Best Desktop Towers Reviews You can enjoy numerous benefits that are unique and exceptional, solely to tower computers. For this reason, you should actually be motivated to pick this type of PC over anything else!

10 Best Desktop Computers

Though you may feel confused about the high demand of laptops and desktop computers, the tower computers do have many advantages over their counterparts. They are composed of vertical components in an upright case, unlike the desktop models, that lets the warm air come out vertically and disappear instantly. Besides, they offer easier accessibility between the other integral parts, within the computer. Tower computers come in different sizes and styles. The standard-sized tower is the mid-sized one, but you can also find mini-sized, and also, tall-sized, or full-sized towers, that have a lot of more expansion bays. Decide what kind of space you have for your tower computer before purchasing one.  

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Importance of having a good desktop tower

The thoroughly modern PC’s are undoubtedly sleek, with built-in speakers and displays. All-in-one desktops tend to be better at saving space, and are simple to operate. Tower computers are enduring and not likely to disappear from the market anytime soon.   

Browsing for a tower desktop isn’t always easy work to do. If you wish you had a tech-savvy friend who could guide you in making a good decision about which desktop tower to buy, let us be that friend!

Though the ordinary PC’s have quite a bit of variety to them, when it comes to tower units with their vertical designs, they are traditionally divided into three main sizes: mini-towers, mid-towers, and full-towers.

The mini-tower, as you probably guessed from its name, is the smallest type of the tower computer.  It is approximately 14 inches high, and is a super space-saving computer. If you don’t have much room in your office at work or at home, this is a great choice.  The obvious disadvantage is that it has limited capabilities and cannot usually be upgraded, due to its small size, for it simply doesn’t have the room. It also doesn’t also allow for the use of amplified power, because of the same limited space. Such contractions make the small-tower computer’s usage factor to be reduced. Before you buy this type, you will have to determine if it is enough for you as is, for that is all you’re going to get, and for some people, that’s just fine.

Mid-tower computers, of all the different sizes of tower computers, are the ones that are most often in demand.  This size balances the smaller space that is needed, though more than the mini-tower, coupled with its expandability, interior components, and more.  This type ranges between 16 and 20 inches in height, and is approximately 19 inches long.  The cooling factor is much better than the previous one, and can usually support about six to seven drive bays. The full-sized expansion cards can also be used in the mid-tower computers, because they are big enough for them.

For home users, the biggest type of computers is the full-sized tower computers, which can stretch up to the 3 feet height and support up to 15 drive bays, both internal and external. The full-sized towers that have a spacious interior, provide a high-level air circulation system and are extremely suitable for those who yearn to have it all. They usually support a maximum 6 case fans, that also involve 120 and 240-millimeter diameter models, as well.

The difference between the desktop and tower computers lies in the ways they use the desk space. The desktop is shaped to use desk space flatly, where the tower computers stand vertically. Desktop computers are generally designed to be the equivalent of the mid-tower computers, in size. The best desktop computers cover considerably more desk space than the tower ones, which is why there are so many people trading the in for the other option.

Besides, the desktop cases’ cooling efficiency is generally less than that of the tower computers, especially those of the mid and full-sized ranges. So, when you consider all the advantages that the tower computers have, they can be the perfect solution for many users because of their size flexibility, space saving attributes.  But, don’t forget they can also be super-powered, yet more economical.

If you have decided that the desktop tower computer is exactly what you need, then read the following info to learn more about them.  You have just heard all the basics about the desktop towers, now you can increase your knowledge with all the specifics, to further enrich your decision-making base. Only when you have all the data and specs, can you truly choose the perfect computer for your personal use.


How to choose a desktop tower

Consider all the objectives below to fill in the picture of the best desktop tower computer.

138679-200 Processing Power

The processing power, also frequently called “CPU” power, “CPU” cycles, and other names, is the capacity of the computer, while manipulating data.  It can be modified into distinct options, and the “clock speed” of CPU.  It has been proven that in good computers, the CPU’s that have the higher speed of clock, and hold the bigger sizes of Word, can process with more power, than the slower ones, with smaller Word sizes.   

The two key factors following are important to know about, when considering the processing power features. The first is that the processing power is always fixed and the second is that it can never be stored.

The velocity of the CPU is due to the fixed power. For instance, if you have to add two numbers simultaneously, an appropriate CPU will act at the same speed, at the same time.

The processing power has another important feature: it is infinite. It means that there are many systems that are able to support various CPU alternatives, at many speeds, hence, other types cannot be upgraded at all. Do remember, that the processing power is impossible to store for later use.

