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Cooking can be tedious sometimes if you really take time to think about it. So many times, you will consider other alternatives like eating out, ordering in, or eating snacks all the way.

But the truth is that you are tired of all those excess spices on the food and the limited choices you have in selecting what to eat. Sometimes you may go on a situational fasting to avoid the hassle. Don’t worry we have the best solution for you.

food processor advantages

A food processor is the best option for you.  Amazing isn’t it? You can be a beneficiary to the many food processor benefits which will makes cooking easy, fast and enjoyable.

During the olden days, women had all the time to cook because they were not allowed to do any other thing but taking care of their family. Unbelievable! But yet it’s true.

They didn’t get involved in the corporate nor engage in all manner of time consuming businesses which takes up all our time. They did all their cooking by themselves because they had all the time in the world.

Yes they did but we don’t want to go back to being like them so all we have to do is to enjoy the food processor benefits in our modern kitchen.



Food processors came into the picture some years back and are still in production till now. In 1960, a man called Robot Coupe introduced these great workhorse machines in the commercial kitchen. In 1972, home cooks in Great Britain started using thefood processor Magimix produced by Robot Coupe. In 1973 North American home cooks started using the Cuisinart food processor.

Food processors are kitchen appliances that make food preparation very easy. They serve as a wonderful addition to your kitchen and can be your best friend when you are hungry and tired.

There are so many things to prepare with a food processor like

  • pie crusts
  • puree baby food
  • home-made salad dressing
  • fresh garden salad
  • etc.

It might be a small tool but there is so much to it than meets the eyes.

You may wonder if it is necessary to have one in your kitchen since you are not a commercial cook.

Consider the following conditions and decide if they apply to you:

  • You have a kitchen in your house
  • You cook from time to time
  • You love eating vegetable salad
  • You do a lot of chopping, shredding, mincing and slicing.
  • You use a food processor at least once every month
  • You a small space on your kitchen counter.
  • You have a dishwasher to use in cleaning the processor.

Your answer may be “yes I do all these things but what about my blender?”

The truth is that food processors and blenders can be considered to be similar in some ways but they are different in many ways.  A blender requires an amount of water to be added to it because of its conical bottom.

This liquid keeps the food moving between the blades so it can be grinned properly. An all in one food processor on the other hand is designed with a flat bottom, broad in size and has sweeping blades that does not require any form of liquid to aid grinding.

 A good food processor comes with the following parts: food processor parts

  • Blender jars
  • Citrus press
  • Dough maker attachments
  • Slicing discs
  • Shredding discs
  • Jar with chopping blades
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing
  • Dry-grinding jar
  • Slip-proof feet
  • Wet grinding jar
  • Speed settings
  • Locking collar ring.

How does it work?

how does it work A food processor is built with an interchangeable blade that chops and slices food at the fastest speed possible. This speed is achieved through the speed of electric current. Its motor is attached at the base of the unit and its function is to turn the vertical shaft and plastic bowl fitted around the shaft.

The cutting blades are fitted to the motor and as soon as it starts, the blades will be revolving and thereby cut the ingredients in the bowl. This bowl has an airtight lid fitted to it which prevents your food from pouring.

The slicing and shredding discs are attached based on what you want to prepare. The processor also has a wide mouth feeder tube which allows you to be adding ingredients during chopping, grinding, pureeing or mincing.

There are many types of food processors in the market place to choose from depending on what you want to do and where you want to use it. Also you can check the attachments that come with the package to know what function every particular one can perform for you.

We have many like;food processor types

  • Hand food processors for chopping and dicing vegetables and onions in small portions.
  • These are small food processor which is used for slicing, shredding and grating. It has so many plastic varieties and can be in a stainless form. They are easy to use and store away. All you need to do is to move the vegetables back and forth the sharp blades manually and your work is done. Its function does not include chopping.
  • Coffee grinders for grinding coffee beans
  • Cheese graters for grating cheese
  • Hand-operated ricers for potatoes
  • Juicers which separates juice from the pulp
  • Hand-held salad slicers for salad preparations
  • Compact or mini processors
  • Large food processors which can be referred to as the all in one food processors

Now that you have read all there is to know about food processors, how can you pick out the best?

There are some important things you must check before picking any food processor checklisttype.

