters are connected to the computer by means of a USB or other port, and the radio plays through the speakers. For a good connection, you may need a sound card as well, though many PC’s already have it as an input. Some of the adapters enable you to not only listen to the radio, but also to record the programs and save them to the computer, to enjoy them later.

ccc4e057 Hi-fi

High fidelity, or hi-fi, radios provide a quality sound which is considerably close to the original sound, which is reproduced without changes, but has no noise.   

By means of a hi-fi digital radio tuner, it may also become possible to listen to the radio through hi-fi speakers. If we consider the fact that DAB radios usually have only one speaker, or two speakers which are placed too close together, it becomes evident that it is nearly impossible to reach a stereo sound, while using these devices. Meaning, a reproduction of a sound achieved by two speakers, which creates an illusion of a multi-directional audible sound.  This seems more natural and is pleasant to hear. Still, the use of a hi-fi digital radio tuner enables you to achieve that “stereo” sound.

ccc4e057 DAB Car Adapters and Receivers

These days, many cars come with radios that have a DAB capacity or a DAB unit built-in. The DAB included in the car can be one of two types: a two-box unit, which consists of one unit for the dashboard and another one for the boot or glovebox, or simply, a one-box unit, in which all parts are integrated.

For the cars that do have not this ability, the DAB adapter is used.

These adapters are connected to the car stereo system and provide the digital radio, through the car’s speakers. For this reason, an adapter should be adjusted to retain the digital signal, and split it off into a different connector, for the new digital receiver. You should make sure that this equipment fits with your specific car stereo model.


Important Features when Choosing an Internet Radio

Digital radio technology devices are often equipped with so many different features that it is sometimes unclear which of the best for you, personally. Your decision will be much easier if understand all the available features, and how they can best meet your wants and needs. Many of the features are meant to serve specific situations, and may not be a necessity for you. Below we will explain them to you, so that you can feel better when making your selection.

ccc4e057 Power

It is beneficial to have an internet radio that has a battery option, separate from the normal power cord. If you tend to use your internet radio device as an alarm clock as well, it would be a good idea to have a back-up source, for those times when you experience a power outage. It also becomes increasingly important if you are using your internet radio outdoors, such as on a camping trip or to the beach.  This makes your device more transportable.

Some people use rechargeable batteries for these radios.  Some types of these batteries will recharge themselves while the radio is turned on, which can save time and money.

Before buying this type of radio, you should consider how long the specific batteries last, and how much they would cost to replace them, as well as how often.  Include this price into the basic cost of the unit, to get a more exact idea of the total expense.

ccc4e057 LED Backlit Screen

An LED backlit screen is the flat panel display in which a light-emitting diode “backlight” is used.

Despite the fact that nearly all digital radios have LED backlit screens, not all of them have a power saving mode for this feature. It is especially useful when you have a radio that operates with batteries.  It is a money-saving function that is highly sought after, especially when you consider the price of batteries.

ccc4e057 Preset Stations

Another important feature to consider before making your purchase, is the option of being able to preset certain stations.  The least expensive models do not offer this common feature, but most of them do.

The number of available channels increases day by day, and most listeners usually have some favorites.  Having the ability to have preset channels will may prevent the radio lover from having to endlessly scroll over many channels to find something they like.  These preset stations are saved into the memory of the device and can be adjusted to add or delete specific ones

You will want a radio that offers a large number of preset channels, to cover the needs of whole family.

ccc4e057 Timer Recording

To record a program or show automatically, the timer recording feature makes this not only possible, but easy.  In order to use this feature, you will need to know the time you wish the recording to start and finish, and program it into the internet radio.

It should be noted that for those people who use this feature often, it may be necessary to have an expandable memory function on the radio, or may they may simply use a PC radio instead.

ccc4e057 Electronic Program Guide

An electronic program guide, or EPG, is a system that provides regularly updates on the list of scheduled programs for a channel. It is easy to see the necessity of this feature, if your favorite stations change programming often.  It can be very frustrating to realize that the show you thought you were recording, changed its viewing time, and you were not aware of it.  Now, you have ended up with a recorded program you didn’t really want. The electronic program guides are often accompanied by timer recording capabilities, so they can work in unison. Nevertheless, this feature is an advanced one and is not that popular yet.  You should also note that there is an additional cost for this function, and decide if it is really a feature you would like to have, as befits your budget.



Total ReviewsBee Rating

The total Reviews Bee rating sums up the overall picture of every product. Reviews Bee works tirelessly to ensure that we are providing the best product recommendations to you and your family. In rating the various internet radios available, we strive to give you the best information possible.Our algorithm includes information from both expert and consumer resources. There is no need to spend hours on researches, because Reviews Bee instantly gives all researches and analysis for you and creates a Top list to save your time and money.

1. We Collect Data from All Around the Web

Reviews Bee collects consumer review information from popular retail websites including Amazon, eBay, BBB, Yelp, Consumer reports, etc. In addition, Reviews Bee utilizes reputable market niche websites, to include in the product ranking decision. Using the feedback of actual customers in coordination with expert evaluations enables us to provide each product with a score that takes into account all trustworthy information available on that item.

2. We Analyze the Data Expert Popularity Score, Expert Ratings, Consumer Popularity Score, Consumer Ratings and Consumer Complaints are inserted into our algorithm in order to calculate our Reviews Bee Score. This score, in turn, is used to rank each internet radio in our Top 10 recommendation. The Reviews Bee score is a summary of each of the most important factors indicating the value of an internet radio.

3. We Deliver The Best Results By taking each of these essential factors into account, we are able to give each internet radio an overall Reviews Bee Score that ranks each product against the others in our Top 10 list. By using a vast array of expert and consumer ratings, reviews, and feedback, Reviews Bee provides you with the most comprehensive analysis of product information available to you. You can make your purchase knowing that the best research was utilized to make your decision.

Overall Algo

Customer Rating Sources

Expert Rating Sources

Our Algorithm Factors

1. Expert Popularity Score

We came up with the popularity score for every internet radio provider while analyzing 20 expert sites that are trustworthy. Based on our detailed evaluation, each internet radio is assigned an expert popularity score based upon how many times each product is positively mentioned by experts in the industry.

2. Expert Ranking Score

By analyzing all the expert review sites our algorithm summed up the average ranking for every internet radio in their rankings and that is how we came up with the final score for each internet radio brand.

3. Consumer Popularity Score

We managed to gather more than 6800 reviews from 75 reliable sources and our algorithm calculated the average score for each brand.

4. Consumer Rating Score

In order to understand how satisfied those consumers were, we analyzed the total number of reviews. We collected all the reviews and the number of stars people gave for each product. Based on these findings we came up with the average customer rating. This is how we managed to bring out the internet radio reviews through which you know how the consumer can rate the internet radio.

5. Consumer Complaint Score

In order to make our results authentic, we don’t limit ourselves to just the positive rankings factors but we also take complaints from all over the web into consideration and figure out how many customers were complaining about the product.
Through this, we show both sides of the product whether it’s positive or negative in nature. This then makes it a negative factor in our algorithm. This as a result makes the best internet radios reviews. That is why internet radios reviews not only have positive comments mentioned but also the negatives as well.