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 A. Carter summarized a NASA study in trampoline benefits

Today most of the people are looking for the safest and most effectual way of exercising. If you are among those, which seems you are, the answer is a “mini trampoline.”

At first glance, it may sound exaggerated, but the trampoline is a miracle which was ignored till 1979 when a NASA study was published. From then, many studies have done on the effects of trampoline exercises on the human body.

Nowadays, although various sorts of exercises that target just definite muscles or increase cardiovascular system function are done; rebounding on a trampoline is something different. It utilizes the forces of acceleration and deceleration on every cell in your body.

It is the secret of its success. How?

things to consider in car seatTrampoline weight loss exercises are a fun and efficient way of losing your extra kilos.

According to NASAs Journal of Applied Physiology

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The logic behind this is that long breathless exercises can decrease your metabolism while rebounding on a trampoline is a metabolic supporting exercise and therefore, it suits you if you want to get weight loss. On a trampoline, you can rebound continuously at a moderate pace and still breathe at ease. You can rebound 20 minutes at moderate intensity each time, thrice a week.

things to consider in car seatRebounding is the most proven way of getting rid of those fatty deposits under your thighs, hips, and buttocks ‘skin (cellulite). This is one of the biggest benefits of rebounding on a trampoline.


things to consider in car seatExercising on hard surfaces has undesirable impacts on your joints. Many people who jog regularly may end up with micro-trauma injuries to their feet and knees. The pressure is also transferred through the hips to your spine. It also causes joint chronic fatigue.

Mini trampoline exercises are safe ways of exercising for your joints. They protect your joints and prevent any negative impact while you are exercising. When rebounding, the impact is taken in by the trampoline surface, and the risk of damaging your muscle and joints are reduced.

Interestingly, the gravitational force at your ankles, back, and forehead are equally distributed when you bounce.

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The impact forces that cause this damage can be reduced by 80% by using rebounding.

things to consider in car seatTrampoline exercise is a unique form of exercise in which a weightless condition is created at the top of each jump and landing. Moreover, it achieves twice the force of gravity on each bounce. The change of gravity in rebounding benefits your muscles and other tissues.

When blood flows in the body, the lymphatic fluid passes the blood vessels into the tissue scarrying food to the cells. The fluid then collects waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells. Therefore, it can ease the body’s normal detoxification mechanism. For detoxification, rebound for 15 minutes a day.

things to consider in car seatThe muscle-to-fat ratio is one of the criteria of every body’s health. One of the health benefits of the trampoline is improving your muscle-to-fat ratio by altering the body composition. In fact, rebounding is a quick way of building muscles and losing fat.

The gentle detoxification that occurs when you are rebounding encourages fat loss. It also elevates ease of movement in the tight legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips.

things to consider in car seatYour bones get weaker if not function. One of the health benefits of the trampoline as a weight bearing exercise is its quality to make your skeletal system stronger and increase bone mass.

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Rebounding strengthens bone density which helps in prevention of some medical conditions such as osteoporosis.

It also strengthens joints, tendons, and ligaments which may also help in reducing the chances of suffering from some forms of arthritis.

things to consider in car seatThe lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs where waste products, proteins, and fluids return to the blood. Molecules that are too large to pass the capillaries can pass through the more penetrable walls of the lymphatic vessels. There are millions of valves within lymphatic vessels.

These valves make the lymphatic vessels a one-way route and keep lymph flowing just in one direction. However, the velocity of lymph is more slowly than blood and at a lower pressure. Unlike the cardiovascular system in which heart pumps blood into the vessels, the lymphatic system depends on your body movement as a pump.

The rebounding stimulates these valves resulting in a better (as much as 15 times) lymphatic circulation.

things to consider in car seatOne of the vital parts of your immune system is the lymphatic system. The lymph contains a high number of lymphocytes that fight infections in your body. It also destroys damaged cells in the body. Rebounding causes the valves in the lymphatic system to open and close all at the same time resulting in an increase in lymph flow as much as 15 times.

This boosts immunity, removes toxins, slows down the aging process, and improves the immune system by increasing the action of red bone marrow and supporting tissue repair.

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One of the main health benefits of rebounding is its quality to increase the gravitational load or G-force. The load leads to the strengthening of your musculoskeletal systems.

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Rebounding acts as a pump in your body, therefore, it has some positive impacts on some organs such as your thyroid. Rebounding stimulates the thyroid to clean itself.

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Your cells consume oxygen to do their job. Mini trampoline exercises increase oxygen circulation in your body resulting in elevated cell energy of your body.

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Mini trampoline workouts have the quality of increasing your capability for respiration.

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The systolic pressure in your blood vessels (arteries) rise during exertion. Mini trampoline exercises lower that high pressure all through exertion.



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A balance between the oxygen needed by the tissues and the available oxygen is essential for your health. Rebounding improves this balance which leads to your better daily activities.

