Medical Alerts

The mushrooming Elder Care market set to play a significant role in the growth of Medical Alert Systems [GUEST POST]

Medical Alert Systems are the devices used to summon assistance in times of emergency by healthcare personnel or individuals. These devices encompass a range of medical devices such as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Nurse Call Systems (NCS) among others. These devices are utilized in home healthcare, hospitals, elder care facilities and assisted living facilities.

Elder Care and Assisted Living Facilities are the fastest growing market for medical alert systems as the significant growth of the elder care market, particularly in APAC region, will spur the utilization of these systems. The growing need for safety monitoring among the elderly population has led to large-scale implementation of personal emergency response and other medical alert systems across many facilities. The elder care market has witnessed significant growth as ageing population has led to increased awareness and investment into this industry.

The elderly population, which is currently 8.2% of the total world population, is expected to show a steep growth of 12% by 2030 since majority of baby boomers will cross the age of 65 years. Asian countries, such as China and India, are also estimated to record rapid aging and the elderly population in these regions is expected to reach 350 million and 24 million,

[GUEST POST] Life settlements – a way to sell your life insurance

Life settlements are a powerful financial tool many people don’t know about. It’s the sale of one’s life insurance policy to an investor – usually a large financial institution. The way it works is that the policy owner receives a large upfront cash payment in exchange for transferring ownership of the life insurance policy to an institutional investor. The investor then continues to make the annual premium payments, and when the insured passes away, the investor collects the policy death benefit.
Often times, seniors who have purchased life insurance back when they were full time employees find themselves in situations where their policy is no longer serving their needs. To qualify for a life settlement, the insured generally needs to be at least 65 years old and have a policy type of whole life, universal life or convertible term life. The policy should be at least $100,000 in death benefit. Three key things affect the offer received for a policy:

  1. Age: the older the insured, the more valuable the policy
  2. Policy Size: the larger the policy, the more valuable the policy
  3. Premium Amount: the lower the premium payments, the more valuable the policy

Learn more about how life settlements work.


People who have jobs and have to take care of their parents or those people who are so busy in their daily lives and cannot meet their parents more often and take care of their needs, secure the safety of parents.

Are you concerned about the safety of your parents because you can’t take care of them? Are you worried where to shift them to so that they get the help they need while you’re away?

According to a Gallup Poll around half of the people don’t know what to do for their future.

Are you finding affordable senior living? Well, this article will help you out.

Choosing a Senior Living Community

If you can’t take care of your old parents and you want to secure their future consider a senior living community for them.

It may be a

  • senior independent living community
  • nursing home
  • senior assisted living community

You may need to move your parents to a senior living community due to the fact that you are in able to manage and keep up with their medicine,


“People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life.”

Senior citizens have problems figuring out what to do on their weekends. Senior citizens find it hard to spend a weekend and find themselves useless which makes their mind and body weak.

Activities for the elderly are really important because it makes them busy.

Sitting on a chair for hours doing nothing physically and mentally is the life of these senior citizens. Do you want to one of them?

To keep up a good life with a healthy body plus mind a senior citizen must have some activities to do on a weekend to take his spirits high. There are many fun activities for senior citizens that please the body and freshen up the mind.

Do not just lay back ,sit on a chair and ponder over things and go into depression but get up and move and challenge your body and mind. Activities make you happy and happiness is the key to survival.

Do you have trouble figuring out what you would do on a weekend?


While traveling senior citizens are the ones who are soft targets of getting robbed. There are other problems faced by old people while traveling too. Senior men and also women are pursuing adventurous and cultural vacations these days.

Most travelers are the age of 40; from these 36 percent of the travelers who travel for leisure are more than 55 years of age. Moreover, seniors who are over 50 years of age travel more in America.

Eating the wrong foods and losing precious medicine are also problems faced by senior citizens.

According to Safeware, an insurer of personal computers

Airports are a hub for thieves because it is crowded and they can find old people who are weary from traveling.

To keep your belongings safe you must take things as minimum as possible. Do not take your laptop or your camera; instead, take a mobile smartphone that can act as both and you can keep it safe as well since you would have to look after one thing only.

 A senior packing checklist is really important. Have a checklist of the things you have on you and the things you have in your luggage to keep track of your belongings.



Many of us look forward to“life after retirement”.But are you one of those who are afraid of it?  Do you know how to create a secure retirement plan?  Do you think it’s too late to start working on a good strategy?



For those of us who have procrastinated, there is still time to do something about it.

The next stage in our journey is very important.We want to have less stress in our lives. We want to quit our jobs and travel the world.  We look forward to spending more time with our loved ones.  We believe our future years, or “golden years”, will be the best of our lives.



But how do we ensure that our dreams will come true in retirement?

There are definitely ways to achieve your goals and feel assured of success. You can be happy with your financial, social, physical situations and more, if you prepare for the future.

If you’re ready to do some exploration,


Selecting the right medical alert system is an important decision!


In fact:

Choosing the right medical alert system is very essential, as it is vital to the health and well-being of your loved ones.

Before looking at the wide variety of medical alert systems that are available, we’ve collected all the important details and features,that you should consider before buying :

Now you know everything to make the right decision and buy the medical alert system that best fits to your requirements!



How a medical alert system actually work seems baffling to the common user. 

We have broken it down in easy to understand pieces!

By knowing your goals, you will be able to consider certain features that will best pertain to your needs.

We’ve created simple explanations so that you can rate their importance to you. 



There are several types of wearable devices and it also based on personal preference.

The most popular option is a necklace or pendant.  It is easy to wear and won’t damage your clothing.

For those persons who do not like to wear things around their neck, a bracelet or watch might be a better choice.

These are worn snugly around the wrist, but are not constraining.

Lastly there are some that can be clipped onto a pocket, waistband or belt.

They can be removed easier than the necklace or bracelet, which makes them attractive to some users, but they can fall off too.


When certain holidays and events come around, are you at a loss deciding on what would make the perfect gift for an elderly loved one?

You are not alone!


The following gift guide for senior loved ones is good for many different occasions! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just an “I love you” gift given on the spur of the moment, these suggestions will make your gift buying easier.

Senior citizens have a variety of needs and desires based on the stage of life in which they find themselves.

Some loved ones still live in their own homes and manage quite well while others need help staying in their own home environments.

You also have seniors who live in retirement communities after downsizing and not wanting to increase their material possessions after going through the process of decreasing belongings to a manageable amount.

Lastly, you have some elderly people who reside in assisted living facilities where minimalism is a must and their needs are different than they once were.

It’s also important to take into account the elderly person’s physical and mental abilities


If your elderly loved one lives at home alone or is in a medical situation that requires constant attention, the following guidelines of home safety tips can help the caregivers and the seniors sleep better.

These top ten areas are proven problem fields for the safety of the elderly.

Before you begin, consider having a professional examination of the home’s safety, if at all possible.  If not, the following suggestions will help to create a safer environment for the senior citizen to help keep them from harm within their own home.


If the elderly member of your family has issues with balance and is unsteady walking, consider a safety aid such as a cane or walker.

Non-slip footwear is also an option to prevent falls in your home and outdoors.  Remove telephone and electrical cords from walkways.  A doctor’s visit can provide up-to-date information and suggestions that can be personalized to your loved one.  

Physical therapy and exercise routines can benefit the overall health of the senior.