  • Check the safety locking machine. The processor doesn’t start if the bolts are not properly locked. Make sure the bolt locks to the base and the top is locked tight onto the top.
  • Check the speed controls. It can either be two or three depending on the processor.
  • Check the bowl capacity. If your family is small, you may not mind the small bowl but if you are cooking for a large number of people, you may consider one with a larger bowls at least a 9 cups processor will also come in handy when you are processing liquid ingredients like tomatoes, fruits e.t.c This will help increase your speed
  • Check the size of the feeder tubes. This will allow you to fit in different sizes of food during grinding, shredding e.t.c
  • Check the processing capacity to make sure it can work consistently and fast too especially when you are doing heavy-duty tasks.
  • Go for a machine-washable food processor. This will make it easier to maintain.
  • Compare the prices and choose the one that suit your income


There are some other extra features which are optional but important to look out for:

Touch pads controlsTouch pads controls which make a food processor easier to clean by keeping foods out of cracks

reading activitiesInstructional booklet containing many types of recipe

Instructional DVDsInstructional DVDs for visual learner which makes coupling and usage very easy.

continuous shredderThere is also a continuous shredder with a chute which directs already processed food into another bowl. You don’t have to stop the work but can shred as many vegetables and cheeses as you want.



A cook’s food processors perform the following primary functions in the kitchen:

  • Grinding things like meatloaf, crackers and bread crumbs.
  • Slicing things like fresh vegetables which you can use to prepare nutritious salads
  • Preparing purees which is used in making natural/organic baby foods
  • Whipping up things like salad dressings and tasty dips
  • Mixing and kneading bread dough which is used to prepare delicious pizza and different kinds of sandwiches.
  • Grating pepper jack cheeses and blocks of cedar which is used in making nachos.


There are so many food processors advantages but we will write a few here;advantages

  • Having a food processor can save your time while cooking
  • It saves energy because the work it does easily for you cannot be finished manually
  • It is easy to handle. Anybody can operate the processors.
  • It doesn’t require much training
  • You can easily couple the parts following the instructional material which come with the processor
  • It doesn’t occupy much space, you can fit on the top of your kitchen depending on the size you have
  • Storage space can be as small as you can provide by buying the perfect size
  • It comes in affordable prices
  • It makes your kitchen to look very modern
  • It sometimes serve as a food mixer
  • You can learn so many recipes that will improve your cooking
  • You will not have to buy processed spices since you can make the ones you want with a mixture of many leaves
  • It saves you a lot of money.
  • You can clear your kitchen by replacing some tools with the food processor

We have read all there is to know about food processors. Amazing! Isn’t it? Yes those kitchen appliances can be life savers sometimes. As an individual, there are so many benefits you can get from buying one today.  We are going to look at eight of them in this article. Read on and be amazed.

8 benefits of food processorsfood processor benefits

cooking timeYou can experiment on many recipes. As a cook, you need to be coming up with unique dishes that will keep your family coming back to the kitchen. If you keep presenting the same dish with the same taste and aroma every day, they may organize a strike action against you one day. Funny but true.

In the case of a commercial cook, your menu will speak and attract as many customers as you. If you don’t innovate and improve, your competitors will have a field day stealing all your customers and you will pack up. Food processors give you the help you need to create your own special recipes

cook for many peopleYou can cook for a large number of people. Sometime, in the house when you hear the word “party” or “weekend sleepovers” you feel like crying. You can’t imagine hosting a large number of people in your house because of cooking.

You don’t have to worry. With the right size of food processor, you can comfortably cook all the food you want and in the time you want.

organic foodYou can eat only organic foods. This is a special benefit for everyone. I mean we are tired of eating all those industrially processed foods that are harming us in different ways we can’t imagine. Having a food processor in the kitchen can help you run away from the dead foods

weight loss programmYou can do your weight loss program with ease. I know you are wondering how? Some weight loss program involves more than physical exercises. You are given a whole new menu which consists of vegetables, juice and salad. Food processors will come in handy.


intermittent fastingYou can end your intermittent fasting everyday with ease. The first thing you think about after fasting is to prepare some juicy drinks from freshly squeezed fruits and it has to be done as fast as possible. Your kitchen helper will be of help


time savingYou can go to work early. Preparing breakfast in the morning can be hectic sometimes unless you have food processors that can help you save time


save moneyYou can stop eating out and save a lot of money. Cooking has been made easy so no need to go out and spend your hard earned money expensive hotels


juicersYou can prepare, serve and drink fresh juice. Someone once told this “If you see anything made in a factory, run” it may seem funny but it is true. So many fruits juice in the market are just artificial flavors, color preservatives and sugar.

I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Making your own juice is the best.

Finally, you have read it all. Food processor is the cook’s best friend. It saves your life and time and improves on your culinary skills. There are so many types out there that you can afford and handle.

They are easy to use and have different functions and benefits of which we have explored some. Don’t be running around in confusion and don’t see cooking as one herculean task. It is really easy to be a great cook with food processors aiding you.

Do some market research today and pick the best one for your needs.

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