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After intense activities, your blood pressure remains abnormal. Mini trampoline exercises reduce the period of abnormal blood pressure.

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Red bone marrow produces red blood cells in your body. One of the main health benefits of rebounding is increasing the functional activity of your red bone.

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Mini trampoline exercises help you with the rehabilitation of a heart problem.

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The high volume of blood existing in your cardiovascular system veins may lead to chronic edema. Rebounding can prevent this condition by lowering the volume of blood in your veins.

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By improving the resting metabolic rate, mini trampoline exercises make your body burn more calories for hours after exercise.

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Constant mini trampoline exercises decrease the level of circulating triglyceride and cholesterol in your body.

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A substantial health benefit of the trampoline is its effects on lowering the low-density (bad) lipoprotein and increasing the high-density (good) lipoprotein in the blood. This will lead to lower the occurrence of coronary artery diseases.

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Rebounding improves healing process of the tissues of your body.

things to consider in car seatOne of the health benefits of trampoline exercises is improving collateral circulation by raising the capillary count in your muscles and lowering the space between the capillaries and the target cells that benefit your body to function better.

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One of the main tissues of your body that benefits from mini trampoline workouts is the muscle tissue. Trampoline exercises make your muscles, including your heart muscle, strong resulting in their high efficiency.

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Cardiovascular system functioning is improved by rebounding. It means that these exercises make your heart beat less often while resting.

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If you are suffering from varicose veins, trampoline exercises can help you get rid of it. This can lower the pressure that your veins have to tolerate and remove the inflammation and pain that come with the affected veins.

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Rebounding increases the effects of other exercises. For instance, if you do other types of exercises such as weight lifting along with rebounding on a trampoline, you will get better results than if you just lift weights or jog.



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In case, the mitochondria within your muscle cells increase in number, the cellular energy increases. Twenty-minute moderate mini trampoline exercise can raise the mitochondria count in your muscle cells.

things to consider in car seatIn the nervous system, trampoline exercises can improve the transmission of nerve impulses to and from your brain, coordination between the proprioceptors in your joints, and transmission of nerve impulses and reaction of the muscle fibers.

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The alkaline reserve of your body is of importance in an emergency needing continued effort. Rebounding can add to that reserve in your body.

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Improvement in balance and coordination are some results of trampoline exercises. By improving your brain’s reaction to the vestibular apparatus (within the inner ear), these exercises can improve your balance.

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Balance bars can also be attached to a mini trampoline for those with balance issues. Trampoline exercise has shown excellent outcomes in the elderly, children, and those who are recovering from physical injuries.

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If you are suffering from disturbed sleep, rebounding could be the answer to your problem. It allows for your deeper sleep.

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Mini trampoline exercises lead to better mental activity along with keener learning processes.

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Mini trampoline workout boosts your digestion and excretion system.

things to consider in car seatIn women, who are suffering from menstrual problems, rebounding is an effective choice of therapy. It detoxifies excess hormones and toxins which are the keys to a healthy endocrine system. This leads to the reduction of the fatigue and discomfort created by menstruation.

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In people with stationary lifestyle who are suffering from headaches, back pain, and neck pain, mini trampoline exercises can make some relief for them.

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Slowing down the atrophy in the elderly is another benefit of the trampoline. Rebounding is also helpful to those of older age because it strengthens and lengthens muscles resulting in improved flexibility.

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You can gain a sense of control and an improved self-image by using a trampoline.

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Other numerous health benefits of trampoline include minimizing the number of allergies, digestive disorders, colds, and abdominal problems.

things to consider in car seatYou can take advantage of your time and do not have to take time to go to a gym. You can do rebounding at home, where even a few minutes is useful, and can be done in front of your TV, or while looking after your children.

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The last but not the least, mini trampoline exercises are really pleasurable.


How to start rebounding:how to start rebounding

A mini trampoline is a small-than-typical tough canvas sheet or web supported by springs in a metal frame and used as a springboard and landing area.

Essentially, it is as easy as starting to bounce daily. Most professionals recommend mini trampoline rebounding for 15 minutes daily, though this can be broken into multiple 4-minute times.

Mini trampoline exercises are gentle activities, but it is advised to start with feet on the rebounder and only gentle jumps and work up to jumping with feet leaving the rebounder.


If you are looking for a safe and efficient way of exercising, mini trampoline exercises are your best choice. Needless to say that, mini trampoline exercises could have astonishing positive impacts on your body (You have just been acquainted with its numerous benefits).

Its unique activity offers deep cellular reinvigoration that even the most laborious physical training cannot provide. The above-mentioned mini trampoline benefits depict the quality of these therapeutic exercises in resolving many medical and even psychological conditions.

Therefore, do not hesitate to purchase a mini trampoline to resolve your physical problems, keep your fitness and health while enjoying a sweet, exciting exercise.

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