138679-200 Graphics Cards

The computer tower is going to be your favorite type of computer, especially if you are always wanting to get the newest upgrades, tend to use graphic cards, and are going to take advantage of the given space. for all the terabytes.  Finally, all these can be done in an economic way.

These days, you can feel confident that a desktop tower computer can give you all the same opportunities as other models, but are more streamlined in their working functions.  Moreover, the PC manufacturers have made efforts in creating PC towers with compact usage, but still sustain broadband opportunities, for supporting even the full-sized graphic cards.

138679-200 Storage Space

It’s no secret that every desktop tower computer has the same basic features. The best desktop tower has sufficient space for the motherboard of the computer, which give place to CPU and expansion cards, the optical or disc drive, the hard drive and, of course, the power supply.

The unique characteristics of the tower computer is that most of them can even support further expansion, and hold more than one optical drive, and several hard drives.

138679-200 PC Case and PSU

The computer cases, power supplies, and motherboards, can all be purchased in your preferred sizes, that are designed to function properly together. Most of the computer cases, especially the metallic ones, have edges that are very sharp. To avoid injuring yourself, be cautious while working with an open case.

Computer cases serve as a connector and a container at the same time, for the components inside the computer. Cases are typically designed to be bundled, and also include a power supply.

One of the reasons why the computer case is of great importance, is due to the fact that it serves as a protector from external life factors such as dust, animals, liquids, toys etc. These could damage the internal components of the computer. The computer cases also supply good ventilation. In the room where the computer case is based, it is always cool and pleasant to work in.

The structure of the computer case is also vital. It is a kind of a package, of the other compacted components of the computer, that are easily accessible and tightly connected with each other.

The power supply is one of the core elements in all computer systems, whose mission it is to convert the outlet power, into the useful power, for a lot of components of the computer case. Unlike some other hardware parts, the power supply is an indispensable part of the computer, as the rest of the internal parts will not function without the it. It is sometimes referred to as “PSU”, as well, as a power converter or a power pack. It is not recommended that you open the power supply unit!

138679-200 Display

Here you are enabled with unlimited chance to choose from the display cases that come with locking doors, adjustable shelving, supplementary storage depositories, etc.

You can even find showcase towers that are accompanied with locks of both entire the oak frame or oak wood that is finishing with the aluminum support.

The other type of the computer displays is with side track lighting or overhead lighting or with both at the same time.

There are even options designed especially for those who have inadequate floor.

The towers made by glass, that are very elegant and pleasant to watch, are narrow and tall by design, that still can keep great deal of trophies, jewelry or other things.

So, the variety is so much, that sometimes it feels a little bit confusing.

But, never mind, just concentrate and you will find which one will best suit to you.

138679-200 Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit represents the circuitry inside the computer, supporting the computer program’s instructions and operating abilities, such as logical, arithmetic, input or output functions, and many other actions.  CPU traditionally refers to just the processor, but is more specific of the processing unit and its control. They are also sometimes known as “cabinets” or “towers”.

138679-200 Connectivity

You can feel confused by the fact that you may need to put your desktop tower computer in one room of your house, but it isn’t near the connections that are already set-up elsewhere.  This is where a good Wi-Fi device can come to your rescue.  This inexpensive item can change your problem into being nonexistent in no time.  In this technological era, you can find a large number of different pieces of wireless equipment, that can provide Wi-Fi for your tower desktop computer.  It is very simple to plug it into your USB and then the Windows operational system will recognize it, and install the needed drivers.

Once it is installed, connect it to the network in your home by utilizing the password and the SSID that has been designated for your Wi-Fi device.

138679-200 Warranty

Lastly, we should discuss the warranty for the desktop tower computer.  It is imperative that you read all the warranty information before you walk out of the store, even better, read it before you buy it.  It will save you a lot of headaches later on.

To start with, most warranties start at 90 days.  This is not a decent length of time and a one-year warranty is much better, but you might have to pay extra for it. It should cover the main hardware components, all the included software, monitors and the keyboard.  It must cover all damage incurred in shipping or defective parts.  This does not cover the damage you have done to it by dropping it or spilling your coffee on it!

Also, ask about having any repairs done onsite or whether your computer will have to be sent “out”?  If the latter is the case, you may without your computer for some time and have to make alternate arrangements to get your work done. Finally, ask about tech support.  Almost every customer will have a couple of questions when they first get their new computer. Make sure there is someone you can call, 24/7.  It’s a pain to buy a computer on a Friday afternoon and have to wait until Monday morning to ask a simple question about connections, for example.  

If your salesperson can’t give you straight and honest answers about your warranty and the tech support available, remember, there are many other places where you can purchase your new computer who will gladly help you with those queries.

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