Vacuum cleaners


A bit dubious though it may sound, yet the first carpet sweeper was invented about 160 years ago. This shows the importance of having a flawlessly clean place, no sweat, even for our not impeccably hygienic but hard-working ancestors!

Today, choosing the right vacuum cleaner and its tools that can meet your needs may seem a hard job, since there are many options on the table. There are serious facts to consider while choosing a vacuum cleaner for floors or other purposes; we accompany you to have a deep look at the issue. By presenting the following tips for choosing the right vacuum cleaner floor tool, you will surely find the devices and tools that best suits your condition.

First, let’s take a look at a main types of vacuum cleaners:

Types of vacuum cleaners

Not to speak of secondary vacuum cleansers, let us discuss primary ones. There are two main types of vacuum cleaners: uprights and canisters. Most US citizens use uprights vacuum cleaners. Quite the reverse, in the rest of the world, most people are accustomed to using canisters.

Upright vacuum cleaners

If your home is predominantly carpeted,


These days if you have bought a vacuum cleaner, more often than not, it will work fine for a while, until the guarantee runs out, which is coincidentally, when you need vacuum cleaner repair help. At this point, it is tempting to take a vacuum apart, after all, how hard can it really be to fix it, right?!

Wrong, attempting vacuum repairs yourself is the worst thing you can do, most importantly, as you are putting yourself and anyone around you at risk and under-taking your own vacuum cleaner repairs also undermines any warranty you may have paid for.

If you do not seek immediate professional help to repair your vacuum cleaner, at least ensure you follow simple basic electrical safety advice before you do anything, but we do not recommend it.  Really, you have to ask yourself if it is worth saving a few pounds calling a professional appliance repair company. 

To get the best possible vacuum cleaner repair service, first of all check your warranty, as you may be eligible for a replacement by returning a vacuum that is faulty to your supplier in good time.


We’re pet lovers.  We cuddle and coo at our little furry friends.  But when it comes to cleaning up their loose pet hairs it can be a nightmare.

You may notice you have pet hair on your clothing, in your vehicle, stuck in your carpet and rugs and definitely where your pet(s) sleep.

Those little hairs can be hard to get up.  They seem to stick to the fabric and even to leather due to static.  If you’ve ever tried wiping it up or picking them up one at a time you know what I’m talking about.

If vacuuming isn’t working then its time to learn what type of vacuum you need.  Not all vacuums are designed to remove pet hair.

Get help with the Ultimate Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners Guide. 

It’s all about the vacuum.  More importantly, it’s all about HOW you use the vacuum.

Grab a pen and paper, or your iPad and start jotting down the answers to this question.  Start a pro’s and con’s list to learn which style vacuum is best suited for your home and lifestyle.

We all know that pet hair gets EVERYWHERE


Everybody wants to know the trick to possessing a perfectly spick and span home with minimal efforts.

It is, after all, exhausting to have to spend several hours a week tidying up–and most of us simply do not have the willpower to spruce up our homes as much as we’d like.

It is for this very reason that we have compiled a list of vacuum cleaners features and information that will change your world forever!

Picking a vacuum cleaner type

The very first step is to educate yourself about the different types of vacuum cleaners that are currently available in the marker, as well as decide which one best suits your needs.

Vacuum cleaner technology has come a long way since they were first invented, so choosing a good one is no longer as simple as it may have once been. To minimize the struggle of picking the ideal vacuum cleaner, we’ll go over some of the basics.

When buying a vacuum cleaner things to know include the perks and disadvantages of upright and cylinder vacuums.

First of all,