pros and cons of home security

Home security systems are systems that are placed in a home or in a building to safely secure all entry points like the windows and doors and also safeguard inner chambers of the house that may be storing valuables like money or weapons.

You may be wondering why a person may still need enforced security measures around the house despite all security agents deployed in your locality.

Different people have various reasons as to why they want to install a security monitor in their homes. The security systems usually send a notification when they are confronted; or when there is an intruder in the confines of the house.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of home security systems:

Home security systems pros

things to considerProtects your valuables

Everyone wants to protect what he/she owns however little the amount. Home security systems are able to detect and raise an alarm if anyone is after the valuables or money in your house.

things to considerAllow remote access to you home

  • Modern home security systems allow owners of home see inside their houses even from far distances.
  • The systems can be connected to the users’ smartphones and laptops such a way that they can easily check for any intruder, lock doors, open doors, turn on and off lights while they are miles away.

things to considerProtects against crime

  • A house with a security system like the surveillance camera and motion sensors also ensures the safely of the neighbors.
  • This is because burglars will be easily detected from a neighbor’s security camera or by the motion sensors. The neighbor can then sound an alarm and call the police.

things to considerNotifies on fire risks

Modern home security systems are able to detect fires and smokes in a house and they raise an alarm after that. A fire detector will trigger sprinklers that will extinguish any fire.

things to considerGives occupants peace of mind

Occupants of a house with a security system will always live in peace. They will not be prompted to check the house for strangers as the system will detect them and raise alarm for them.

things to considerSaves on finances
Home security systems have automatic means of switching electric switches on or off hence reducing on monthly electricity bills. You will also save on the costs you spend on employing/paying day time and night guards.


Home security systems cons

cons of home security   Some systems are prone to raising false alarms that cause unnecessary tension.

cons of home security   Expensive –most people are not able to install the home alarms as they are very expensive to purchase, install and maintain.

cons of home security   Interference- wireless home security systems use waves that are prone to interference; this may cause delay of very important alarm signals.

cons of home security   Electricity dependent – most of the home alarm systems are electricity dependent. Intruders can take advantage of power outage to conduct robbery.

cons of home security   Can be hacked – since they use radio signals, hackers can take advantages and hack the signals. After this is done, robbery can be conducted without any alarm raise.



Home security systems have tremendous benefits; nevertheless they still have few drawbacks like their expensive prices of acquisition, installation and maintenance.

However your security and the security to your belonging still remains a core thing to give it a first priority.