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Is That Medical Alert Tattoo A Good Idea? (The Ultimate Guide)

Many Things To Consider

There are many things to consider before getting a medical alert tattoo.

Due to its permanence, this consideration for yourself or your teenager needs to be carefully researched and discussed with a doctor.

There are many basic feelings about tattoos in general, from those who think they are “totally cool” to those who would rather not even think about needles, ink and illustrations put on their bodies permanently.

This everlasting image of vital medical information may also be a source of anxiety, for not everyone wants “the whole world to know”.  Depending on where you choose to have your medical alert tattoo located on yourself, this is just another decision to investigate.

The thing to remember is that if this is definitely the way you want to go, the details are up to you.  Size, colors, placement and the whole look should be something that is decided by you alone.

The Beginning Of Medical Tattoos

Marking human skin permanently with medical information has been discovered in mummies, presumably for acupuncturists to indicate areas on the body that are the best targets for needle insertion.