home alarm types

Choosing From Home Alarm Types

Your choice of home alarm types involves a few key considerations:

  • Your budget
  • Where you live and local risk levels
  • Your home’s design and vulnerability
  • Level of protection preferred for peace of mind

Think carefully about what you would like to see happen if your alarm does go off when choosing from the variety of home alarms available.

Audible Security System Types

Some home alarms simply trigger an audible noise, without initiating contact with key persons, such as the police or yourself. However, the loud alarm will alert others in your area to a possible burglary taking place and most likely deter opportunist intruders. The drawbacks of simple audible alarms are that they offer no guarantee that anyone will act on your alarm being set off.

Camera Home Alarm Systems

CCTV camera installation with audio is another option to enhance the security of your home.  These can either record activity throughout the day, be triggered by movement, or be monitored remotely by a security company or your installer.

Speech Dialler / Text Alert Security Systems

Alternatively, a speech dialing or text alert security system will automatically contact you or selected friends and family should your alarm be triggered.  Premium options include a monitoring contract, where you a company can be paid monthly or annually to call the police and act on your behalf if burglars attempt entry to your home or to contact a nominated key holder when the company is alerted. Some installation companies are registered with the local police force, so that your alarm will directly contact them if there is a problem.

Wired or Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Choose from wired or wireless home alarm systems. Obviously, wireless alarms will be easier to install, keep your home looking ‘cleaner’.   You can also remove them and take them with you when you move house to reinstall in your new home. These alarms run off battery-powered sensors which wirelessly connect with your control panel via radio signalling.

Wireless alarm installation is often cheaper as these can be fitted either by you or professionally.   The main consideration here may be cost, as wireless alarm systems may be more expensive, however.

We recommend if choosing wired systems, to contact a professional alarm installation company or electrician for safety reasons.  If on a budget, it is worth considering that to hide wiring, alarm cables need to be embedded into walls or ceilings, making labor and redecoration costs higher.

Maintained and Monitored Home Alarms

Some home alarm system types include maintenance contracts, whereby your alarm will be checked regularly.  Frequency of maintenance checks may depend upon whether they are connected directly with local police or a security company.  Check whether maintenance is carried out by your installation company, another contractor and who monitors your alarm.

As a rule, the more your home alarm system does to protect your home, the more you can expect to pay. The above are main types, but additional features can vary.  It is worth researching options and pricing structures to get the best deal.  It is also important to think about the kind of area you live in and how likely neighbors or passers-by are likely to call the police, for instance.  Check if you have an active neighborhood watch group who will call the police if you are considering an alarm only system type.

Check out tips from ReviewsBee review guides to help you decide which home alarm system types best meet your particular circumstances with the above considerations in mind.